@buildawhale blacklist update

in #buildawhale2 years ago

If you are mentioned below, you have a free all-access pass to our blacklist. This is a pretty exclusive club, with many benefits, none of which are an upvote from us.

Fear not, you will not be alone.

  • heartfibrewelt

  • numanahmed1234

  • yovas

  • sidewalk

  • olgasuvorova

  • thepatheticmos

  • ongithito

  • xingla

  • severe

  • smell

  • thedisillusioned

  • gelon

  • chazz

  • haruco

  • puzyrek

  • mcnwi

  • restriction

  • jiimbo

  • baba.tee

  • flaming

If you want to nominate someone to this exclusive club, contact us in #abuse on our Discord