Are You a Good Writer? Then I Want to Help You! Daily Bread Contest Backed by Whaleshares and Isle of Write Communities

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I’m starting a new initiative to support aspiring writers and poets. The big dream behind it is to help talented authors focus on their writing by giving them enough for daily bread using the nascent DBREAD token. I will work to make this dream true and the first step to it is a series of contests starting with this one.

Here’s the deal: I want you to show me a good sample of your creative literary work and if it inspires me, I will back many of your next posts with my vote and summon whale votes on them to help you produce more good writing.

This contest became possible thanks to the generous support of two outstanding artist communities, Whaleshares and Isle of Write.

What you get if you win the contest:

  1. Whaleshares community will support your next 10 posts with whale votes (1 post a day).
  2. The Isle of Write community will post a feature dedicated exclusively to the winner and their blog content and also add the winner to its auto vote for the next 30 days.
  3. I will upvote your posts with a 100% vote during the next 30 days (1 post a day) and resteem to my 1100+ followers minimally one of them each week during this time.

There will be only one winner in this particular contest, but I’ll made a shortlist of applicants I find inspiring and every shortlist member will receive 100 DBREAD tokens (a BitShares account is required). Hold them as they may have value in the future.

To enter the contest, do the following:

  1. Post in the comments a link to a creative literary piece published on the blockchain (fiction or nonfiction, no longer than 2000 words) written by you. Focus on choosing a quality work which makes a good sample of your writing talent (ideally the post should be past payout). It would be great if you add a few words about yourself and your writing. Don’t forget to add your BitShares name for getting DBREAD tokens.
  2. Upvote and resteem this announcement post to make the contest interesting and worth entering.

Contest conditions

  • My choice is subjective.
  • Your authorship should be unquestionable. There will be a plagiarism check and cheaters will be banned from future contests (yes this is only beginning!).
  • I reserve the right to stop supporting your posts if you essentially reduce the quality of your posts after winning the contest.
  • Application deadline: a week from today. The winner will be announced in a separate post.

Enjoy the contest! I am eager to see your entries!

Don't have a Bitshares account?

Bitshares is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange where you can keep and trade DBREAD as well as other tokens. We recommend EasyDex as an interface to BitShares as it offers account recovery and fiat bridges.

About the sponsors

Whaleshares is a community of crypto savvy Steemians founded by @officialfuzzy. The vision of Whaleshares community and BeyondBitcoin Hangout Series is to give people a voice to speak about their favorite projects in the blockchain tech space. We need to enable more people and incentivize more creators to be part of the community, help build and benefit in a synergistic union. Join the community Discord server offering many channels from general talk to post promotion to contests!

The Isle of Write is a paradise community of writers and other creatives, a relaxed place to both give and receive help, advice, feedback, and inspiration, learn new things or just kick back and chill with other writers and creative types. Check out the community Discord server with channels ranging from workshops to crypto to thematic link sharing.

I'm a frontend developer, writer, world citizen, and a father to eight. Most often I post about web development, crypto, and writing. If you've enjoyed this post, please consider an upvote, resteem, and follow.

Bread photo by Wesual Click on Unsplash

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Hi @vitkolesnik, thank you for running this generous competition.

I have been writing on steemit for 9 months now and am a creative writing graduate from 2007. After having some of my poetry published in 2006/7, I spent a long period of creative block after university and steemit has been the inspiration for a reassurance in my writing. The creativity and support I have received on this platform has been amazing and without the help of the people over @isleofwrite I certainly would have struggled in the beginning with the editing process. I continue to write creative works of poetry, fiction and travel writing exclusively on steemit and hope to be here for a long time as the community is amazing here.

Here is my entry. It is chapter 4 in a 5 part short crime/suspense novella called 'dirty old town'. All previous chapters are linked in the post at the beginning. I am working on the final part as we speak, thanks :-)

P.s. my bitshares (open ledger) account name is the same as my steemit name: raj808

Dirty Old Town Part 4

Greetings & Salutations
I am ALex
I Paint, Write, Compose and perform Music
Write poetry
Spit Fire
am the thing lurking in your closet

Worship the mana that is PIE mortal - Feed ME!

