Blurt Foundation Transparency Report

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The last report was published almost two years ago

And then there were only delegations and strange transfers.

What should we expect on 7/7/22?

  • BF should present a comprehensive financial report from the last two years
  • BF should withdraw all votes on witnesses
  • BF should withdraw all delegations and return all funds to @blurt.dao, so voting project accounts, other projects and people who runs infrastructure will be able to submit a proposal and community will decide via proposal voting system who will get funded

Ps. I cannot find any information about the Blurt Foundation or the SocialGraph Foundation on the internet or on Blurt. It seems that these foundations have no legal status because they are not registered in any court. I need this information because I wonder if it would be reasonable to seek advice from a crypto lawyer if BF fails to meet its obligations on 7/7/2022.

You can read this text in the original on the Blurt platform.


I think hardforking POS is a better idea. Witnesses are just human, and human bias has caused 100% of thevissues we have in the world today.

Do you like war?
Do you like murder?
Do you like imperfection?
Do you like opinion based truth?
Do you like technology humans can interfere with?

If the answer is yes to all of the above, you trust witnesses...