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FIFA and QATAR tried so hard but today was not their DAY. Today is our day!!!!
THe ref tried everything to push the game in Morocco favor but he couldnt beat us. FIFA even didnt give us a clear as ever penalty after the most insane corrupt penalties they gave their favorite teams. They fucked us against Belgium, they fucked us against Argentina so I have to say now!!!!

Only 2 nations have more semifinals since our independence than Croatia. France and Germany. Both nations with tens of million population. We have 3.9 million people.

3 medals in 6 World Cups. England can suck it, Argentina can kiss Messi ass for being popular than most countries and France should colonize more of Africa so they get a bigger pool of talent. 500 million, 1 billion? Colonize more.



Well done!

Hahaha... Cestitke za osvojeno 3. mesto! Navijali smo za Hrvatsku u polufinalu, ali nije moglo protiv "vise sile"..

I remember the championship, when Croatia took third place, too. Oh, that was a long time ago. But it was a great team then, just like now! Congratulations, you really deserved it! And even more!
Cheers! 🥂

always love an underdog success story

I watched the match and I noticed that Croatia played better, the morocco team performed below my expectation most especially with the way they performed against Spain and Portugal in the previous matches , I was thinking they would defeat Croatia.. anyways the best team won today...

FIFA= Fraud Is Fucking Awesome :P

This whole world cup is fucking disgusting.

Congrats it is well deserved

Congrats. Nice two goals

Ma odvratno prvenstvo. Ovo sta suci i VAR radi je dno dna mafijasko ponasanje.
Al neka. Medalja je medalja. Napokon smo uspili sjebat FIFU. Skoro su nas opet sjebali ali nisu imali srece.

Deluje mi da guraju argentinu, jbt imali su 4 penala do sad, bar dva diskutabilna. videcemo sutra

Hahaha, dobar post. Čestitam susjedima za uspijeh! !BEER

Ma jebem mater FIFI. Cetvrti put dosad nas jebu.


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