The Comedy Open Mic Contest Round 2 Announcement: 40 HBD in Prizes

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Alright, we made it through the first round without accidents. Aside from a plagiarised entry, someone pissing their pants, someone stepping in shit, and whatever the hell @Brandt's post was all about. Before we announce the round.

Dishonorable Mention

We have caught @coolkris plagiarizing his post. All thanks go to @brandt. A special thanks to @acidyo / @ocdb for punishing his plagiarism. Also, thanks to @hivewatchers for helping to make sure similar plagiarism is caught in the future. Please note that all entries will be checked for plagiarism and reported to the appropriate people.

Introducing the Community Team

In our attempt to look like a normal community we now have a team.

@comedyopenmic: That's the community account. Make sure to give it a follow as soon it should be the account that posts these announcements.

Our Admins

Here is the list of people you could bribe to win.

@dandays: He is smart, elegant, and funny. Also, he asked me to tell three false descriptions about him in his introduction.

@brandt: The benefit of having him is that technically it increases our admins count to 67 admins.

@complxty: His greatest appeal is that he is not Dan, Brandt, or me.

The Rules

  1. Use the tag #comedyopenmic and #comtest in your entry and comment a link to your entry on this post.
  2. Entries must be in English.
  3. Your entry must be posted here originally if you cross-post.
  4. You must be subscribed to the community
  5. There's no limit set to the number of entries. Only one will be considered for rewards though.


We are down to 40 HBD


I know but we're also downsizing the time.

Thanks to generous support from @acidyo, @OCD, @curie, @nonameslefttouse, and many more (Apologies if your name isn't here) who supported the community with generous upvotes. As well as @dandays for donating 5 HBD.

The New Prizes

Jester Award: 15 HBD
The Joker Award: 10 HBD
The Bromedian Award: 5 HBD

Lucky Clown: 5 HBD - Winners of one of the previous can still win this. All the participants will be put into a randomized draw, the winner gets the prize.

Honorable Comedians: 5 HBD - 5 HBD Will be distributed among those who had great entries but didn't manage to win any of the above awards.

There will be more surprise prizes.

The Entries

Winners of the last round will be announced in a few days. Be patient as this is a manual process.

Here are the entries for the last round

Please make sure to interact and support these awesome people.

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@raj808 - Cheesus Christ, Not a Cheese Board (A Comic Festive Poem) - Comedy Open Mic Contest Entry
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@notanotherbrandt - "The Roast of All of Us" — Presenting Our Research and Findings from 37 Years of Studies in Slow-Onset Chronic Terminal Madness — Sponsored by the University of Hivelandia and the Comedy Open Mic Contest
@bulldog-joy - First Shit Post 2022
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@deeanndmathews - The Comedy Open Mic Contest: When It's Way After Christmas, But Your Kids Can't Handle the Truth
@maryjacy - The comedy open mic contest/ Open the door for nobody.
@victorbch - The comedy open mic contest/follow instructions.
@theabsolute - Sandbagging
@strangeverest - The comedy open mic/brain exploding jokes
@buttcoins - Cat Call “COVID”

To Help the Community Grow

Please interact with other posts and consider reblogging this post for visibility. It would mean a lot if the contest entrants and members, in general, do that.

Round 2 starts now

This round will continue for 9 days. After that, it will run from Sunday to Sunday.

The rewards from this post will be used to fund future contests. Please consider subscribing to the Comedy Open Mic Community and reblogging this post. Thank you.


We could use a bit more comedy in this space, especially during these markets, eheheh, jk. Giving this a bigger vote for more prize funding, if that's why you're liquidating the rewards, if not, congrats.

Trust me, it will all go to post rewards. The HBD for now, and there will be a time when we share the Hive one will be used in a special edition once they reach 100 Hive.

if you hit me up on discord, I have arranged another sponsoring for the contest :)

hehehehe ok - i have opened up 5 now to read and support!

@dandays keeps telling me i should bring my 11 voices into the contest - but I DO NOT CONTROL THEM.

The Maestro does and she has been inundated with stress. The Captain is fixing the mainsail - something to do with an errant harpoon and a seagull. I don't ask. I can barely understand her accent. The Runner is literally lost in Oculus - it's all we can do to get that damn headset off of her. The Sleeper (my twin) fights me day and night about just shutting the whole world out to slumber like freaking Rip van Winkle. and the Dreemer is cheering people in Dm and comments and honestly taking WAY too much time from the schedule. and the Tiger is.... well. sh. let's not wake her please.

The others - you haven't met, and probably never will because they are - in a word - INAPPROPRIATE.

all I can do is manage these facets, and they just aren't cooperating at all lately. Like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic I tell you! so if you really want them @dandays - then see if you can access the Maestro. She's the Obi-Wan (and don't tell her I said that!)

Bring it them! Are you taking requests?
It has nothing to do with your inappropriate personalities...

Can you squeeze in a clip of healthy gym girl drinking a big healthy protein shake and jump on the trampoline at the same time?

that made me laugh so hard ...
so so so freaking hard

oh my gosh. SO hard.

@dandays keeps telling me i should bring my 11 voices into the contest - but I DO NOT CONTROL THEM.

Good, I am pretty sure you'd be disqualified if you did. We have a strict no controlling the chaos policy. Tell your 11 voices to get their 11 voices and hop on in.

Thank you for supporting content creators in this community.

