Merry Chrismas!!!

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I hope your kids aren't driving you crazy like mine are. This past week they have been staying up way too late all juiced up on the Christmas spirit... I knew there was a reason we never put all the presents under the tree until really late on Christmas Eve or first thing in the morning on Christmas. I never knew by simply placing gifts under the tree would turn my kids into some sort of crazed Christmas present junkies. Good Greif!!

On a side note, my wife did an amazing job on the tree this year!! Check it out!!



Last year we did the fake tree but this year we decided to go with a real tree. Not only does it help out the local business around here but... that pine tree smell is what I’m talking about. 😉


Welp it’s time to get things in gear and start tearing presents open. I am sure my kids will enjoy their Bags of Poo


Merry Christmas Everone!!
God Bless



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Join us in the Mancave!


Merry Christmas my brother. Ho! Ho! Ho! and all that.

Don't remember it looking like this in LA on Christmas day ever.


Now the question is, "Did you go and write your name in the snow?"

We headed over to my parents (1 hr drive) and 15 minutes out it started snowing. Then we had some jack-wagon going 30 mph for about half the trip. They must have say that white stuff and got scared. By the time we got there things were getting a little slick. It snowed the whole time we were there. They ended up with 2 inches or so and back home... it was like a light dusting of freezing rain.

Beautiful decorated tree.. 🎄👀😊

Thank you!! Mama-Splatts always does an awesome job on the tree.

It's a great decision that you decorated the real pine tree for Christmas. Really beautiful and wonderful Christmas tree!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021 to you and your family! ;)

I think we are gonna stick with real trees from now on. Just as long as we remember to water it and it doesn't catch fire... LOL
Merry Christmas to you and may you have a blessed and happy 2021

Oh! That will be great! ..... "as long as you remember to water it and it doesn't catch fire"..... ;D

Many thanks for your kind wishes! Have wonderful holidays! ;)