My Bitshare account is tyger-tyger

And this is my submission

Wonderful initiative!

I have been posting helpful articles and original fiction on Steemit since June 2017.

I'm currently creating an interactive fiction game app based on the rescue my family operates.

Here are a couple of my creative stories:

Eyes of Fire, a Horror Inspired by True Events


My BitShares account is arbitrary-kitten

Good Luck Everyone!

@arbitrarykitten I mentioned you in my comment at the bottom glad I saw your resteem.
Basically looking to hook up with more writers.

Here is something I am writing ...posted the beginning here:

Amazing initiative, and about myself, i have completed my 204 days on Steemit Platform, and i am doing Steemit for full time, and i create original content, and daily one post. I faced the roller coaster journey but continued with same enthusiasm. I post my work in sections and these sections are follows like below with an example link and i post one section daily.

(1) Poetry Series.

(2) Quote Series Writing.

(3) Positive Words Series.

(4) Random Photography.

(5) Quote Series Video.

Thanks for sharing this amazing chance with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I don't have Bitshares account but if you think my posts are producing any value then you can showcase your support otherwise kindly ignore. Thank you. 🙂

Thank you for the first entry! As for a BitShares account, you can create it)

Welcome. 🙂

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Wow, what a great initiative! I have just started writing fiction on Steemit by participating in some contests. I've discovered I have some talent for it. Here is a recent story I wrote.
Daily bread has a real significance to me, great name. I am sure this contest will make someone very happy. My bitshares username is drmmn

The guy has talent, guaranteed ✌️

Thank you @f3nix!

you're welcome my friend ;-)

Hello vikto my name is @Josediccus and I'm a poet, firstly it's so amazing that you're doing this certainly poetry and creative writers do not really have a front run when it comes to support on the blockchain that's why I think this gesture is really huge and the very best when it comes to promises abs support, I will however introduce myself, I'm @Josediccus and I'm majorly a poet I do not intend to blow my trumpet but I've at least won close to 20 poetry contest since my 8 months on being on the platform, I rose to my reputation by engaging a whole lot of users however my poetry is not being showcased and not getting support, that's why I think this will be a great opportunity for my works to be noticed without boring you I will provide you a few poems I've written

It would be an honour sir, thank you again for this magnanimous gesture.

my easy dex account name is josediccus20

I also wrote a story few months back on steemit for a sponsored contest. Here is the link, if you find I too have some sort of writing skill for your initiative

Thank you for this great opportunity.

My name is Gideon Nnakude using @inspiredgideon1 as my name on steemit which was gotten from a combination of my first name and what I intend doing on the steem platform and that is inspire people to greatness.

I am an inspirational writer, story writer and a poet but I major on inspirational writing and articles about life to inspire people to greatness.

Success is a deliberate effort and not gotten by chance

No one has ever become great without any sacrifice being made. I desire to be great and that is why I try to inspire others unto the path of greatness.

Great people help others become great

My old post

Here is a post I wrote about 15 days day ago.


The post is about a Nigeria single lady who is a pilot and also a cryptocurrency expert who deals in the exchange of cryptocurrencies to our local currency.
She is actively on the steem platform with the name @ceepee.

I used her to challenge and as well as to motivate ladies out there who feel that their survival in life depends on what a man gives them or that the only assets of a lady is her body structure but her brain out put.

I also advised the ladies to go for brain enlargement and not body enlargement.

My bitshares account name is inspiredgideon1

Greetings @vitkolesnik,

thank you for organizing this.

I am a German editor and author and write in my mother language and in English. I write non-fiction and fiction, about lost and torn places I visited, about technology (especially AI and transhumanism), psychology, society, mythology and aspects on the fringe of human society.

A bit more about me can be read in my introduceyourself and in this posting that deals with the reasoning behind my Steemit name. Short version: I am an Existentialist who loves live, in spite (or maybe even because) of its absurdities.

