New COMICS & TOYS this week at Comic Shops!!! 12/14/22

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Hello my fellow Hivers,

Ready to take a peek at all of the exciting nerdy nonsense making its way to comic shop racks this week??? I’m talking about kick ass Comics and Toys!!! I’m your host @blewitt, and I thank you for joining me on this virtual window shopping experience!!!

Each and every week on our Conquest Comics Instagram page, we post pics of the new comic books, toys, and miscellaneous merchandise that just arrived. Brand spankin new product for you to salivate over!!! Figured there are enough folks here who collect that it would be a useful service that would help with keeping up to date with new product. Feel free to check out our other pics on our Instagram account. Please give the shop a follow on Instagram as well if ya like what ya see!!!

First things first...To find your local comic book shop check the link below. Throw some support their way instead of shopping Amazon. Support your local stores and shops some support over the big box online retailers!!!

Let’s jump right into it. It’s a pretty “meh” week outside of a smattering of standouts. The big book of the week is without a doubt Batman/Spawn. After 20 plus years, these two dark mofo’s meet again in a special one shot that is sure to make @clayboyn giddy like a schoolgirl. There’s four gazillion covers to this, so choose what ya like and move on. No need to collect em all unless you are mental.


Marvel has a new Iron Man series releasing with slightly under four gazillion variants…oh and Amazing Spider-Man which crosses over with the new Dark Web storyline.


Indy…Indy…Indy…what interesting books release this week?!? Oh, um…yeah I got nothing.


You can see all of this weeks titles be clicking one of these nifty links! Go ahead…it’s not going to steal your keys or anything like that…(insert sinister laugh)


DC -


Now that we have that out of the way, we can get to the good stuff! This week’s toys simply broke me. My bank account is drained, wallet empty, and I’m giving $5 handjobs in the back of the Denny’s parking lot just to survive!!! Ok, it might not be that dire…I’m charging $20…

Point is, there’s a lot of stuff this week. Several Hot Toys pieces hit all at once which include that gigantic Hydra Stomper from the What If episode. Blind bags, Funko Pops, Sonic & Anime figures dominate the week. Plus Figure Bae is sprinkling a lil’ bit of Marvel Legends, GI Joe Classified, and Transformers Hasbro flavor in the mix. Feast yer peepers on this pile of awesome shit…






























That about wraps things up for this week. See ya when the next shipment arrives.



Man I love this stuff :) The Last Ronin toy (I think) looks cool - I heard about that comic recently and loved the idea of it.


Yeah, if you haven’t read it yet…pick it up. It was a really cool idea and it looks like they are going to continue telling that story with a new volume next year.

Look at the statue!

Such a cool statue :) Mikey being propelled on by the spirits of his fallen brothers.

I definitely need to pick this one up :)

After you give it a read, lmk your thoughts!

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I'm just curious, how are your guys soda sales? Still doing well, or have they slowed down at all? I have pretty much sold off my entire soda collection besides my Godzilla ones, because I have a feeling it won't be much longer before that line turns into the next Dorbz. Especially with them making unlimited count soda's now.

We never got big into the Soda’s to be honest. We only started carrying them about a year back, and while we have a “decent” selection, it’s like 50 of em compared to over 7000 different Pops.

They sell well enough, but that number is kinda inflated as we have folks buying multiple just for the opportunity at a chase. It’s like a bunch of gamblers. Half the time they end up selling us back a bunch of opened regulars for a few bucks each.

Gotcha. I was just genuinely curious with your experience as a local shop. The discord and twitter communities I frequent are all seemingly on a downward trend with hype/excitement for new soda's, there's a strong sense of burnout and annoyance with high can counts as well as the unlimited ones they're starting to make. So, I just figured it was a good time to get out of it before I end up with a bunch of bricks, especially since they hardly make any cool shit that I even like to collect anymore with that line.


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That's dope, but I really don't like the "shit out a million covers" approach these days. It seems highly predatory. Still waiting on my original issue 1 to ever go up in value :D

Sadly that’s standard comic practice these days. Marvel is by far the worst culprit. They will be like, “ummmm. Yeah, this random issue of Ghost Rider needs 13 covers”. For literally no reason at all.

Funny part is we sell #1’s all the time. It’s not fetching big bucks but 25-30 bucks. High grade copies like a CGC 9.8 fetch a premium.

Real talk... I'd probably never sell mine anyway lol.