Some considerations of freelance and virtual work.

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Greetings to all readers of this great platform, in this opportunity I want to share with you information related to how difficult is our work, although many think that working from home is a very simple task, they also believe that doing activities sitting in front of a computer is very simple, those who live this reality know that it is very different, this is because we must spend long hours of our time in front of a computer, generating ideas to constantly make our articles.

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There are a lot of people who think that being in front of a computer is not tiring, for not making any physical effort, but the reality is that mental exhaustion can generate the same amount of fatigue or more than physical work, from the moment we decide to convert the decentralized economy in our main source of income, we begin to be our own bosses, which is very good, but at the same time demanding.

It is there where we begin to realize that, depending on our effort we see the rewards, we demand our own schedules, as well as we do not have many days of rest, which is mainly because, if we do not generate items, we do not generate resources, while we get the dream that many of us want, such as financial freedom, a difficult goal to achieve, but not impossible.

When I raise this situation is because these last days I neglected a little the blockchain, first due to lack of time for some family commitments, now I am sick for 3 days so I could not look at the computer, and if I do not work I do not get paid, this is the main difficulty of the independent economy, since there is no one who gives you a medical rest and you continue to receive your income, unless we already have investments that generate passive income.

The image used is from Public Domain, Author: PixaBay

In the short time I have in this world of blockchain, and I say short because it is only 6 months, I feel that I have advanced very well, with some stumbles and falls like all things you face in life, but the important thing is to always get up and move forward, although I still do not enjoy that passive income, and my financial freedom, I know I'm on the right track, that only time and good decisions will help me to achieve that dream.

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