@buildawhale blacklist update

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If you are mentioned below, you have a free all-access pass to our blacklist. This is a pretty exclusive club, with many benefits, none of which are an upvote from us.

Fear not, you will not be alone.

  • meller

  • mirecelret

  • vlasovaulana

  • sefevioliotte

  • hony

  • lashkino

  • koolio

  • nosovavenera

  • shermanjack

  • push

  • reveve

  • shareebartow

  • seaquester2

  • mityusha

  • plutoril

  • bitruker

  • asduy

  • feduk500

  • ignatev

  • endless

If you want to nominate someone to this exclusive club, contact us in #abuse on our Discord


@buildawhale Please stop downvoting my posts for no reason, you downvoted my last post for no reason. I am posting my own words.

You have me on some auto downvote

Hey u ever get this resolved? I just got sll my posts (original) downvoted to zero. Just curious as I’m looking for a way to contact his did ur thing go months back? This is insane

Which of the two is superior and who is the servant?

This movie is one of my favorites please I need your up vote thanks

Hello,I do not want to comment anything here.
I want to know,Why I was put on your blacklist,I don't know what mistakes I've made here.
Please release me on your blacklist.
Because I don't do plagiarism here,Please let me go. Please.

Thanks for the upvote on my latest post :-)

Discord link expired? @buildawhale.

I wanna join too. Invite invalid or expired.

why did you downvote my post. even though it's original, my own photo. what mistake

because you deserve. you don't have big power.. original content is not allowed here. try to add shit comment on berinisanders's post and you will get big upvote. thanks me later

Nice movie I love it so much

Why do you down boating my posts?

Let's live in peace.

I want to stay in Hive, too.

Nice movie

Nice movie i love it

Excelente publicación amigo

Hola amigo cómo esta

I will like to appreciate your support on Hive Community. You are like a source of blessings to so many thousands of people out there. To discourage so many fraudulent activity here on Hive. I really appreciate your hard work. Greetings from Ilorin Nigeria 🇳🇬. I would like to delegate to you soon. @buildawhale

Please @buildawhale. What was my offence that you downvoted me when its almost 7 days reward completion? Did I made any mistake or something? Or was it a mistake or username? Please I need response. Thanks

Just disagree with rewards

OMG. Its unfair 😩😩. Poor me 😢😔😢

What a poor farmer like me. It was unfortunate.

Please @buildawhale. What was my offence that you downvoted me ? Did I made any mistake or something? Please I need response. Hivewatchers-Helper let me out of the blacklist yesterday.Thanks

amigo ayudeme con un buen voto en mis humildes publicaciones,esto para mi es mi fuente de ingresos para sobrevivir y esta muy floja,no genero mucho,cuento con su buen corazon,saludos desde venezuela

Please. Why are you downvoting my post all day? Just in four hours ago you did alot of massive downvote on my posts when you don't even give me rewards from day one on Steemit and on hive as well. Yet you keep reducing my Post? Why? What have I done ? Who is behind this heartfeeling ? I was told to regulate my post. Yet I did now it am left downvote again. I need answers please.

Hi, I also would like to know why you don't like my posts and try to fix it.

@themarkymark I receive downvotes to the publications, can you check it?

How you doing friend hope you are great

Interesting quality video. Hugs from Venezuela. Successes.

hey buddy... shall we have a chat asap on Discord? I think we should! Thanks
ps: the Discord invite doesn't work. Could I have a new invite please? Thanks

Hugs. I sincerely wish many successes in your publications and curations. Greetings with affection from Cumaná-Venezuela.

I am very motivated with you, for your constant positive evaluations of my publications. Thank you. God will always be with you. Hugs from Venezuela. Success for you is my sincere wish this Christmas.

You guys still around?? Just checkin in

Yes, but we do not sell votes.

cool, i wasn't buying. Just going through my list of accounts that i follow and seeing who's still kicking it. unfollowing the rest. spring cleaning i guess. peace

Hello @buildawhale . Firstly, I would like to thank you for helping the Hive community and sharing upvotes among us. However, I do have a question. How is it possible to get on your radar and get some curation on your behalf? I tried to join your discord channel, but the invite is invalid (I found it in your description). I would be thankful for any tip how can one join to your curation trail. Have a good day and stay safe!

