Self isolation

in #coronavirus3 years ago

In the UK there currently isnt a law to stop you from carrying on with everyday life. However we have been asked to isolate those at risk and self isolate if we or a close family memeber has symptoms.

My youngest son has developed a cough and a fever over night. This we think has more to do with teething than coronavirus. However current goverment guidelines say to self isolate for 14 days.

So here I am day 1 of self isolation. Just me, 3 kids, a heavily pregnant wife, a dog and two budgies.

Looks like I will be doing a lot of DIY around the house to occupy my time. At this point I am trying not to think of the impact on my business, I'm just hoping that the goverment sticks to thier word and helps everyone out.

I can believe that this is only the beginning of a very large world wide lockdown to get rhis virus under control.



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