$1,000 Giveaway!

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You read the title right! I am giving away $1,000 in Hive and Hive-Engine Tokens as part of the CTP Content Challenge!

You are probably asking yourself "How do I win?". Well that is easy, you need to take part in the CTP Content Challenge and register here.

You can see the rules on the page above but I will add them here as well just in case you "forget" to read them there.

  1. You must manually enter the challenge by entering your Hive username on the link above.
  2. You must post consecutively for 30 days at a minimum on a single account.
  3. Your posts must be longer than 1 paragraph in length (Unless you post a video, see Rule 4)
  4. It is Highly recommended that your video post contain a text summary of what you talk about in the video.
  5. You MUST complete the challenge by 30 November 2021.
  6. You must use the tag #ctpcontent in your posts

Seems easy enough right? Awesome!

If you are looking for more information on how the challenge itself works, read this post by @clicktrackprofit to learn how easy it can be to post for 30 days straight.

As we get closer to the end of the challenge, I may increase the total prize pool, based on total number of people participating.

If you have any questions about the challenge, make sure you join the CTP Telegram and let us know.

If you want more information on the participants and possible earnings, be sure to join us on Vimm every Monday and Thursday at 7pm EST. On Monday's our focus is crypto talk and what is happening in the world of crypto. Thursday's we tend to focus more on tips and tricks to help you build your business online.


I just came across this post only now. I can see that the post is already 9 days old. Can I participate in the Challenge now? I like this kind of challenge that motivates me to write every day.

I'm already writing a minimum of one article per day and it will be exciting to take motivation from the challenge.

Yes, you can start the challenge at any time!

Cool thanks. 👍

How will you calculate the day, Will you take UTC date time?

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Yes, everything is based on Hive blockchain time or UTC!

I just registered myself.
Nice to discover this kind of challenges which help us educate our discipline.
See you on the #ctpcontent!

Awesome! Glad to have you on board. The goal is self improvement and improving writing and building and defining your circle or community!

We can post in any community, right? As long as we use the #ctpcontent tag? So leofinance, ctptalk, proofofbrain, etc.?

I got the same question, good luck to everyone, I already make my entry!

Yes, you can post in any community as long as the content is unique to you and follows the rules!

I’m in. I used the link to register. Thanks for your support.

Awesome! Welcome to the challenge!

I'm all in.

Welcome to the challenge!

Thank you!

So after registering we can post on anything as long as is 30 consecutive days and at least a paragraph and us the #ctpcontent tag?

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Yes, the content must be unique to you and meet all the requirements outlined for you to qualify.


Welcome to the challenge!

Wow its nice to see one or the other such great challenges coming up at hive. Though I am not the epitome of keeping up with the publications 😅 but I have registered and I will try my best to post daily.

Thank You
Best Wishes

Welcome to the challenge! It is easier than you think if you create a plan of action!

Okay, I've heard about the challenge by watching last week's Thursday Night Live show.

I just started posting and counting my last two posts as part of the challenge...lol. Fortunately, I found this post with the link to register. So I have registered now and will start again from day 1. Two days won't do any harm...it can rather do some good...lol. The idea is to form a habit and then continue with it after all.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

As long as your posts have the #ctpcontent tag in them, they will be counted by the system no matter when you started vs. registered. I am working to fix the counter on the website, but I assure you all posts are being tracked.

That's great news! Thank you.

even though i don't think i'll manage it due to my time schedule i'll give it a try

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1,440 minutes per day. If you build a calendar and prepare, it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to write your posts. Read the @clicktrackprofit post about the challenge and the calendar!

Just registered myself. Looking forward to 30 days of consecutive posts. We can post anything - right ?

Welcome to the challenge! You can post anything you want as long as it is unique content and follows the rules! Don't forget to use the #ctpcontent tag

We can post in any community, right? As long as we use the #ctpcontent tag? So leofinance, ctptalk, proofofbrain, etc.?

Yes, you can post in any community! As long as you are posting unique content that follows the rules, it will count!

Am done with the registration. This will really take commitment to post consecutively for 30days.

Am in for the challenge.

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Outstanding! I am excited to read your posts!

Thanks. Do have a great day.


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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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This is 100 percent awesome sauce.


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This is a nice challenge. The time frame is enough for a 30 day consecutive posts.
Let's begin!!

Hello Hi. Wanted to ask something. I make sure I write at least one article per day but at a different time every day. Today I noticed that the counter was set back to 1 for me. If the bot calculates the post based on UTC timing (chain's time), I guess I have been writing every single day. Wondering what went wrong? 🙂

On your Splinterlands post "Splinterlands - Season end is nearing and more revenue from renting", you didn't use the ctpcontent tag. Edit your post to contain the tag and it will be counted

Oh, thanks. I added the tag to the post today and still has not counted. Maybe post updates are not considered?

Yeah, it will pick it up. Just gotta give it time to catch it

Okay cool thanks. It is updated now. 👍

I'm the 23rd day, and so far the experience of writing everyday is amazing! Thank you!