Dustsweeper's Refer-A-Friend & Nominate-A-Newbie Game

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First Contest Has Arrived

This is the first ever contest for @dustsweeper and it is our way of giving back to the community. As you remember from our initial post, we not only want to provide this great service to you, but we also want to help the community if we do better than expected.

Initial Success - Off The Charts!

We are thrilled to have so many people sign up so fast. It has been a whirlwind 2 weeks and every day seems like something new. We now have over 200 accounts, and more coming in every day for the service. In addition to the accounts and all the kind words, there have been many many posts about the subject on your blogs, we frankly have lost count. The general high level of enthusiasm shown is nothing short of amazing, and we have been able to get @dustsweeper marginally profitable within the first 2 weeks! That is really terrific if you think about it.

We have directly been blessed by 2 factors that have helped make the project get solid so fast. First, we got great delegations from community supporters. Here is a list of the generous Steemians that have delegated SP freely to help this project get going:


Thank you all so much for the jump start and for helping so quickly with your selfless actions.

Second, we have been blessed with lots of upvotes on the post we did... That added a serious boost of sbds which enabled us to increase our SP leases and really ramp up in a hurry! So thank you to everyone who upvoted and resteemed @dustsweeper's posts!

dustsweeper 4.png

Giving Back - In A Small Way

What we want to do is start to give back in a small way. We want to show you a glimpse into the future and the things you might expect us to do to help others grow. We particularly want to focus on newbies and minnows, as that is the group on Steemit that needs the most help!

We will strive to come up with new and creative ways to get the word out about @dustsweeper, and also find ways to reward and help newbies and minnows in the process. We received a very generous donation from Steem Witness @jackmiller to help a few minnows and newbies to find out about us and to help them get started with their first deposit. He donated 5 SBDs, and is looking for us to give it to those less fortunate to "try the system out". This will enable us to randomly pick 20 winners to receive an account with $0.50 in upvote value to get started!

Dustsweeper's Refer-A Friend & Nominate-A-Newbie Game

The Two Simple Rules

Rule 1: Refer a friend to @dustsweeper and get a Newbie Nickel ($0.05 upvote on your comment).

To Do This: Tag them in the comment to this link (for example: Hey @danielsaori come here and sign up for @dustsweeper)

Note: Anyone can refer a friend to join @dustsweeper by making a comment and get the Newbie Nickel vote. Limit 2 referrals per person.

Rule 2: Nominate a Newbie to @dustsweeper and they will be eligible for a free $0.50 starter account (if they don't already have an account). Plus you will get a Newbie Nickel ($0.05 upvote on your comment)

To Do This: Tell us about a newbie (45 reputation ranking or below) that could use @dustsweeper. They will be enrolled in the contest and have a chance to win one of the 20 free prizes donated by @jackmiller. We will randomly draw the winners upon payout of this post.

Note: You may nominate up to 2 newbies to join.

Bonus: If you can get your nominee to come here and say, "I would like to try out @dustsweeper", then they will automatically get a Newbie Nickel ($0.05 upvote on their comment) and you will get another Newbie Nickel upvote because they did!

There are 2 pages

@kendallron come here to sign up for @dustsweeper.
I would like to nominate @kendallron, and @adamada for a @dustsweeper account.
Btw thanks for this service nothing like cleaning up the dust and making lives better.

definitely I would loved to try @dustsweeper

you're in and you can nominate 2 other newbies too :)

you got 3 newbie nickels, one for each... now get those newbies to come over and you will get 2 more ;)

I would like to try out @dustsweeper

:D thanks @iamstan

awesome @adamada! You're entered and you can nominate 2 people too :)

wow i like your avatar.

