Hive NFTs now supported on inji

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🔥 NEWS : $HIVE #NFTs created via are now supported on #inji.

I've already gone ahead and picked this AWESOME super-wolf (drawn by as my #PFP! 😃👍

How does it work?

Go to and enable "Display NFTs", then you should see your Hive NFTs on your profile - i.e.

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I'll be in touch soon, as I am working on something that will be cool to integrate.

Wow lovely. Keep up the good work @therealwolf

Great to see you again Wolf. I finally made it over here from Steemit, heh. I'm not sure why I waited so long considering Steemit it pretty much dead.

Great news imho although I'm not an artist, not yet haha, I think it will give more exposure hence more business oportunities.

That's a super wolf for sure, it's cool ;)

Thank you for purchasing my nft :)



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