Necessary changes

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Hello friends.

Life itself is a constant change and when we resist it everything becomes more difficult. Everything is very different now compared to how it was 20 years ago. Our body as living beings is also undergoing many changes daily for different reasons.

If we start a new exercise routine, our muscles must get used to it, as well as our circulatory and respiratory systems, especially when we come from a sedentary life. If we want to improve our health we must also accompany it with a balanced diet.

The same happens when we are sick, our body to heal needs us to make the necessary changes even if we do not like it because it is not about what we want but what we must do.

With love,

Rima, E.



Hola amigos.

La vida misma es un cambio constante y cuando nos resistimos a él todo se vuelve más difícil. Todo es muy diferente ahora comparado con como era hace 20 años. Nuestro cuerpo como seres vivos también sufre muchos cambios a diario por diferentes motivos.

Si empezamos una nueva rutina de ejercicios, nuestros músculos deben acostumbrarse a ella, así como nuestro sistema circulatorio y respiratorio, especialmente cuando venimos de una vida sedentaria. Si queremos mejorar nuestra salud también debemos acompañarla de una dieta equilibrada.

Lo mismo ocurre cuando estamos enfermos, nuestro cuerpo para sanar necesita que hagamos los cambios necesarios aunque no nos guste porque no se trata de lo que queremos sino de lo que debemos hacer.

Con cariño,

Rima, E.


If we want to improve our health we must also accompany it with a balanced diet.

Agreed 💯. A balanced diet is very important for health and if we add walking or exercise then we get more better results. It is very educative post. Thanks for sharing useful information.

Yes, it's absolutely true, as you said, our bodies are changing every day, every day there are always changes.

Thanks for stopping by

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Some changes may cause us difficulties but we have to endure all of it for the betterment.
Have a great weekend dear! 🙏❤️

Happy weekend my dear

Are you a fool?

Do you have any idea about what you are asking me?

regards @rima11 . Yesterday I noticed that my comment was wrong, and I was completely unaware of it, so I'm really sorry. I will be more careful in the future. a lot of errors occur due to typing and I use google translate to write so I really don't know the sentence is like that.

Ok. No problem.

Once again I say a thousand apologies for my comments. I'm sorry, I'm sorry for my mistakes. I hope you can forgive me.

It's ok. Don't worry. 🌼❣

Yes, thank you. You have forgiven me. I will promise not to repeat it again. I am very sorry for what I didn't do on purpose. Forgive me for using Google translate To read and reply to it.

I asked seriously I don't know and which person if there is an error in my question I apologize.