TOTD: Nocturne - Secret Garden

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Hi friends.

The truth is that I couldn't tell you how many years ago I heard this song, but I do know that it was many years ago, maybe even a decade. I like its relaxing melody and the fact that it evokes a kind of magical feeling, it sounds like the soundtrack of a fairy tale.

I don't know if it has happened to you that you suddenly remember the melody of a song you liked a long time ago but you have no idea what it's called to look it up. That happened to me with this one but I didn't give up and kept looking for clues until I got it and saw for the first time the video I share with you below.

With love,

Rima, E.



Hola amigos y amigas.

La verdad es que no sabría deciros hace cuántos años escuché esta canción, pero sí sé que fue hace muchos años, quizá incluso una década. Me gusta su melodía relajante y el hecho de que evoca una especie de sensación mágica, parece la banda sonora de un cuento de hadas.

No sé si os ha pasado que de repente recordáis la melodía de una canción que os gustaba hace tiempo pero no tenéis ni idea de cómo se llama para buscarla. Eso me pasó con esta pero no me rendí y seguí buscando pistas hasta que lo conseguí y vi por primera vez el vídeo que comparto con vosotros a continuación.

Con cariño,

Rima, E.


Sometimes I feel so reminiscent of a song without knowing the title. Thank you friends for sharing your wonderful thoughts Honestly, I am very happy to spend my mind to live your post full of meaning.

Always a pleasure

It is really very relaxing song. Thanks for sharing a nice song from your collection. I download this song for break and rest time. Stay Blessed.

God bless you ❣

The music is very beautiful, it's very relaxing when you hear the melodious voice

Yes, it is

My all time favorite will be and still "Matsuri" from Kitaro 😍😍

This is the first time I heard about it. I'm going to google it, maybe I'll like it too