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The last couple of weeks have not gone to plan, not that I had a plan, but if I did it would not involve catching the Covid plague over the festive season.

Port de Pollença, from my mates back garden whaa!

It was two weeks ago today that I tested positive after buying a test (1st test since the mandatory fit to fly job back in the UK in late 2020) due to having an array of symptoms and not wanting to pass them around if at all possible.

First up was a fever, not too uncomfortable in the grand scheme of things, just a pain changing clothes and bedsheets because they are sodden (and not even for a good reason!).

Then the 3 day headache... that was a bit shit. I was up to 10 tablets a day, a nice paracetamol/codeine mix, which was seeming doing nothing to subdue the dull brain ache - unsurprisingly though, sleep wasn't much of a problem on those dose levels.

And then, 4/5 days in, the worst symptoms kicked in. What sort of evil Chinese scientist would go so far as to create a virus that made everything tasteless, and beer taste vile? Wankers!

Yes, I would be the twat who'd buy and wear this, if they had my size in stock.

Psychologically, this got me the worst. Forcing food down just because if felt like calories would be a good thing, and pouring 2 barely touched bottles of beer down the plughole. Shameful and saddening.

All my own work. The tests on a Mango and a Coke were positive though

Overall though, this Omicron variant doesn't seem like it's worth shutting the world down for. I remember being vaccinated for stuff at school, and for various nasties that I might have caught in rural Asia - you know the stuff that melts your eyeballs and eats your heart in 3 days - no matter your sex/age/existing health conditions. That sort of thing seems worth a stab in the arm.

I'm not anti-vax, I'm just anti this vaccine. Hearing you need two of one, or one of the other if you are standing on one leg, oh and you'll need a booster (cause we just mass-produced the other and forgot some ingredients) in a few months, whatever. Seriously unconvincing.

Anyway, now I'm 'naturally vaccinated', I can fly to the UK, right? Nope.

No, I'll still need to play the shot lottery and take one of the man-made vaccinations - why? Is it better? Does it have any special ingredients? Unlikely.

Ahhh, I see, you want my medical history (for starters) on a QR code, right, gotcha. And what else is going on that code? My financial status? How many times I pissed in the park? My recent hookups? And is it so you can calculate how much government token I deserve this month?

As you may gather, I'm not too happy about current affairs. I can't even go to a bar or restaurant, until I've got one of these code things. Tomorrow though, I'm hoping I'll get an antibodies test at a nearby hospital and that should hopefully put me in line for a QR code - the I survived Covid issue, without needing to be jabbed at all. It's a small, short-term victory, although I'm really skeptical of the future plans for this code.

Next year, I will want to visit the UK, and right now I can't see me getting there without some government issue Covid. Which personally, I think is a fucking disgrace.

No escape from the mass mind rape
Play it again jack and then rewind the tape
And then play it again and again and again
Until ya mind is locked in
Believin' all the lies that they're tellin' ya
Buyin' all the products that they're sellin' ya
They say jump and ya say how high
Ya brain-dead
Ya gotta fuckin' bullet in ya head

And one from 'home', love this balcony

Ahh, that feels better, cheers!


The author is unlikely to respond to anyone firmly in the pro-vax or anti-vax camp and just wishes everyone well, whatever they choose to do, while there is still a choice.


Thanks for sharing your story with us, and the comments from others are valuable, middle of summer here for me, so hopefully I don’t get it. Take care buddy.

Wishing a good recovery, I mean it. Just a gentle reminder that this strain that seems mild to you might be a sentence still for people with pre-conditions, me included. Not arguing about it just to say for many it's nothing to be taken in lightly. Hope beers taste again well and that no long covid symptoms appear. Happy new year

Yes, my Covid-lite view won't appeal to all, especially those who've lost people to this 'weaker' variant.

I'm irritated, I wasn't vaxxed because I was willing to take my chances, and yet I still must be if I wish to fly to my country of birth, even though I've got antibodies and am willing to take the pre-flight-no-covid tests? Meh, poop.

I wish you and all a safe journey through these times, they are testing that is for sure.