I came across this account as well today, but also couldn't find any information.
I read in a 3 year old post that @themarkymark has (or had) something to do with this initiative.

do I need to send HP to be curated by you? I don't have much but I am willing to do it in long term and add more.
Please, guide me!
Thank you.

No, you do not need to send anything.

Thank you so much. I thought I had to delegate you and wonder if I had enough HP to be enough for your delegation. Let me know if there is anything I need to do. I will do it.

friend, why are you my avote, even though it's a real photo, the person who reported me is a jealous person, I know him, to be honest I will hack him with a sword, please send my vote value back to the person who reported me.

friend, why do you uvote me, my writing is original, so does someone report me ,,,, if someone is jealous of me, take a look at my posts if there is plagiarism, friends please don't easily believe people reporting, because he see my post has a lot of value, so that person is jealous, even though that person they please themselves do not care about other people, see my posts during 2018 were not voted by those who reported me., please friends think with common sense, I do not disturb people other. sorry if any of my words are wrong. best regards from me @muntaharaceh

Hello @buildawhale I was just downvoted in one of my posts by you. Can I know the reason for the downvote as I am a little confused about what I did wrong?

Good night @buildawhale, I want to know why you are giving me negative feedback on my pet's post. The images are mine and the content too

Hey buddy @buildawhale.
Is there any requirement to be on your curation trail?

Good morning. You e just downvoted pretty much all my current original posts. Please contact me to let me know why. I’m pretty upset. I’d like a removal from list as the downvoted happened so fast it’s obviously not a human it’s a bot. I’ve been a part of this community since 2017 and never had a issue and been in good standing. and I need to know reason so of it’s not mistake I can fix whatever it is.

Wait you really can’t even get a reply?

Nope but I’m dealing with a fever and being sick. I just feel drained. I’ll be back later. Im just livid brother. Can’t even get a reply like that's fucking BS. Anyway I gotta rest I woke up feeling worse then yesterday. Might have to get medical attention if it doesn’t stop. Just can’t waste stress on this again today. I’m sorry you got dragged into this. Talk later

Rest my dude feel better 👍

Thanks buddy. At least it’s a Show Day! #NoAgenda #Pod2Hive #Podcasting 2.0

Hmm alright thanks :)

This account just downvoted every single one of my posts. Do u know what’s going on? I’m livid. I worked hard on my original stuff and it’s just gone.

Why? You don’t ask people why they upvote you.

What do u mean? How is that same as a mass attack at same exact time downvoting all original contend pending to zero. Not even close to same thing.

Comparing downvoting to Upvoting? Thats crazy.

You are pretty much out of your mind thinking you are entitled to anything.

Disagreement with rewards or conduct requires no reason outside of subjectivity.

I especially don’t need someone being out on @spaminator to tell me about being out of one’s mind.

Would you please tell me why you downvoted my post? Thank you very much.

Hello. Why are you putting flags on me.
I'm sorry for interrupting.
Moreover, you have supported me in my art before.
I am the author of my works.
You want to do something for you from a graphic drawing.

Hola @buildawhale porque le diste un voto negativo a mi publicación? Era primera vez que me pagaban no me parece justo, si fue una equivocación ayúdame quitandolo porfa, actualmente me encuentro desempleada tengo un niño pequeño y cuento con el único ingreso aqui en hive dame una respuesta por favor

Why are you down voting my post, I am not involved in plagiarism please cross check my post and up vote me

Hello, I wanted to ask the reason for the massive negative vote to my recent publications.
My publications of my life diária, which I usually call a blog and take the count of the days in quarantine, were massacred ... are stories of my daily life and are not copied from nowhere, then, what led you to vote for them in negative?
Please, if it is something that is up to solve, please explain the reason.

Good work and more effort to you and the entire teams

Hi would you please re-consider whitelisting against @beemengine service incentivising content creators on HIVE? Thank you

muy linda e impresionante imagen amigo, saludos desde venezuela

Cool with you. Good move. Though am new here so I do not really understand why one can be black listed

@buildawhale why you are doing downvote on my posts ?

