Earth’s Verdict: A climate change Poem: an original poem

in #climatechange4 years ago

Mother earth litigates humanity to the highest echelon of justice
That very echelon beyond human’s influence peddling
You’ve raped me; she says with mouth that bleeds
Brutalise, contaminate, pollute and adulterate my innocence
In your insatiable hunt for industrialization and sophistication
And have dragged my mind out of my pretty virgin self
You emit preponderant tons of hazardous gases into the atmosphere
To suffocate the very last breath I have preserved from your cruelty
You mine the ground out of place and soak the rest with oil
And the waters are waste carriers, chemical depot, oil-drunk and acidic
You’ve turn the bushes into deserts and the forests, into bare sites
By otiose burning and unreasonable felling of trees
And your viciousness have caused me to bleed from every inch of my pore
And anathemas I have pronounced on your name with no mercy:
A warming globe and a changing climate
Droughts, floods, diseases are all round
Biodiversity minimizes, sea-level and sea temperatures rise
Glaciers, snow covers and sea ices decrease
Ocean acidification and permafrost departures
Acid rain and precipitation changes
Radiation, heat killer waves and extreme colds
It’s not a painted lie, I’m heartsick and broken-hearted
Like a damsel in distress you abandoned me with nothing golden
Except the rotten detritus of your mindlessness and brutality
But I stand, smoldered with resentment, to damn you to Hades
Your future is cursed or else you sluice down your bloodied hands
With the water of natural oneness
And maintain a reasonable ecological balance

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