I really do truly feel for those who have lost people. But I also know that the easiest way to control people is through fear. And unfortunately in this day and age everybody seems to fear death for some reason. I personally, cannot wait to get out of the skin sack and be released to whatever is next as I figure it can't be that bad and hell it may even be fantastic. But either way my curiosity has the best of me and I'm ready to go whenever the universe decides it's time. My grandpa taught me about how terrible it is to fear things. He said you can yell and scream and threaten to burn a cornfield down and it won't make you any more corn. And you can yell and scream at a chicken to lay more eggs or you'll kill it, and it won't lay any more eggs. This is because the corn and the chicken don't understand death, and definitely don't fear it. But at some point in time somebody realized that you can threaten to take from another person and if you threaten somebody who fears death they more than likely will give you what they have produced. From that we have settled into the society that we have where we willingly give in the form of taxes, freedoms, and so many other things. For example in America we believe we have freedom and ownership of stuff. But we don't. I "own" my land but if I don't pay my taxes to the king, they'll come and take it from me. Also concerning our rights which is what gives us our freedoms. My grandpa told me about what they did to the Japanese American citizens in 1942 in America. Rights aren't right so if somebody can take them from you, their privileges.

Rights aren't right so if somebody can take them from you, their privileges.

A quote that springs to mind often in these troubling times - Carlin, is it not? :)

I don't know why everyone keeps talking about the people who died, whenever anyone questions these insane restrictions. Like if you dislike an authoritarian, vindictive regime, you're automatically some asshole who wants people to die? Seems like flawed logic to me.

I've also noticed a lot of people use this as a trump card, whenever you question the vaccine/restrictions - "Oh, I've lost people to Covid". Matter of fact, so have I. Don't think they would've been any better off if I or anyone else in the world had been vaccinated or subjected to any of these insane rules.

Anyway, your grandfather taught you well indeed!

Yes, Mr. Carlin. My grandpa loved him and his ability to see through people trying to feed others bullshit sandwiches...and he loved him for not being afraid to say things as he saw them. I hope you have a fantastic day and that you and your loved ones stay safe in these troubled times. I said when this all started that people are going to kill more people during this whole deal then the virus will and i believe that statement holds true and will continue to hold true. I send my love and happiest, healthiest vibrations to you and your loved ones.🤗🤗🤗🤗

Oh, I agree completely (unfortunately) :) I hope you and yours have a better 2022, full of everything you hope it will be, as well! Thank you.

Your Grandfather taught you some good lessons :)

Of course, it's terrible to hear people losing loved ones, for any reason. This is life though isn't it? We arrive, we do what we do, and we depart.

The fear and control, beamed to us via that lovely box in the corner, (I don't own one) is just disgusting. Hence the link to the timeless Rage Against The Machine lyrics in the post. Strike fear, control, suppress, take your privileges', do what we say, and have a nice day!

Great to hear you survived this terrible virus.😂😂 In my county in America we had 4100 people test positive and 55 55/4100. Even I can do that math. We live in the woods and eat all types of stuff most have never heard of. We also purposely go around sick people of all types because we believe our immune systems are like a football team. Without any practice, come game day they'd get their added kicked. We haven't had any illness in many years. And a nice piece of helpful info in case you need it in the future. WILD ginger roots made into a good tea is all you need to kill any virus or bacterial issue you may ever run into. I love you brother and I'm sorry it's been so long. The homestead keeps us very busy. And from the bottom of of hearts, thank you so much for all the love and support you show us. You are a great man Charlie Brown.🤗🤗🤗🤗 We send you and yours all our live and best wishes.

It was a close shave, I almost threw the rest of my beer away!

We also purposely go around sick people of all types because we believe our immune systems are like a football team. Without any practice, come game day they'd get their added kicked.

Solid :) I'm glad I ate all that soil as a kid and mum couldn't afford to bleach the place.

I've been on the Ginger tea and roots, without even reading up, it just felt right. Nice to know the body was craving it for a reason!

Good to hear from you John, and that you are keeping busy and healthy!

Congratulations bro. I honestly don’t like swallowing drugs because I was shocked while I read how many tablets you swallowed daily.

And for the shirt, isn’t it possible to request for your size?

I'll go years without even an low dose painkiller, I dislike them too.

