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Here, this about sums up my views and feelings on the state of politics in the USA right now. I'm sure that other countries are similar, of course; politicians are the great universal constant, after all. It seems we are continually bombarded by issues and crises of our own making.

Frankly, I'd rather play with the dogs anyway.

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Could not agree more, breed them out into obedience. What we have in most places of late are mongrels. Cartoons speak loud and clear don't they Victor?

Have an amazing new week.

I'm learning to enjoy the cartoons for specifically that effect, too; they're short, concise, right to the point. Thanks for stopping by!

Cartoons in newspapers as children each would enjoy a different one, Hagar the Horrible, Price Valiant along with a few others come to mind, always good chuckles and giggles 😄

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Ha ha ha .. So very true. Sick of it so I am going to play with Molly and eat something.. maybe a drink too.

I like your extra long neck in that last drawing of yourself. Looks like your drawing also realizes he is getting precariously close to the text bubble. hehe.. just messing with ya! 😁

Hahaha. Maybe I should pull a page from Deadpool and start breaking the fourth wall. Death by cartoon bubble!