Thank you @skeptic I can see some similarity of tastes in avatar?
By coincidence, your steemit name would have been my steemit name if I registered first in the platform. You're a lucky person :D

It has its downsides, no matter what i disagree with even when providing evidence im told "your not so skeptical are you?". lol
If i could change my name i would let you have it.

you got 3 newbie nickels, one for each... now get those newbies to come over and you will get 2 more ;)

Is there a bug or something? I stopped getting topped off but wasn’t close to limit for amount I sent

great job @iamstan... You got both your newbies here... Now if you could reply to me, then I can send you the other 2 newbie nickels ;)

@adrianobalan Check this out! Great program

@adrianobalan Check this out! Great program

I would like to try out @dustsweeper

I'm giving you 4... I think that covers it... lol Here's your $0.20 upvote and if I missed something please let me know :)

Hey @swolesome and @apolymask, if you have not signed up for @dustsweeper, you need to. You both do a lot of amazing work for new users in your games and such, thus get lots of small votes, rescue those votes, let your voters get their just rewards. You win, @dustsweeper wins, and more importantly, you smaller voters win because their vote now counts, and they will get a curation reward.

I'd like to try it, how does it work?

It is the simplest thing in the world. You send them 1SBD via a wallet transfer, (or .5SPB, thats what I started with because I don't accumulate SBD's to much), I put in the memo part "Dust Bank". They will send you back a wallet message deposit received and they tell you what your account balance is.

1SBD will raise approximately 72 votes that were at the dust level, or very close (about $0.020 or less) to just over $0.025 level so that you will get paid for that vote, and the voter will get a curation reward, and @dustsweeper also gets a reward. At 17:14 today I got three votes in a row of 2.83% which equalled $0.030, and raised the one vote I highlighted to a payout of $0.050:


So a very fair deal I think. Three votes received that without dustsweeper I would not have gotten. so using that example 1 SBD 72 votes times 0.050 equals $3.60.

If it helps users find the prizes in my game, sure. Sending it now.

anything that would've turned to dust, will now be claimed as it "sticks" to the dustbuster vote and gets paid along with it.

It helps a lot of people, I most view and visit new user accounts, and that is where most of my commenting happens, and well a lot of them like to vote the comments, and when the ir vote does not register a value, they do not get any curation reward, their vote just disappears come payout time, and then no payout. So it is very helpful for them, and for any one that gets a comment vote from them that has the backing of dustsweeper, gets rewarded also.

Getting new users onto steemit is something I am passionate about. I will certainly try it out and see if it is something I would suggest.

Hello @bashadow Bro
Do you mean If I Send 1 Sbd to @dustsweeper It will give me $3.60 Upvote in return.
And How much it take time for Upvotes after sending my SBD?

Not really. On steemit there is a price level where a vote does not count for a reward if it is the only vote you got on a particular post or comment.

If you have a post and three very low SP people vote on your post, yet the post payout does not make it past the $0.020 price range, then those three votes go away, and you get no reward, and the three people that voted for you get no reward for curation.

Now if as a participant in @dustsweeper, on day five or day six, it will detect that your post payout is at the dust level (won't receive a payout) @dustsweeper will come and provide a vote to raise it over the dust level so you get a reward, and the three people that voted on your post get a curation reward. @dustsweeper is not an upvote bot, it is a dust level vote rescuer.

The absolute largest vote you will ever get from @dustsweeper would be something like $0.025. All @dustsweeper does is, like I said, rescues low level vote that would have been burned by steemit.

@dustsweeper will not vote on your post that have no votes. It will not vote on any post or comment that has a payout over $0.025. It will vote on any post or comment of yours that has a vote that is below that reward level.

As for how soon after sending in 1 SBD to help lift those dust votes, it happens pretty fast.

I hope that cleared up the difference between an upvote bot, and @dustsweeper. You are not buying anything. If all your post and comments that get voted on always exceed that price level then you will see no results from it, that is highly unlikely to happen.

Also they do have measures in place to prevent people from gaming the system, example a second owners account giving lots of little votes just so their other account can get the dustsweeper vote.

It was designed to assist new users receive rewards from the votes of other new users, instead of those votes and rewards being burned up by steemit.

excellent job @bashadow :) Thank you for your wonderful efforts once again!

