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RE: Open Source and community first

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Yeah, the dappler dapp thing was a bummer to see. Maybe its was all eye candy and was halfway done on hopes they would be funded or someone would pick it up. I didn't look too far into it as i am not a dev nor have money to buy it😄 but it certainly was disappointing to see a potentially successful dapp get thrown to the way side without much noise for it or support.

The dlive part threw me off. There was issues with the code?

Hopefully, as the HBD and its interest rate is tested over time, we will see more conservative investors willing to make more common sense investments into the Hive ecosystems in terms of moving assets here, better investing into projects and making smarter long term development projects work as a result.

What are your thoughts about adding stipulations to the apr % and making it fixed for at least 30-60 days so as to take away any notions of colluding from potential investors.

But I digress. I agree with you about some of the token projects and haven't been too excited to explore any really simply because if they are running off hive and all the content is still running on Hive, then why not just invest directly into Hive. Admittedly, I'm invested into HBI(Steembasicincome) but that is a program with long term plans for hive has proven successful, still not a token but figured I should disclose.

I would like to invest into hashkings but development seems snagged with mobile. SL reminds me of a vegas casino but cant hate the engagement and excitement it brings to Hive.

I think what your doing with posh needs to be further supported and pushed harder.

In my opinion Hive could benefit from as many potential new investors, developers and users in order to achieve the growth of that us(not you acidyo your a big staker😄) small stakers would enjoy as well as sustainable quality development. Which is why I love Posh. Hopefully it achieves just that.

I should read further into posh token and look to invest just to support despite not having a twitter.

Thanks for your thoughts!