Dustsweeper is live on HIVE

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Dusty Image by @charisma777

Dustsweeper is now finally up and running on HIVE. Dusty has been sweeping dust for a few days now and everything seems to be working fine.

Dusty's Discord server has also been updated, please find the link here if you haven't joined yet: Discord Server

Dusty on HIVE

@dustsweeper did the first dust sweep on 24th of May, 12:56 UTC, helping this comment from @bluemoon reach a payout value above $0.02. If Dusty hadn't reached out, the value of the vote from @vgalue would have been thrown in the bin.

Good old Dusty with some minor changes

Other than updating the code to work with HIVE, and some code changes behind the scene, @dustsweeper is functioning almost the same as before. The visible changes are listed below.

Account Balance - Account balances are now stored using HIVE, instead of HBD. All current balances have been converted from HBD to HIVE. You can still top-up your account using HBD, but that will be converted to HIVE and added to your balance.

Free gift - To mark the opening of the HIVE blockchain, all accounts with a low balance have been given a balance of 0.1 HIVE. That should be enough for at least 2-3 votes.

Delegation - You can delegate HP to @dustsweeper in exactly the same way as before. The only change is linked to the reward payout threshold. You will now receive a payout if your reward is higher than 0.01, instead of 0.001 as before. This change is to avoid too many small transfers.
The only exception to this is when you stop your delegation. Then you will be paid out as long as your reward is above 0.001.

Discord Server

The Discord Server looks pretty much the same as before. But as we are dealing with two blockchains, there are two completely separate instances of Dustsweeper running. To make the separation clear, I have created two different channels, one for STEEM and one for HIVE.

See below screenshot from the Discord Server. You will find one channel called #bot-hive and one called #bot-steem.
Dustsweeper Discord Server Overview

Thank you very much for reading

I hope you are enjoying Dustsweeper. Please delegate to support us. Join the Discord Server to stay up to date with your account.

Dustsweeper banner by @charisma777


Yay dusty is back!!! Awesome news! I'm gonna top up soon enough!

Welcome! Great to have you on board again!

Hi Bengy, thank you for your support!

Glad to see you on the platform


welcome dusty

How do I check my balance?

Jump into the #bot-hive channel on the Discord server and use the $stats command.

You will get something like this:
Screenshot 20200531 at 22.43.01.png

Thank you

How can I join

Thanks for reaching out on Discord. Great you are up and running.

wow, that is pretty amazing! I was using the Dust Sweeper back in the days and now that it is on HIVE (I am only here) will give it a try again. Great success to the team and keep on dusting!

Happy you are here! I topped up my account! ❤️

Nice good to see you on hive also...

Welcome back on Hive, awesome addition.

What does it actually do?

It protects profits which are below $0.02, the minimum blockchain payout level.

I know the FAQ is out-of-date, many of the details are no longer valid, but at least it provides an overview.

I will try to get a new FAQ out there soon.

Yay -- I love @dustsweeper!❤
Transfered HBD, upvoted, and reblogged!

Awesome! Thank you!

Thanks I'll be topping up soon.

Nice to see you are back and running at 100% again! 🤗

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how is the math rn? I remember in the past one got more back in votes than the balance?
good to see you here :)