@bashadow explains it well below... we give out a $2.00 upvote for each $1 sbd in deposit or 2x... you don't make money off our bot... It is a service to help you pick up your own dust... so we use your sbd, turn it into a payable vote, and then your dust sticks to it.

It happens on the 5th or 6th day after the vote or comment was made.

I see you have the master explaining... He is the best, so I think he's got it... If you ever want any more input, just let us know!

Love having you as a salesman on this one @bashadow... You have the power of your great reach around this place! :)

You get 3 newbie nickels for the 2 referrals and one coming over here and signing up! Great job of explaining too Bash! :D

thank you. glad I got most of the explanation out, did not want to mislead people into thinking it worked like an upvote bot.

Hey @welcomewagon, come here and sign up for a @dustsweeper account. I am sure many of the newbies that you support could do with a little extra help :)

I would also like to nominate @iexplore and @jan23com for a @dustsweeper account. Both are very active and good contributors to the Steemit community :)

@plushzilla thank you for the nomination and your kind words! This is a great service!

I'm glad you like it and you are entered @iexplore! :)

Awesome @plushzilla! Great job on all 3 selections! Now if you can get @iexplore and @jan23com to get here, then you can also pick up a few more newbie nickels in addition to these 3 ;)

lol , ops my bad did not know I was supposed to comment I nominate @Bashadow, @breezin @yehey haha had to vote the @dustsweeper to see if he forgot to enrol Dusty himself. Check the hive post please, I began a promotion for Dustsweeper you might want to glance at, to assist in getting the word out about it, The post will go out approx 2-3 uk time, If you would like to discuss the promotion before then, Tag me in discord @thehive or @Jan23com

Thank @thehive and @jan23com, I am already a member but thanks for thinking about me. This is a wonderful program.

reply to me again @jan23com and we will will upvote you another $0.10

you know how to keep a Jan interested lol
we are still pimping you, working on a something,
Your ears may burn lol

I am going to have to break this into two votes (my vp got whacked)... so reply again and I will top you off ;)

Let Dusty do his job :) it's all good, get that vote to another I would recommend @magdalilith and @chilix Should they pop by.

if you reply back @plushzilla, I can upvote you another $0.10

Happy to help out as usual. Just had another good Steemit Bingo round so maybe @dustsweeper can be the next in line?

I didn't want to forget and my VP is sapped... So I got close ;)

And yes that would be cool on Steemit Bingo! :)

Wow, dustsweeper already has so many followers! I'll have to think about how to modify the rules again to make it work but it should be fun :D

@plushzilla yes, it is picking them up quickly... I'm thrilled about how fast it has gained traction. I'm sure whatever rules you come up with @plushzilla, it will be good! :)

I would like to nominate @cattledog and @revotingpeasant for a dustsweeper account. Do yourselves a favour and sign up to regain those lost dust votes!

Hey @bifilarcoil come here and sign up for @dustsweeper. I noticed you haven't signed up yet! Thanks Ginabot...

I would like to try out @dustsweeper

@revotingpeasant, if you are not lucky enough to win in the contest, I will put forward the 1 sbd for you first try of dustsweeper:)

i'm here, where do i sign up?

I would like to try out @dustsweeper

Sounds good to me. Please sign me up !

I would like to try out @dustsweeper

Excellent @cattledog... You are in the contest! :)

That's 3 for you @palikari123! Awesome! If you can get the newbies to come sign up, you have 2 more coming ;)

ok @palikari123, you have 3 more nickels coming... good job as all 3 of your peeps showed up... Now if you could reply back to me, then I can give you those nickels ;)

Just make sure my peeps 'randomly win' a @dustsweeper account...thanks😉

lol.... That is only the central banks and jai-lai that rigs their contests ;)


:) ... and I don't know if I'm caught up with you or not on this contest, so here's $0.09 and let me know if I owe you more ;)

LOL...I'll take a nice whack of delegation in its place if that ok? hahaha

Thanks Dave. Yeah you caught up with me...had 3 peeps nominated:)


Hey hay @whatisnew! and @creationofcare! come on over
and become a member of @dustsweeper!

