OCD Communities Incubation Program - Update #3

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Team OCD brings you an update on the Community Incubation Program. Since our last post, we've seen a lot of growth in the various communities, and it's good to see users posting on genre specific topics in their dedicated community spaces and being rewarded through focused curation by the community leaders who highlight great content.

If you've started new and unique genre-specific community that has the potential to raise a lot of activity and doesn't exist yet, feel free to apply for our incubation program - either by writing in the comment section or contacting us on our Discord in the community-incubation channel. You can get more info about the program here.

We keep receiving and reviewing new applications. Below, we give you details on subscriber growth as well as the new communities who've joined us...

All the communities witnessed increase in their numbers, but more importantly there was a lot more engagement and interaction. Gaming seems to be a popular topic, as is photography, Natural Medicine crossed the 2k subs count and it's nice to see one of our newest community additions focused on Makeup having a major subscriber growth. Did you subscribe to any new community recently? - we'd love to know in comments.

Communities that we were supporting and got in touch with us recently:

New additions:

We'd like to welcome 3 interesting communities!

While "Open Mic" is the place for music enthusiasts to gather and encourage musical talent, you should check out "Skate Hive" if you love skateboarding or just want to see some cool stunts. And "Stock Images" brings an awesome concept to reward the work of our local hive stock artists.

We're still waiting on some communities to give their info. The communities listed below can join our Discord to get in touch with us for onboarding into the program!

  • dSound
  • Foodies Bee Hive
  • Vimm

We're looking forward to adding more communities focusing on different subjects to our incubation program, and helping them grow with curation/delegations.

These posts aim to highlight the communities as well as their curation accounts that post the curation reports, and if you find a community interesting, do feel free to have a look around/subscribe.

The community moderators/curators are doing a great job onboarding and helping new users as well as curating great content. We want users to start posting into the right communities, and we're also having an ENGAGE Giveaway where you can participate and help the most interactive people on hive win some ENGAGE tokens. Thanks for reading!

We would appreciate it if you want to delegate to @ocdb and earn some daily returns with a low fee which can be tracked on our website and vote for our witness if you appreciate what we're doing on Hive.

Have you stumbled upon some new communities that are unique to the ones above and would like to see them get supported? Feel free to mention them here in the comments or join us on Discord and talk about it there in the #community-incubation channel! Please note that this is only for unique niches/genres of communities, nothing "general original content" or country/language based.


Whoo Hoo! So excited to see you pick up the Stock Images Community! 🤩

Thank you for helping niche communities grow! We are truly grateful for your kindness ~ 💯

@OCD We are honored to be a part of the incubation program - it's incredible to see the numbers and how every single community that's a part of this has grown, some at astounding rates!

Keep up the hard work, and we'll keep doing our best to bring the #entrepreneurs and #hustlers of Hive together to conceptualize, develop, and deploy tools and services that help the entire Hive blockchain THRIVE!

-the #HiveHustlers

Great work hivehustler team!

awesome news! Im here supporting @Skatehive and @openmic lml

Thank you so much for including @Skatehive in the community incubation initiative ❤
Much appreciated.

Thanks for the support @ocd the makeup community is really having a big growth

We need a onchain engagement community

Ask the Hive could work well for it.

Seems people are more moving towards quello

That's good too, any engagement empowering communities/front-ends should be supported.

Thanks for everything that you do for Communities! ❤️

Thanks for the support @ocd our Lightpainters United community very appreciate it.

great new additions!

Good ..it is very good

awesome, great to see such an activity everywhere

well - I created one called "Financial Markets" https://peakd.com/c/hive-171978/created not much traction yet.

The sports news in Spanish has an audience and writers eager to share the events in sports.

So, I have founded Full Deportes, a Hispanic community for the meeting, debate, analysis and sports history in Spanish language, the history of this community is described in this publication (please, don't vote, it's just for information).

We are still small (just 44 subscribers), just last Monday we had the first publication and our son is finishing the graphic identity to make the official launch post.

This comment is just an exploration of the potential of this idea to be supported by your incubation program. Stay tuned for your comments. Thanks in advance.

My favorite communities are OnChainArt and Makeup Power, really inspiring.🤩🙌

@acidyo and @ocd how incredible it is to participate and be united in these projects to form and grow in Hive, it is always a pleasure to receive new users, which we must help them to execute a good work within the platform and thus make them grow and support this type of initiatives and good ideas that encourage the development of all. 🤗

It's a grate initiative keep the good work going