I remember this doc telling me this time I'd eaten some bad chicken and was kaking water, 'you are a grown man, take the dose I gave you'. At that point I decided, if I am feeling wrecked, I'm going to hit the pills during this time. Hopefully I'm back to nothing but the odd vitamin tablet for years :)

As for the T-shirt, I probably could, but I'm just not that desperate for one, yet :)

As you may gather, I'm not too happy about current affairs. I can't even go to a bar or restaurant, until I've got one of these code things. Tomorrow though, I'm hoping I'll get an antibodies test at a nearby hospital and that should hopefully put me in line for a QR code

Even you don't get the QR code, you can still enjoy your beer in your house without going to restaurant.
Government are just trying to protect everyone and the spread of the variant, don't think that's a disgrace. Just calm you'll surely go to UK

I can, and am currently, enjoying a beer at home.

Government are just trying to protect everyone and the spread of the variant

Sure? I did that myself. Got a test, stayed at home, took more tests before I went outside. A QR code doesn't make you immune or a non-spreader, common sense does that way better!

Oh Asher I wish you to get better, I am sending you my best wishes and may 2022 be better for everybody🤗

Thank you Mary!

I'm hopeful 2022 will be a super one for all :D

Amen to that🤗🥰

Some logical countries give ppl a six months pass on the vaccination if they have natural immunity. omnicron seems to be a turn for the better. Hopefully the next variant is even more useless.

Glad you feeling better! !PIZZA

I think it's 3 here in Spain. Should it not be global worldwide immunity plus handshake and free coffee?

Hopefully! The next variant is even weaker and the inflicted can still enjoy their favourite ale :)

Good to hear you are feeling better man, sounded like a miserable experience...But awesome to hear you are on the mend!


It wasn't great but nor was it a shit yourself ur gonna die feeling. I gambled on no vax, and boom, still going!

I hope you will be able to fly next year. But if not, is a cruise an option?

What a miserable time to get sick! Am glad you are better now :)

I hear you can't drive through France from Spain to the tunnel to the UK. A boat from here, hmm, possible!

Thank you, wishing you a lovely new year!

I wish you the same :) ...

I think a boat might be the only way, until this mess starts to either settle down or people stop being so afraid. Anyway, boats are more fun 🙌


We will get you. You will be assimilate.

There is no escape.

We are one... Well three then maybe another and another and... :0D



The Covid robots are coming! Stay back programmed beasts!

Have you taken up long distance swimming yet?

At least you are self vaxed and should have fewer problems in the future. I am still hoping I do not come down with it, but it has been a long time since the last flu I had.

Just think somewhere between 7 and 21 hours you could be in England for free if you swam.

It is a very long way, I'm not sure anyone has even attempted that swim!

I know that this can be controversial, but I am Pro-Wax - A decent Brazilian.

Glad you are feeling better and considering how you were feeling, you were all in all pretty chipper most of the time :)

Very pro-wax here too - it's almost 2022 ffs!

Thanks :) I had a day or two of grumps but overall it wasn't so bad, and now I can taste beer again I am elated :D

Ah dude... with those photos, why would you even want to go back to the UK?

Glad you're feeling better! Doesn't sound like fun at all.

Just to visit my daughter, the only reason!

Cheers, happy new year!

Hahaha, okay, that's pretty much the only reason I'd accept.

Hope it all works out for you Ash.

So good to hear you made it through this one unscathed! It truly is insane, isn't it? A friend of mine got 2 doses back in spring, now she's telling me she'll be needing a third one and regular testing to go to school (in Austria). It's just never-ending, is it?

The author is unlikely to respond to anyone firmly in the pro-vax or anti-vax camp and just wishes everyone well, whatever they choose to do, while there is still a choice.

Idealist that I am, I like to think there will always be a choice....but maybe I'm just crazy. Anyway, good luck with those beers, friend, and I hope you find a way to visit the UK soon. Happy New Year!

Unscathed and unrepentant for my un-vaxxed body :)

Once you get on the vax train, it seems hard to get off. 3, and I bet more are coming. How about, make one that works, or just leave people alone?

I suspect there will always be a choice, just that the freedom (or privileges') you have as a unvaxxed soul could be very limited :(

And, cheers!

Coke and mango.........ha ha Asher, you know where you stand IMO!

The view from within the UK is full of mist and fog.

I am happy to hear your voice!

Good luck and viva libertad!

The drink sir, of course :D

Mangos are superb though if you catch them right!

viva libertad!

Ha ha, I was thinking more of Tanzanian presidents - paw paws and suchlike.

I grew up with mangoes on the sub-continent...superb indeed!

