Boeing Planes Designed by Clowns, Supervised by Monkeys ~ (as reported by ZeroHedge)

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Those criminals should be behind bars, in cages.

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ZeroHedge –

"Shocking Boeing Emails Reveal Contempt For Management, FAA"
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– Flash Points –

1 – Boeing has proven that it does not care about passenger safety.
2 – The company’s first and only concern is profit.
3 – Over 300 people have died owing to the faulty 737 Max 8.

– Synopsis –

The beleaguered aircraft manufacturer / criminal enterprise known as Boeing has delivered a package of intra-company emails and instant messages to investigators at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  

Damn Murderers 

Those communications comprise a damning indictment of Boeing and its employees. They showed an utter disregard for the safety of anyone who might fly its planes or fly on its planes.

The messages reveal how Boeing and its employees mocked the regulations, deceived the regulators, and joked about the faulty design of the plane and its flight-control systems.

That’s right – those reprehensible scumballs joked about the flawed safety systems for the planes that you and I fly on.   (Image source)

Boeing Clowns Being Monkeys 

In a particularly revealing email, one employee states that “this airplane is designed by clowns, who are in turn supervised by monkeys.”  In another, an employee cavalierly implies that he committed an unforgivable act by “covering up”  some damning evidence and hiding it from the FAA.

In yet another revealing exchange, 2 employees agree that they would never allow their families to fly on a “Max simulator trained aircraft.”

– Insight from Outside –

Boeing’s main focus is NOT on making quality airplanes or safe modes of air transport.  

Profits. Only Profits. Even if Customers Die as a Result 

For decades now, the company’s prime concern has been making massive profits for the company and its shareholders, and for making million-dollar bonuses for its executives. All at the expense of safety.

Over the past year or so, it’s become clear that Boeing manufactures flying-machines that are flawed, faulty, and fatal. As a result, 189 people died in October 2018, when a Boeing 737 Max 8 malfunctioned and crashed into the Java Sea. And in March 2019, another Boeing 737 Max 8 suffered a similar malfunction and crashed in Ethiopia, killing all 157 people on board.   (Image source)

Clowns and Monkey in Cages 

The “clowns”   and “monkeys”  responsible for those deaths have no right to sit in the executive suites or the boardrooms of a company like Boeing. They belong behind bars, in cages, in prison.
Reference – NYTimes


Boeing should be in a worst place than cages and prisons considering the atrocities it has committed across the globe. As a matter of fact, the fatal incident of March 2019 in Ethiopia claimed the life of a foremost Nigerian Professor and social critic, Pius Adesanmi. It was a gloomy, national day of mourning in Nigeria. You may read the story here

Thanks for bringing this story to light. Post resteemed. Cheers!

So true. I was trying to be restrained and civilized, but if the truth be told, Boeing engineers belong in HELL. Forever.

And thanks for the link. I'll read it soon.

People in Nigeria and around the world will continue to mourn, until the evil murderers are brought to justice.


Really strong criticism and I'd like to add that the FAA also have a hand in it. The case of Lion Air and the other one in Ethiopia had to do with the MCAS system that was Neely installed in Max-8.
The FAA didn't really look into flight testing and retraining of pilots about how to use the system.

Right. Boeing did not want to train the pilots re how to use that new MACS system, because it would have cost Boeing lots of money. And Boeing was able to convince the FAA that such training was unnecessary.

Which just goes to show ... the entire system is corrupt. The company and the regulators allowed people to die – well, let's be honest and say they KILLED PEOPLE – solely out of greed and the desire to make greater profits.

Sad truth, to be honest. All those lives lost because of greed and no one is being held accountable. I wrote a term paper and even made a Steem post about this topic earlier in 2019.

You highlight another issue – the complete regulatory and judicial capture by the millionaire class. Once your salary reaches that level, it seems, you are for all intents and purposes beyond the reach of the law. It's sick and disgusting.

I hope Justice gets served at the end of the day.

really scary to see that a company does not deal with the safety of people and beyond that of the humanity of warmth, human, to pay attention to people, human beings and instead instead deals only with its benefit economic ; But beyond criticizing these things, what solutions do you think should be implemented to improve and prevent these things from happening?
Thank you very much, I hope your answer.

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First of all, regulations have to be tightened and enforced. Over the past few years, the FAA (the regulators) were convinced by Boeing to step aside, and to effectively allow Boeing to regulate itself. That's inexcusable.

You've made a very good point. Sad news, but unfortunately true. Thank you, very useful article. Resteemed

Sad and infuriating. Boeing could have upgraded the Max 8 properly, but decided not to do so – only to save money.

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