Everyone is Looking for New Books to Adapt

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Many years ago when Facebook was still at the early stages of its meteoric rise, I came upon a story where a young man was hospitalized after continuously forgetting to eat and drink.

The reason? He was so hooked on Facebook to such a point where nothing else mattered.

I never knew if that story was true or false, nor did I really bother to check its accuracy, but one thing is sure, a new phenomenon was indeed emerging and people all over the world ended up hooked on social media all day long.

Which only led to the emergence of more and more content creators, and the same happened with YouTube leading to even more content creators.. And now it’s time for Netflix and the rest of streaming services.

You see, Netflix understood better than anyone the consumer mentality of the moment, and so they did something that no other channel did before.

They began to release entire seasons in one day, all the episodes at once. And they did that because they understood that the audience nowadays want content delivered in a non-stop fashion.

So much so that “Binging” has become one of the most popular activities on the planet.

So where do we go from here?

Simply put: More content. Everyone is looking for more content.

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Take Neil Gaiman for example, a brilliant writer for sure, but maybe not too famous with the younger generation. Now we’re seeing some of his old books being picked up left and right after so many years.

American Gods was picked up for adaptation by Starz, his Good Omens novel was picked up by Amazon, and even as recently as this week, the good ol’ Sandman has been picked up by Netflix.

Everyone needs content, because the demand is undoubtedly bountiful.

So in case you’re wondering how come you find such a magnificent masterpiece like Dark in Netflix sitting next to such an abomination like Le Chalet… It’s because of a simple reason:

Contrary to the popular belief, there isn’t just enough content.

At least not in a format that is in demand right now, and with every change comes a new opportunity.

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