Below is a very interesting discussion (on how to choose your best fruit?) for if/when you have a spare hour:

Is this what a negative one looks like, kind of bleeding..?


This one turned out a bit strange. As long as you don't have a line where the T is at, you are good! (Unless you are Coca-cola or a mango, then you're fucked)

Glad to "hear" you have recovered @abh12345. This man-made virus is no joke, but most of us can get through it. In the "high risk" category, due to our age, my beloved and I had our time "up to bat" this past August. Definitely sick for a bit, but ... We are still here! No hospital stays. And fully recovered ... We've never been nor intend to ever be vaccinated. We don't trust the science behind it ...

Not to say we don't support those who are truly high risk getting one, if they feel the "cost benefit" analysis works for them. It should be up to people individually to make a free will decision, after consultation with their personal doctor(s).

Sorry to hear of the difficulties traveling you still face. All over the world, that seems to be a growing concern. We are electing to drive to wherever we may be inclined to go, to avoid the increasing craziness of air travel ...

Until "next time," I hope you and your loved ones have a great start to your New Year! 👍🙂

I am just trying to avoid all the humans. So far so good. Humans are the problem.

That should keep you safe :) too! 😂
I do agree... people are definitely the problem. On a very serious note. I am fully convinced my chickens have more sense then most people.🤭😂😂

Yup they making the most of it, financially that is.

We all had vaccinations when young, tried and tested for quite some time! Jabs are scarce here, (most don't want them anyhow), up to x2 of the one lot with booster and x3 with the other, what a disaster!

Hope the body fought it off and recovery is quick, drinking tasteless !BEER would be the death of me.

Keep smiling, somehow things will fall into place, one way or another.

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Oh, guess it's real then 🤣

Was wondering how your recovery was going. Thx for the update. Great photos! I am bed ridden with body and massive headaches. Ugg. It will pass. ❤

"I'm not anti-vax, I'm just anti this vaccine." - This statement appears to be the appropriate description for my current stance on vaccination. These days, it's really difficult to go against the crowd. I am tired of this double talk that vaccination is not mandatory, but almost everyone looks at you like an alien from a different planet when you are not vaccinated. Just waiting for this madness to subside, but it seems that it will no go away soon. Choosing between the survival of your family's livelihood and personal sovereignty over your own body is not as easy as I expected.

Glad you recovered and are fine now. Doesn't sound like a pleasant experience but all in all not so bad. Maybe more just annoying with not being able to taste anything. I thought a recovery from the virus was as good as a vaccine but it sounds like that rule has changed

your experience is not indicative of how others might/will feel after getting the "varus" Unfortunately I know young people that have died/ had long stays in the ICU. Not trying to be a party pooper or anything :)

Our country has just had a new variant case, the panic is great, and the adaptive optimists are also many. Vaccine is the choice of each person, knowing how to protect their own health. Hope lights up good things.
Happy New Year


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Unfortunately every day we get less the impression vaccination is a choice. What's the next thing they're going to find to make show our covid - pass?! We can't go every week for a test...

Be very careful discussing these topics on Hive. You will be downvoted to zero.

I really feel your pain after reading this. That's why we should all support each other and stand together against madeness !

You seem to have had an interesting experience. I'm glad you are well and back to good health and spirits. Losing one's sense of taste must be annoying.

Personally, I think people should be allowed to make their own health decisions.

I hope you enjoy your time in the UK.

Glad you are feeling better! A Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year 2022!

That sounds just like the symptoms of something I had a few years back. Uhm...what was it called again? Oh yeah, the flu! 😄 Anyway, I hope you fell better now because whatever it's called, being ill is never fun. On the other hand, you may have needed it... In my case, I've only dealt with flu, or stomach bugs a couple of times in my life (the flu 3 times, the stomach bug a few more), and it was always at a moment where I felt like a soggy mop already. I actually knew I'd need to get all the crap out of my body every time. And every time, I'd get sick, drink lots of water, throw everything out again, and felt cleansed a few days after the wobbly leg syndrome was over. So I hope this is the case for you too.

And yes, these vax's seem completely pointless and definitely not appealing. In Israel they're already talking about a 2nd booster (4th shot in total). That's really taking it one step or two steps too far I think...

Saludos from Mexico!!!

Hey @abh12345, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Ok 4 days in did it get worse ? And does beer taste like whiskey now ? Or just piss?