Why hive is way better than steem !

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So, recently I was checking applications on blockchains. And I went through dapp.com and dappradar.com.

For an interest, I checked the applications built on steem. And I was surprised to see only a few. You can say that the only frontend is steemit. Others are or an application that should be installed, or a frontend that's not working at all.

But checking applications built on the top of hive, we can even be lost in them. I mean there are a lot.


Working applications on hive :

And those only apps I checked if they are working. There are others that are or down, or not working or under construction.

Hive seems to be the best steem for so far.

Glad to see so much development on it !


Thanks for this detailed analysis - very interesting!

Back in the days, I decided to Power Down all of my STEEM and convert it to HIVE and fully powering up HP.
I did this because the mentality of a blockchain was attacked by Justin Sun's attempt to "overtake" the blockchain by speaking to large stakeholders such as exchanges.

It was decision that was 100% based on my personal principles.

So it's very nice to see the technical aspect as well - thank you!

Yeah, the tecnical aspect is even more important for investors that anything else. Because without developement there is no progress.

Yeah, I am fully with you with that!