Check out what my husband @bashadow! said here on
this post! He got me on board @dustsweeper's!

Many thanks to @davemccoy! & @danielsaori!

        ❤ 👍

Awesome @shasta! Love the see not only the entries, but also the personal recommendations! That family of yours is amazing with both you and the famous @bashadow :)

Here are your 2 newbie nickels :)

Hey @dipoabasch and @bigboss99 check this out and sign up for @dustsweeper!

Thank you @cicisaja, I would like to try @dustsweeper 🤗, start it with follow and resteem?

You got your newbie nickel and you're entered too! You are free to nominate 2 of your friends too :)

I just need to sign up right? Then how do I know that my comments will be up-voted?

Its right above this comment @dipoabasch!

hey, I featured you in Pay It Forward Contest, I like what you do and I think more plaktons and minnows should read about you. and if you have time just check out my post

You got 3 newbie nickels... 2 for the nominations, and 2 for getting one of them to come back already! Good job :D

@carolynstahl come here to sign up for @dustsweeper
I would like to nominate @carolynstahl and @anarch0gam3rs for a @dustsweeper account.

Hey @cmduncan94... great job.. you get 3 newbie nickels and if your nomination show up, you can get 2 more :D ... excellent!

@janine-ariane, get over here and check out @dustsweeper.

I would like to nominate @janine-ariane for a @dustsweeper account.

ohw thank you! @ijmmai :-) yes with pleasure I will do that right now! @dustsweeper "I would like to try out @dustsweeper" :-) I will send 1 steem with in the comment my account. I hope I do it right ?

Awesome, that is how you do it @janine-ariane! :) ... and you are entered! Glad to have you onboard! :)

happy too! :-)

Hey @ijmmai! Awesome job, you got the newbie nickel for the nomination and already got an acceptance! So $0.10 upvote for you :)

I nominate @djblinkz44 and @ayoshewa to sign up for @dustsweeper.

Both are nominated @amelin! Now if you can get them here, you will get 2 more newbie nickels on top of this $0.10 I'm giving you right now :)

@bluefoxy, get over here and check out @dustsweeper.

People like @bluefoxy and @siosfl could use a @dustsweeper account.

Once again @danielsaori and @davemccoy, you guys are champs!

awesome @enforcer48... you get the 2 newbie nickels now, and if you can get them to show up and ask for it, then you get 2 more (plus they will get their newbie nickels too) ;)

@intemporel, have you signed up for @dustsweeper yet?
if not, simply reply with "I would like to try out @dustsweeper" to enter the contest and maybe win a free starter account.
(You can find out how you can profit from joining @dustsweeper here)

Hi @simplymike. I did sign up earlier this morning! Thank you for recommending! It is so kind of you to think of me :)

awesome that you just signed up and that you came here and entered too! You can also nominate your own 2 newbies if you like, and here is your brand new Newbie Nickel!

You are welcome :0)
Good thing you already signed up!

There you go, that's what I love about you @simplymike! Even though your still hobbled, you still find a way to help out someone else! Great job and happy to give you the 2 newbie nickels (since you succeed really quick with your nomination) :D ... And you have another one to nominate if you would like btw ;)

Hope you're feeling better!

Thanks. I love the initiative :0)
I don’t really feel like newbie-hunting yet ;0), @intemporel crossed my path yesterday with a comment on my last post, so it was a complete coincidence that I could think of someone with a low rep :0)
This will be on all week? Who knows who else I will run into...

Yes it will... until the post closes ;) And we never know, but its usually somebody fantastic as good people seem to gravitate towards you :D

There you go, that's what I love about you @simplymike! Even though your still hobbled, you still find a way to help out someone else! Great job and happy to give you the 2 newbie nickels (since you succeed really quick with your nomination) :D ... And you have another one to nominate if you would like btw ;)

Hope you're feeling better!

Cool promotion .... below are two random nominations taken from my list of followers.


got you 2 newbie nickels, one for each... now get them to come join in the fun and you will get some more ;)

Hey @stevenwood ... come on and become a member of the @dustsweeper . OK? Hurry...