But the literary piece (non-fiction) I want to show you is this one:

The Galactic Food Chain – Cosmic Cannibalism

If it does not check out, because it is too recent and not beyond its payout, this is my 2nd submission choice (fiction):

The Promise

UPDATE: My BitShares name: dnnsbcchs

Best wishes.

I really like this post. Informative and educational. Thanks for sharing a useful post.

You're welcome!

Hi, my name is Stephen and am a free spirit. Most of the times i write songs but can't record because i don't have recording equipments. Other times am writing stories and yes!, poems. I like to think am the Maradona (legendary footballer) to Shakespeare. This is because even i, am sometimes amazed at the poetry i come up with. Lolz anyways here is one of them, hope you are impressed!

My bts: Maxiy007

Well I just stumbled on the and hope that I am in luck.
Have not been getting that much attention on my work so I hope this works forme.
Here is the link to one of my past works.
And my bitshare account : rabiujaga04

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Hi, I'm @foxfiction! I made this account specifically for creative writing and have been having a blast with it ever since. I tend to write scifi/horror type pieces with the occasional haiku thrown in. Here is a recent example on the scifi side of the spectrum :)

Thank you for this. I am a full time Mom who writes on topics about family, places I've visited, poetry and life in general . I created a easydex account with account name me2selah , i'm not sure if this is what you mean about a bitshare account. Not a pro here. 😊

Here is a link to one of my work.

Another link for a poem that I made

Now I giving Thenali Raman cocktail moral story collection series

Hear is my first story link

Thenali Raman is great man, he is astadhigaja Kavita in Vijayanagar of Sri Krishnadevaraya.

His stories give solutions of all our problems.

I think you like it.

My bitshare account name is


Hello! :) I'm @kaelci and my Steemit account is dedicated to fiction. I'm a mum who tries to write every day in some manner, whether it's a little piece for Steemit or something bigger for the trilogy I'm slowly working on. I favour Low Fantasy, and have a visceral approach to my writing.

The piece I'm submitting is the last paid-out part of a steemit exclusive story I've been writing, Skyswept, which can be found at:

Thank you for hosting this contest! :)

Hello,I'm Lizzy. I'm so happy for this amazing contest. I would definitely love to win it
I love writing short poems, joined steemit like two months ago and I'm a fast learner.
I hope you enjoy my entry.

Thanks for doing this!

It was a tricky choice, since a couple of what I think are my better poems are not in my usual style (which should tell me something :D ). I will submit one of my alliterative pieces:

I am Abimbola Agboola, a writer and author. There is nothing that gives me more joy than sharing my thoughts with the world knowing it would add knowledge to someone out there. I have several write ups but i have chosen these three as samples:

I really hope you like them

Thanks @vitkolesnik for this opportunity

I really like this initiative, I write stories but I'm not frequent in writing them, most of my latest posts are gaming posts which I think are lower quality than my stories but I still think they're good (kind of.)

My two favorites (written months ago):

My latest stories are all #fiftywords:

Other stories by me:

This is probably the best story I've written. I love books and wanted to write a story on book burning. It's always scary when people burn books they don't agree with.

My BitShares address is c-rn

Hello. My name is Chinyere. What I do is quite simple; I play with words. My writing ranges from fiction to non-fiction and poetry. Right now, I'm focusing more on fiction, women, children and book reviews. Below is a link to a fiction piece I published few days ago. I have other literary works on my blog.

Bitshares username is chinyere-vivian.

Good luck to all the submissions. It's so nice that there's great supporters of writers.

Hello, @vitkolesnik, I'm an Egyptian poet/thinker, author of 7 books, and live for the written word! I've been on this marvelous platform for around 5 months and, I'm grateful to say, it's meant a kind of rebirth for me as a writer (trying my hand at new things, collaborating with fellow artists, etc...)

It's exciting to learn of your generous initiative. I blog, here, about literary, cultural, philosophical and spiritual issues. Every once in a while, as a Muslim and immigrant living in Trump's Divided States of America, I address that, too.

Kindly, find my submission, for your consideration My Story with Curie.

