The Art of the Frame Job

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Part of the fun for me in venturing down the bumpy road of Original Comic Book art collecting, is the process of choosing what frame job to house said piece in for its ride along side me. Obviously the art is the centerpiece and focus, but that doesn’t mean just any old frame will do…at least not for the tasty Spidey stuff I’m hanging in my dungeon.

When I started getting my pieces housed up, it was a bit overwhelming. There was simply so much to choose from in regards to style, color, texture, size, and that’s not even getting started on the matte. It was a world of endless possibilities, and I didn’t want to just stick with one style for all. This isn’t Highlander…there can be more than one. I mean, all of the pieces of art are so different and unique, that I felt the frame job for each should reflect that same level of creative pizazz.

So I let my imagination fly a bit, and I always try to represent a bit of the original published piece into every frame up. Maybe it takes some of the color scheme into consideration, or just the overall style. For example, this Commission I had done at NYCC a few years back from the late Great Kim Jung Gi of my favorite baddie Mysterio, uses this smooth grey satin matte to almost simulate a Smokey effect which makes sense for this particular piece.


Sometimes it’s just something super simple such as the color scheme in the published piece. In this stunning title page from Amazing Spider-Man #664 by Giuseppe Camuncoli, the colorist used a bunch of really pretty colors. There’s some deep blues, pinks, and purple hues throughout…so I wanted to have that representation in its framework. The distressed blue frame and textured purple matte help accent it perfectly I feel.



In this Declan Shalvey cover from ASM #36, we have Spidey facing off against a “Venomized Shark” for the Spider Island themed variants. I went with a leather textured frame to almost mimic the smooth feel of the Shark’s skin. Strange…but it works!


In this instance on this stellar Stuart Immonen page from ASM #25 that features an intimidating shot of Kingpin & Spidey, I opted for a classy and elegant frame. Reason being is that I figured this would be a frame we would see in the Kingpin’s office that housed one of his prized pieces of art.


I can go on and on with silly examples for each and every piece, but I won’t bore you all today with it. For you see, it’s nearing the time for me to get another piece or two framed up this week as Michael’s Craft Store Frame Shop is running their usual badass sale…with a lil’ extra love sprinkled ontop. Usually I get excited when they run their 70% off Custom Frames, but they decided to sweeten the deal a bit more with an 80% off.


I wasn’t planning on dropping more cash this week as Splinterlands Holiday Chaos Legion Sale is emptying what little dry powder I had left to my name, but I’ll have to scrounge up enough to do one or two. I can’t NOT do it…right?!? Couch cushions…here I come!!!!

So I’ll be popping up another post here in the next couple of days…asking for your help in deciding which of my lovely pieces from my unframed stockpile is to be immortalized in its new duds. I’ll post photos and descriptions of a handful of Spidey covers, and you all can choose what will be hung on my walls next. Please stay tuned and much love to you for checking out my nonsense here.



That matte for Mysterio is absolutely perfect.

It subtly draws the eye to the masterpiece.

Thx a ton! I have a blast figuring it all out. I'm not artistic in anyway at this is kinda my contribution to the overall presentation of it.

Beautiful stuff as always!

Thanks for sharing @blewitt


Much appreciated homie! I'll be asking for help on wgat to frame next. Hoping to get that post up tomorrow sometime. Be sure to bite!!! 😂

Looking forward to it!! :)

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You are great at framing !LOLZ

Seriously, I am looking forward to seeing what frames did you get and what you'll frame it with.

@tipu curate

Well I'll need your help in deciding which pieces to get done next. Hoping to get that post up tomorrow.

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