Avengers: Civil War 2 [Part 7]

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Tony makes the hard decision to take a public stand against Pre-Crimes.

He goes public with all the results showing the world that the visions are only about 10% accurate and that for each criminal that is caught, there would be 9 innocents in jail.

While this is happening, Carol is in prison grilling the woman she caught with the bombless briefcase. The woman has a panic attack and breaks down in tears.

But Carol tells Maria Hill that she needs that woman to be a criminal as can’t have her prove the visions wrong.

Tony gets together with a group of the Avengers, and just like in the ending of Civil War 1 they sneak into the secluded Shield facility and break the innocent woman out of there.

Captain Marvel calls out the rest of the Shield team and they assemble, and just as they are preparing to go out they are surprised to find the rest of the Avengers already waiting for them.

Tony stark with Captain America by his side, Thor is with them, and so is Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Wanda Maximoff, the Falcon, the Winter Soldier, Nova (who will be introduced in the upcoming movies) and many others.

... Even Hawekeye’s daughter is there (who was also foreshadowed shooting an arrow at the beginning of Endgame)

On the other side of the Standoff are Captain Marvel with Maria Hill and the Shield Army as well as some wakandans but she calls for reinforcements.

Captain Marvel looks at Tony and shouts: “Tony Stark, you’re under arrest!”

“Good luck with that Carol, when the public sees what you’re up to you’re going to have your hands full.”

Tony tells her that she’s outpowered and that she should stand down.

Captain marvel crosses her arms defiantly as The Guardians of the Galaxy appear from behind and start attacking the Avengers.

As Starlord start shooting Captain America, Tony hacks into his headset and says: “I don’t even know why you’re here Quill? I thought we were friends?”

Peter Quill looks around and says: “I was wondering that myself… But I guess I’m better friends with her.”

He continues: “We’re just here to help a friend. She said you went off the rails”.

While Tony is pleading with Quill that there is no need to fight one another, Black Panther sneaks behind Tony to immobilize him so that Captain Marvel has a clean shot to finish him.

She gets in front of Tony and aims for the head.

As she’s preparing to kill Tony and end the disagreement once and for all, a vision from Ulysses comes out of nowhere and interrupts the fight.

Only this time they all see the vision as well, every single one of them experience the same thing.

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And what they saw shocked them beyond anything they could imagine.

They saw Spiderman standing over the dead body of Steve Rogers.

Captain America is about to die.

“To be Continued…”

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