Since I don't have a BitShares account, upon your recommendation, I created one with EasyDex:


I hope my creative literary work keeps you good company :)

Excellent initiative!

I write a lot of flash fiction and short stories in many different genres. I'm always eager to improve on my craft and try different avenues of writing. I have written quite a bit of sci-fi and I would say I focus on character driven stories.

I feel as though my craft is steadily improving so perhaps the latest is greatest but a story I'm proud of I posted a few months ago is this sci-fi one:

If you're not in the mood for sci-fi and more for literary/thriller, this entry won second place in a writing contest recently:

My EasyDex/BTS account: cizzo1

Lovely day to you @vitkolesnik.

I am Oskilo. I believe that I write fairly good poetry and prose with some sprinkling of nonfiction. Some say I am pretty good at it but I guess you'd be the judge of that.

I have several posts that are pretty good as far as I am concern but I have a special attachment for this one, possibly because of the issue behind the story. If nothing, I hope you enjoy the read.
This is my submission: MELTING SKY

My bitshares account is oskilo85

Hi, my name is Sladen (at least that's what I prefer to be called). I'm an introvert, so I write to be seen/noticed. Thus, "seesladen". When writing, I tend to fill that which is empty, and empty that which is full...

This is an example, humbly submitted...

But am I a good writer? ❓

Uhhh.... Well, here is my bitshares account if you think so... see-sladen

Thank you for this brilliant initiative @vitkolesnik.
Here's one of my short stories.
I mainly write fiction: it's a way for me to fight, through my imaginary world and my monsters, the real ones who populate our daily lives.
I run a contest about fiction writing, it's aimed to help newbies and spread the value of solidarity through creativity. God knows how much I would need a bit of support, once in a while! Anyway, whether I will be choosen or not, it was nice to know you and you'll be always welcome if you want to give it a peek!

Difficult contest as the other submissions are all good writers.

Here is my go at it. I use the platform for writing, most of which is fiction. I've recently begun a horror podcast series as I'm interested in the medium. My writing speaks for itself.

Thanks for the consideration.

Bitshares: plastic-red00

This is what giving back to the community actually means. There is a possibility that I might not be selected for this, but thank you. :)

Hello, my name is Abhinav Mendhe. I am an Indian. My steemit blog is about short stories and poetry. I've been on steemit for the last 3 months, since January. And even with all my efforts, I can't generate more from my work. I will soon be writing book reviews and poetry explanations. I hope I get to that. I don't have a bitshares yet.

Here are my links.

Short Story:-



I'm an Israeli non fiction writer with a background in journalism as a writer and editor. I'm also a translator and translation editor and publisher of translated science fiction and fantasy with my own tiny crowdfunded press. I write a bunch of weekly posts here, one for every day, about a diverse set of topics. When I exhaust a topic, I move on.

As my entry in the contest, I'm going to share a post I wrote a few months ago about my mom.

My bitshares account is did1c.

Hello, my name is Abraham Michael, I love writing about fiction, non-fiction and poetry, most of my fiction stories are usually about other world theories, multi-universes and drama, my poetry usually talks about human emotions either negative or positive.

Here is a submission of one of my fiction stories THE ENTRY WAY

Thanks for the oppourtunity.

my bitshares name is ab-makko

Is it okay if the post is already past 7 days?


Thank you @vitkolesnik for this initiative. Here is my entry. That's the third part of the series and I believe you will truly enjoy this. The 4th part will be out soon too.

My bts ID is bigdee2018

Wow, very interesting competition. I'm still figuring out my preferred genre & writing style. I'm a Dutch philosopher, writing in both Dutch and English, and have recently published my first philosophy (non-fiction) monologue. On steem I'm mostly writing fiction, as that is the direction I want to develop myself in. And I'm enjoying that a lot, and it's wonderful how many readers on steem also seem to like my short stories so far.

Here my submission, a story written earlier this week:

BitShares account: nobyeni-1

Hello @vitkolesnik, thanks for this great privilege to participate in this contest.
I'm a nonfiction person most times but I write short poems too.
This is my entry. Hope you like it.

