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RE: Open Source and community first

in #community2 months ago

people just had an idea, did the work together with other likeminded people and it became some great things without needing to treat it as a business or forcing people to show up and complete their part of the tasks.

I totally agree. And as those projects thrive due to humans investing their heart, effort, and contributions into them, personally...I still think of them as a business. POSH would continue as long as some people kept investing their energy/efforts into it, or it would die if no single human wanted to invest in it.

To me, 'business' is a huge blessing for the world, and has been since cavemen discovered bartering. But I get why people don't like the word and associate many negative things with it.

Ultimately, I don't get too picky about language. Regardless of what you or anyone calls it (biz/project/hobby/endeavor/collaboration), successful 'projects' are the backbone of the economy, have been since the dawn of civilization, and I celebrate and encourage yours. :) 🙏