My Hivewatchers blacklist. My apology to the Hive community

in #community6 months ago

Hello Hive Community this is my apology post to the whole community as well as @hivewatchers for my plagiarism. I admit that I made a mistake. I am really sorry and ashamed for this. I admit the mistake I made and apologize as well. And I'm discussing about what I did wrong.

I am very sorry and ashamed. One year ago, when I was new to Hive in 2020, I didn't know many rules. Which is why I did something wrong. Although I realized later but it was too late. Then I made a mistake as a new user. I am still sorry for that mistake and at the same time I am still ashamed. I can't find the language to express my sorrow or apologize to everyone in the community. Since, man is error. Moreover, since I have been working in the community for a long time, I think it is a family of ours. So being a member of your family I apologize to you for my mistake and also express my sorrow and shame.

I am really sorry and ashamed that I was unaware of plagiarism at that time. But now I know about it and am aware of it now. And now I always try to make it all my own writing and my own photography. And always try to create good quality content. So I apologize to everyone in the community for my mistake, as well as to Hivewatchers, as well as ashamed and sorry.

I didn't know many rules at that time so I posted some photography and information from Google. I did a post about the largest flower in the world at that time. Which is mainly found in Indonesia. I took the photography and information of that flower from Google but did not use any photography or writing source there. I wanted to take credit for that myself. Moreover, those photographs are not copyright free. I didn't notice that either.

I will continue my writing as well as apologize for my mistake and appeal for release from the blacklist. I'm really sorry and embarrassed for those posts. Honestly, I feel bad for plagiarism in those posts and at the same time I feel guilty. I have always tried to improve my content by learning from it. Hope to get support from everyone in the community. Below are the links to the posts where I have plagiarism.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere regrets and embarrassment to everyone in the community for what I have done. I am correcting my mistake and currently creating plagiarism free content. So I hope everyone will look at me with forgiveness and support me. Thanks everyone.