And...I also 'nominate' @ninjamike for a free membership, because the guy seems to be an 'okay' human being who likes cats...That's good enough for me.

I would like LOVE to try out @dustsweeper.

Thanks to some wonderfully community minded peeps...We have a hope in hell!

To the awesome @angryman Thanks so much for the tag this is something I need to get sorted out.

@father2b @woodzi Hope this is on your radar peeps :D

Thank you! @stevenwood!😀😀

I would like to try out @dustsweeper!

@ijmmai en @erikklok come check this out 😀

Awesome @woodzi, that gets you 2 newbie nickels! :)

you get 3 Newbie Nickels for that... one for showing up and 2 more for the referrals ;)

awesome @angryman! You get 2 newbie nickels for that and if you can get @ninjamike to come by and say he wants an account, you will get another newbie nickel too :)

I shall try to get ninjamike, out from the shadows...Thank you.

you did manage to get @stevenwood, so here's that nickel ;)

@ninjamike just stopped by @dustsweeper ...

Got it, thanks @angryman!

Here I am out from the shadows. I would like to try out @dustsweeper.

If you come back again from the shadows, I will give you the nickel... I missed it in time to get you the nickel! Thanks @ninjamike!

OK I'm back out from the shadows again!

awesome! Thanks for coming out, lol... here's your nickel upvote! :)

Hey @waterfordguy come here and sign up for @dustsweeper

And I would like to nominate @waterfordguy for a @dustsweeper account.

I would like to try @dustsweeper Thank You @melinda010100 for the nomination.

you're in Waterfordguy :)

Thank You @davemccoy appreciate the chance.

You're welcome and I just peeked at the results... I like your odds ;)

Right on! :)

Great job Melinda!

YAY!! Great contest!

hey @theturtleproject and @samprock come and check this project out, will dust your votes and make them valuable ;D Good luck with this great initiative

Hey @gade come here and sign up for @dustsweeper

And I would like to nominate @gade for a @dustsweeper account.

I would like to try out @dustsweeper. Thank you for nominating me.

You're in @gade! :)

Thank you @davemccoy.

@gade you are certainly welcome @gade! :)

Another good job Melinda!

Thanks! I really am appreciating @dustsweeper !

Have you signed up for @dustsweeper @yati and @gavinci13? It will help in your upvotes if you sign up.

hey @yati already made it, but I will give you 2 newbie nickels since I think you were already nominated by someone too! Great job @leeart! ;)

Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Hello @dustsweeper, I would like to nomimate @awie and @julies. wish them read this message. hey you both my nominates 💋please check and sign up to this best contest hold by @dustsweeper. hurry up

you can stop by their blog and give them the headsup ;) ... here's 2 newbie nickels now, and you will get 2 more when you get them here!!! ;)

Cool game contest @dustsweeper, would like to nominate @tristanchase and @lilyofthewall-e to help them kickstart Steemit. Cheers~

thanks @miss.kat! You get 2 newbie nickels ($0.10) and if they show up, you can get 2 more! Good job and thanks for helping a few newbies too :)

@dustsweeper, thanks! :) Hope it helps out the newbies too!

Hey @Innerspace and @biblegateway, come check out dustsweeper and clean up those dust votes :)

awesome... get them here and double your newbie nickels! Here's 2 of them right now!

I'm going to strongly suggest that @westcoasteagles and @brickblaze both come on over to get on board and give @dustsweeper a try.

You both comment and upvote on my stuff a lot, and I'd be able to return the favour more if you were guaranteed to get some value from my vote

Awesome @sparkesy43! You get 2 newbie nickels now, and 2 more when you get them here ;)

@wanderingkells en @vee2180 come here and sign up for @dustsweeper !

I would like to try out @dustsweeper !

