Curangel curation compilation January 18, 2023

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Welcome to the daily compilation post of the Curangel project

Here we highlight the posts picked by our curators, providing you with a resource to discover content worth your time, and maybe even your vote!

Curator @anggreklestari

Curator @brumest

Curator @crazy-andy

Curator @equipodelta

Curator @ewkaw

Curator @fmbs25

Curator @galenkp

Curator @jotakrevs

Curator @lourdeshd6

Curator @minismallholding

Curator @nikv

Curator @riccc96

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Thanks for the support @curangel @anggreklestari

My pleasure. Have a great day for you 🌸 keep it up! ❤️

Ohh, thanks my child!

Thank you so much @anggreklestari for your continuous support and @curangel team. God bless everyone.

You're welcome. Keep it up and stay blessed.🌸

Thank you for your uplifting words. God bless you more.

Cheers @jotakrevs and all the @curangel angels!

Greetings friends! Thanks for your support, we continue to grow together...

Thanks so much for the support and mention @nikv @curangel!

Thanks @brumest and @curangel team for the metion. I appreciate all the support , you are doing great job! ❤️

You've been curated by @plantpoweronhive! Delegations welcome!

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It is my pleasure dear team @curangel and @brumest for selecting my work ❤️ A big hug to all 📸✨.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the support @minismallholding @curangel

Thank you very much friends @ewkaw and team @qurangel

You're welcome :)

Thank you Curangel and @ewkaw - I didn't think you'd curate paintings... Learned something new. Thanks so much! 💜

Haha It's not only bokeh ;)
I wish I had the time to doodle something myself.

Hehe - another multi-disciplinary-artist - or whatever you call it. But - bokeh forever!!

Thanks for this feedback
Let's have fun in this great community

Thank you very much for your great support @curangel and @riccc96
I'm happy to be curated in this list and congratulations to all the posts here.

Excellent work my friends @curangel @equipodelta 🎊🎊🤗 thank you very much for your support and recognition of the work of all these excellent content creators 👍

May the successes continue! 🥳🥳👏👏👏

Thank very much for your support @jotakrevs @curangel

Thanks for support and curate @ewkaw and @curangel
Glad if you like my work...

My pleasure!

Thank you very much @curangel

Thank you for your support @curangel, @lourdeshd6

Thank you @curangel and @brumest for the support, much appreciated 🙏🏽

Thank you!!!

🎶🎹 Thank you @ewkaw 🎹🎶

You're welcome 🎙😀

Thanks for the !LUV and support @crazy-andy

@ewkaw ❤❤

Have a great weekend!

Tnx @curangel & @ewkaw ! ✨👋❤️

@curangel Thank you very much for considering my blog. A big hug

Thank you so much @curangel @brumest and all the team member for the continuous support. Very much appreciate it. Have a great day everyone :)) !PIZZA


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