11 voices suqared?!?!? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gosh. 121 is too much. hahahahahahaha

I'm posting something for your community today hahahaha -its in 3speak encoding right now. so - within 1 minute or 10 hours.... LOL you never can tell with that site hahahahahahahahaahha

I don't know if it's funny enough for comics - but it had me cracking up while I was watching it.

probably more from embarrassment - but is there any better story than the embarrassing kind?!?!! hehehehehe

Oh please!!!

I love what you are doing here! Here is a link to my entry.

hehehe so so funny! LOLOL

I was literally watching the video as you sent this lol.

Congratulations, @amirtheawesome1. What a wonderful addition to the platform. If only people would laugh more and shout less :)

Time to get out there and grab this contest by the pussyballs!

Show 'em hell, Butt.

Lots of solid entries here with the obvious exception of that nonsense from @notanotherbrandt. Might have to just draw names out of a hat.

I vote for awarding @coolkris a dishonorable mention for plagiarism.


I busted out @coolkris back in August ouch!

Sometimes I atta boy myself too rough.

I noticed that. You'd make a good private investigator.

Looks like he kept right on going for a while. I'm sure by now he's got another account set up because he's been silent on the coolkris account.

@dandays is more like a private instigator... and loves every second of it...!!!😏


Did you hear about the dyslexic pimp?
He bought a warehouse.

@amirtheawesome1, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @theabsolute
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (1/4)

I hope to be able to have the time and voting power to focus on this a little more moving forward but just know my brain is scrambled and I'm kind of all over the place. It's always been hard for me to fully commit to any projects here, but I'm trying, a little bit, at least, sometimes..

You were one of the first people who showed us support on Steemit, and once again here. You are already doing more than enough. Thank you for that, it has been a great moral boost for me.

Well, thanks. This place needs this. Keep up the good work. Maybe I'll do one of those zany promotional posts again if I ever get the motivation to get back into doing my thing.


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@brandt(5/5) tipped @amirtheawesome1 (x1)

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@cmplxty. Amare spLeLed your name with an O.

Sorry, @cmplxty. But, I am not going to edit this again. Try and rent that account for this week.

Hey man sorry I got my ass kicked by a cold I'll be back tomorrow when my headache isn't so bad lol

He did! And the post got already edited like 4 times or so! Good job here, or was it one of the brandts or you or even cOmplxty?! 🤣

But I give him credit for this good marketing strategy...spamming ppls notifications with @amirtheawesome1 mentioned you and 109 others.

Made me feel important 😂

That's not even the worst part. I managed to break my own rules in the process and posted this on my blog first.

break my own rules

Where are the admins? Where are the admins I ask?! But hey, break it down to one rule.

1: Just post original shit for gods sake and if you are lucky you'll win something! feels home here 😄

It is still comedy, I guess. Brb, smashing my head into the wall

Ahhh don't you worry...the more miserable you are the more fun we have...kinda like that right? 😄 🤗

I thought I was special and saw he mentioned you too and realized I'm just a number.

Sorry dude, sorry you got disappointed because he also mentioned


🤔 But why he mentioned all the others I don't get either. Maybe he spelled half of them wrong and we ended up being the only ones really mentioned. Could be!

I saw a weird lady try to tickle a strangers daughter yesterday. This has nothing to do with all those wasted keystrokes by the way where Amare mentioned people other than you or myself. This really happened.

I already noticed her, she wasn't right. But I thought she knew this lady and her young daughter cuz she said "I'm gonna get you! Tickle tickle tickle tickle!" to the little girl.

Yeah uhm no. Something was wrong with that lady.

Dude you shoulda seen mom, "do I know you?! Do you know who the fuck I am? Get outta my face. Come near my daughter again and they'll arrest me for assault charges."


Lol. Camera woman?

Hey dude sorry, got my ass kicked by a cold, I’ll be back tomorrow hopefully

That's funny. Life things not relative to the blockchain, who does that? Good one.

Get well soon! 🤗

Am I doing this right?

I don't know about you guys, but I liked the original game better

Am I doing this right?

Nailed it!

yayyyyy, it another time again to put a grin on people's face.
I appreciate you for this kind of opportunity and to the supporter of the contest.
Yeah, its always good to catch fun... hehehehe 😆

Looking good for a full-on zombie resurrection of COM 🙂✨

Now I have to start being funny again? Or at all? Or start making videos again?

Lovin the COM resurr-erection... powerful funny bonner 😂


Thanks to @angryman for reblogging this post and helping me find this community.

Here is my attempt at humor:

@amirtheawesome1 what's your discord handle?

I don't have one, sadly. There's a guy impersonating me on discord so beware.

Hahahahaha, I almost wet my panties here! Thank goodness the prizes weren't send yet, so this guy is out of luck! AHA!

thank you for taking part in PYPT ... you now have the badge. You should see it on your peakd profile

Long time no clown there. I hope whoever let the fools out knows what what they're doing.


I wrote something. I. Insane. It's long and long but thankfully it's also long. And it has lots of text and words in it. That's it. Sincerely Insane.

Chuck in a tenner worth of prizes from me. Except I'm on my phone without my active key, so let's say it's a MAYBE prize.. like a air pie. Lovely to look at, but really unsatisfying to eat.

If I manage to fire up my laptop on the road and get it to you that would be even better. Then everyone could feel like this random pademelon eating a 🥕


Update.. I managed!! Thanks to saving my keys somewhere online .. yay. So I sent it over.. but it must be for a non poo non fart comedy post and no jokes about fat chicks. X

Here's is my entry to the comedyopenmic contest,I hope I get favoured 😀