We can take risks but always having versatility in between

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In life it is very normal to take risks, many times the lack of resources makes us risk the little we have, many people benefit from risking the only thing they have, while others after losing everything they have can commit suicide.

There are people who risk but within a range of versatility, i.e. they have a diversity of resources, which only risk a small part, if everything goes wrong, they have a little bit of other resources in reserves.

I do not criticize the one who risks everything, because in the same way we must have conviction to get up again and continue fighting, the one who wins in life in a reserved way I applaud him because he has acted in a cautious way.

We must offer to our life criteria a great number of elements that verify our versatile capacity with which we can act in life under certain circumstances that merit it.

If we put all the meat on the grill we may burn all the steaks, on the other hand if we grill them one by one it does not mean that none of them will burn, but there is less probability that everything will be spoiled.