What a great initiative! You always have something interesting cooking, @vitkolesnik!

Thanks for the appreciation! :)

Howdy, I want to throw my hat into the ring. I like to write for the many contests that offers. My M.O. has been to write a fairly normal story right up until the final sentence. Usually, giving the reader an "Ah ha" moment. . . . "I should have seen that coming."
My writing mechanics have improved with each story. And thankfully we have spell checking available.
Here is a 100-word story that I am most proud of because Janet said it couldn't be done.

Thank you for your kind consideration.
H. G.
My Bitshares acct:


I'm Gracious Egedegbe

I'm a writer, poet and story teller

I'm quite nervous but I'll push this one forward: In His Image (A Story of Love, Robots And Betrayal)


Hi! I’m Lola, aka @thatlovechild. I’m a Doctor by profession and a artist by passion (literary, dance, drawings!)
I think what makes my writing (awesome?) is not eloquence or skill level (I’m an amateur..can you tell?) but heart. I always want to feel and make others feel something.
Most of my works on steemit are micro-fiction and zapfic but I have a few short stories and poems too.






I’ve been on steemit for 5 months now and I don’t have a Bitshares account..yet.
Thank you!

Thank you a lot for this contest.
I am Ogbonna Chinemerem and my steemit name is Ominaj000. I write stories, poems and also take photos. Each story and poem i write means is a personal story for me, the things i pass through makes me to write. When i am sad writing makes me feel a whole lot better.

  1. This is a short story i wrote which was very personal and difficult for me at the same time (NON FICTION SHORT STORY)

2.This is one of my longest poem i must say. (POETRY)

My bitshares account name is Ominaj000.

Hello @vitkolesnik,

It's good to have you on this platform and thanks for this giving back initiative.

I am nicewoody69 on this awesome platform. Being that I started blogging just recently, I have only six articles on this blog, and the sixth one was posted today. I love to write tales, and also articles that educate and keep the people informed.

The link to one of my posts which is past payout and most suitable for the contest is Disappearing African Tales

However, my favourite, which I would have preferred for this contest is The Demi-gods of Ancient Benin Kingdom. Unfortunately, it is not past payout and I am not quite sure if it qualifes me to enter the contest. Well, if it doesen't, please accept the first link which is past payout as my submission.

My bitshares account name is nicest99

Once again, I say a big thanks to you and the sponsors of this Humanitarian course.

Best Regards.

Hello, my name is Joy, @djoi on steemit. I write.

I write inspirational posts, I write fiction, and just started poetry. I enjoy learning and teaching, and try to teach something in my writings.

I think it's hard for a writer to say which is the best writeup they've ever done, but I chose this because I like what the story can be.
Here's the link to the story and I hope someone would ask me to finish it :)

Here's my bts wallet: ai0873410

Thank's for all you do.

I will be reading this in detail tomorrow afternoon when I have more time.
Thank you for this post; I now follow you @vitkolesnik.
Thanks, @arbitrarykitten for resteeming as I checked in.
Tomorrow I will look for something I have written.
Mostly I like the idea of connecting with like minds/ other writers.
goodnight 🎈

Glad to have helped bring this visibility! Good luck hun :)

Thanks, good luck to you.
Resteemed the post also so others can get hooked up.

You're welcome @rebeccabe and thanks for resteeming!

I am glad you are promoting writers.
Your efforts are appreciated. 😍

Hey @vitkolesnik. Since everyone can try, I'll give you my input also.

As a writer I'm little all over the place. But I guess the most prominent aspect in my writing is a rather free flow of thoughts and thoughtful approach to subjects. A lot of topics are of my own thoughts about the world and about topics/issues present in my own life to which I'm searching for direction.

On free will

Thoughts about life and writing

About my work

Sometimes I get wacky and pull outrageous events, featuring @Ned and a quantum AI hivemind, that make no sense, well, that depends person to person.

Alright, that's should do it to get an idea of me (I just couldn't pick only one to represent my writing).

Oh! My BitShares account: gil-galad

There are 2 pages