Here you go @janine-ariane! Awesome job :)

and here is wanderingkells

I refer @deborahbobo and @danielniyo. And I see what you did there with the 0.05$ upvote, ingenious 😎

why thank you @ange.nkuru :D ... and you get 2 newbie nickels for the referrals! Good job :)

I nominate @kandywriter because she really like to upvote the comments and @katee who loves to share recipes to try this out at @dustsweeper 😉

Awesome job @dipoabasch! Both are entered, you get 2 more newbie nickels (or a $0.10 upvote)... and if they show up, you will get 2 more (plus they will too) ;)

Hey @edyscout81 come here and sign up for @dustsweeper

awesome @syarke! here's 2 newbie nickels for showing up and for referring a friend! :)

Great way to help newbies and minnows. I know @artgirlnyc is new and she joined the fun with the dirty dust post. Not sure if she signed up for @dustsweeper, but here is an opportunity for her to try!

I really wanna try it out😃

we were thinking so after your entry to be the dust queen :P

Thanks for entering the contest and here's your newbie nickel vote ;)

Great to have you here @beeyou, joining in and helping to support newbies.
@davemccoy did an awesome job getting this game together.

You both are doing a great job!

Good job, you got @artgirlnyc to show up and want a @dustsweeper account! Here's another newbie nickel! Goodjob!

Hey @Williams21 come here and sign up for @dustsweeper

Hi i would like to nominate @imshub and actually i also intend to sign up for it in a couple of days.

awesome @karamyog! I am looking forward to your reaction with it ;)

Hi @dustsweeper. Just sent some dust to try out this service. Can you let me know how i can track it? Will i also get a comment under the post that has been upvoted by you?

no, we don't send comments... to us that would be unnecessary spam of your beautiful post. You can see your upvotes from either steemworld or from Gina in discord... Do you have either of those 2? If not, I can send you the links for both ;)

I use steemworld and i saw the upvotes there yesterday. Will also appreciate if you can send me the discord link? Thanks!

@dustsweeper doesn't have its own discord channel yet, but here is newbieresteem which can get you started with discord! :)

Alright, Thanks. Will check it out.

Hey @thabiggdogg come here and sign up for @dustsweeper.

Hey @fastandcurious come here and sign up for @dustsweeper

I nominate @marionsworld because she just arrived last week on steemit, and could use some extra help from dustsweeper to not let the upvotes get lost in dust. She has a lot to learn yet en steemit is like a big maze to her now, so if this thing is covered.. that will help!

awesome @anouk.nox! I love the endorsement and explanation too! Here is your Newbie Nickel and if you can get her to come by we will get her one and explain to her any questions she might have! Thanks for helping out a newbie :)

You're welcome !

It's weird that I don't get a notification of you mentioning me.... But luckily I found out. Thank you, you are such a help !! 😘 And yes I do have to learn a LOT about Steemit, but also I almost have to become a stockbroaker to understand about this cryptomoney. Pfffffff, so much to learn. And improve my english too.😉
Thanks a lot @anouk.nox !!!!

if you check www.steemworld.org/@marionsworld there you can see mentions ...

Die pagina had iemand me al op gewezen inderdaad, waardoor ik dus zag dat jij me genoemd had. TOP !!! Daar ga ik dus nu heeeeeel vaak op kijken. Niet wetende dat die interessanter is dan ik dacht. 😉
Dankjewel weer hè !!

Ja ik kijk daar de hele dag op.. heel handig

Ook heel handig wanneer de followers zijn gekomen. Dan weet ik welke nieuw zijn en hoef ik niet door al mijn volgers te spitten, want op enig moment weet je dat natuurlijk niet meer.

haha ja dat was dus in begin wel zo, had je geen idee.. tot steemworld die optie toevoegde.. is nog niet zo lang... maar zou zeggen pluis het lekker uit, steemworld is echt heel handig..

Great idea to get the word out, guys!!

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We invite everyone to follow our @newbiegames account and use the #newbiegames tag for their next game or contest to connect with more of our members.

@newbiegames is a part of the #newbieresteemday initiative.



Thank you @newbiegames.. And thanks for the resteem too :) ... If you want to nominate some of your great players (and game makers, I can think of a few you might want to submit) ;)