Curangel curation compilation February 04, 2023

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Welcome to the daily compilation post of the Curangel project

Here we highlight the posts picked by our curators, providing you with a resource to discover content worth your time, and maybe even your vote!

Curator @anggreklestari

Curator @brumest

Curator @crazy-andy

Curator @equipodelta

Curator @ewkaw

Curator @fmbs25

Curator @galenkp

Curator @jotakrevs

Curator @minismallholding

Curator @nikv

Curator @phage93

Curator @riccc96

Curator @tarazkp

Curator @the01crow

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Thank you @curangel and @nikv

Thank you sir @galenkp and @curangel. I truly appreciate.

You're welcome.

@galenkp and @curangel, always giving visibility to excellent publications. Thank you very much for selecting me in this opportunity.

You're welcome.

Thank you @riccc96, I appreciate the support of you and the whole curangel team! 🙌🐈

Thank You for your support @anggreklestari and @anggreklestari

Many thanks to @curangel for his valuable support, and I extend special thanks to @fmbs25 for selecting and curating my post. Congratulations and greetings to the rest of the selected ones.

You've been curated by @plantpoweronhive! Delegations welcome!

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Curation Trail

Curation I will say isn't an easy job. Looking through to find the best quality pots is not a joke of a thing. Yet you guys do it for the betterment of the blockchain. Keep making us grow as we make the blockchain great.

Thank you and greetings

Thanks a lot @crazy-andy and @curangel 👍😊

Thank you to @nikv and @curangel for the curation!

Thank you for all the support 🙏

Infinite blessings to @curangel and @minismallholding for their great support of my content. I wish you success 🙌

Thank you so much dear @curangel and Curator @brumest 🙋🙋
The best regards

Thank you so much @equipodelta and @curangel ❤️

thanks @nikv and Curangel

Thank you @brumest and all the @curangel team!

Thank you @ewkaw for supporting my post

Thank you for featuring my post @curangel and thanks to sir @galenkp too 🥰

Thank you @curangel and @anggreklestari for the support 😊🤩😄 have a nice weekend 🎆🎉🎊🌺🌸🤗

Congratulations to all selected. Grateful for the support @anggreklestari and @curangel. ❤️✨

thanks so much for the support @nikv!

Thank you Curator @fmbs25 and @curangel for the support.

Thank you so much @crazy-andy !

Thank you so much @curangel @ewkaw and all the other mods for supporting us to grow here on HIVE. It really means a lot to me. Thank you again and have a great day guys! !PIZZA

Wonderful, thank you so much @nikv and @curangel!

Muchas gracias @curangel y @the01crow por apoyar mi relato.

Thank you for support @riccc96 from @Curangel team

Thank you so much for the support @crazy-andy and @curangel and feature of my Starlink post 👋🏻😊 much appreciated!
Have an awesome weekend further 😎

Thank you very much @curangel for the mention and for the support.💝👍

Awesome 🤩 Thank you @ewkaw 💙

Gracias por el apoyo y la promoción, @minismallholding @surangel

Thank you so much, @curangel @jotakrevs 🥰

Agradecida con el apoyo @riccc96 y @curangel

Gracias @jotakrevs por el apoyo, salud y bendiciones para ti y los tuyos.