@buildawhale c'est bien de downvoter des personnes sans même donner une explication...
Cela s'appelle de la censure et c'est le bras armé de la dictature.
Mais c'est un concept que tu ne comprendra pas...

@buildawhale it's good to downvote people without even giving an explanation ... It is called censorship and it is the armed wing of dictatorship. But it's a concept you won't understand ...

Hello! Why you downvote me?

what dislike all my post connard de merde sombre merde , fils de pute va te faire enculé toi et pote

Lucky they are

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I just followed your account. hopefully we can be friends if it's not a hassle please visit my account who knows you like my post

Hello there
I've recently signed up and I'd appreciate it if you could support me. This will give me encouragement for better sharing. Thanks 🖐️

Asking for votes is not going to get you votes.

Hi @buildawhale, how are you. . .
I saw you voted on some interesting posts, how can I get that too, if you want to answer it, what conditions should I do.

Thank you, I look forward to your feedback ☺🤝

amigo necesito de su ayuda con un buen voto cuando pueda que estoy necesitando un dinero y pienso pueda hacerlo aqui, saludos desde venezuela

Why do you downvoted me, i post my own, this photo is mine, why do you blacklist me ?

Paylaşım için teşekkürler

@buildawhale I used to be an active member of the erstwhile platform but took a long leave of absence from all social media, due to a personal tragedy. I am back and found my account on HIVE. Am trying to be a valuable member of HIVE communities. I am seeing that you are really curating a lot of content and have seen also the downvotes for spammers. I saw this post about blacklist and am wondering if there is a 'whitelist' too? If there is, I am not begging to get on it and am prepared to keep posting good original content and become a contributing respectable member of HIVE so that I can eventually be on some whitelists. In old days, I was in touch on discord but not sure how to be in touch anymore other than a comment. Would be great if you let me know how to reach you.


singature small avatar.png
Wild Spirit

bilgilendirme için teşekkürler. sağlıklı günler dilerim.

Accept my gratitude for curating my post. Wish to have you as my regular curator if possible. Thank you so much 💖 @buildawhale

terrible blow. have a nice day.

Taiwan is a country and fuck the CCP

Hi I am getting downvotes on my posts from you Sir.
Kindly suggest what I need to do to avoid getting downvotes from you

Dont hold your breath....

Wow this account is gigantic. So…did you (guys) build a whale? I think you did right? Nice!

Please, what is this blacklist and how do I avoid being on it?
Thanks so much

amigo espero contar con su visita para que apoye mis publicaciones ya que estoy necesitando apoyo de buenos votos para poder sobrevivir aqui en venezuela, gracias y saludos

the discord link is out of date, do you have a new one @buildawhale ?

Besides being put on the blacklist, is there a way to get on your curation radar?

hi @buildawale, my name is @luba555, nice to meet you. I've only been on hive for a few months and I love it, people here are all good and kind, the opposite of real life ... I hope not to bother you, but I wanted to ask for advice on how to make good posts, I would love to grow up, I love hive ... it manages to make me forget the problems of real life ... thank you with all my heart
I wish you a sweet night

Why you flag my post ?!

Why do you downvote me? What did I do wrong? Please explain me so that I may take caution next time.

You downvoted this post https://ecency.com/hive-131619/@hive.phyowinkoko/my-touring-coach-in-rising

I did not copy other people content. If you do not like my post just leave me alone @buildawhale

this scammer the markey mark upvoted this shit post :- https://peakd.com/hive-173737/@xxxxxxxxxx/what-are-three-things-you-couldn-t-live-without

this person doing self vote abuse too. and his name is bernisanders. and the markey mark the so called spam fighter has upvoted that post instead of banning him.

Do your research.

That is the AskHive community. It's the place where people do Q&A posts. Pick a better example next time.

Are you tired of downvoting my posts? You will become more obsessed with Me.
I will enjoy your obsession with me.

What's with these two? Are you two a couple?

Hey, why do you keep downvoting my posts? Why? who made it How do I stop you downvoting?