Steem support disabled on BlockTrades until nature of unknown softfork is determined

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Various witnesses on Steem are apparently running an emergency fork with unpublished source code. Until the nature of the code is known, BlockTrades cannot safely support the purchase and sale of Steem and Steem dollars on our site, so we are temporarily disabling purchase of coins with Steem on our site.

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It looks like the nature of this softfork is "Justin Sun doesn't like you. He just wants to fuck you." What a fucking hypocrite... I hope this blows the fuck up and it's on every crypto news site tomorrow.

Oh well, at least I got to dump a small portion of my measly steem holdings. It Felt like I was pulling lumber from the attic of a burning house.

We'll probably fire up the service briefly again in a couple of weeks on another account, to let any customer who wants to dump through us do so. I'll wait a couple of weeks so that a few powerdowns worth can be used.

can I swap Steem in Hive again in the future?

We plan to enable the service again briefly in a couple of weeks, for anyone who doesn't want to use a trade-matching exchange.

good news. I like your service and hope to be able to exchange all my steem

I really like blocktrades and I am hoping I can make the clean jump on as many of my coins as possible. It would be kinda awesome if I end up getting a huge chunk of Hive when I do. 20k hive would be pretty awesome...

I don't want to use exchanges at all; just blocktrades.

@blocktrades, I don't know how to use a trade-matching exchange and have only used your services in the past.

Can I transfer Steem from my account to yours on Steemit?

i would highly recommend using ionomy because it's super easy and no KYC is required. @ionomy

Thank you, @stellabelle, I'm not very tech-savvy (at all) and would need a bit of hand-holding trying something new. Dunno what KYC means; for a sec there I read KFC (& started to drool :P

No, it's not possible right now, because the Steem witnesses are blocking transfers from my account on Steem.

If a customer sends funds there, the funds become frozen by the Steem witnesses. Unfortunately, a few people have done this, even though we've disabled Steem -> other coins on our web site.

Thank you, for your prompt and helpful response. This upsets me, since I don't have the know-how, or trust other exchanges. I hope this situation is corrected, soon, and we can exchange Steem with you, again.

hopefully things will get resolved quite soon!

"Additionally, they decided to implement a selective distribution of their forked chain, not only excluding the Steemit Inc. stake but also from normal users that proxied or voted on Steemit Inc.'s witnesses."

Which is funny because anyone can do that.

What is this hypocrisy? First, they introduce 0.22.5 forcibly to unfreeze their own accounts rather than having a discussion with witnesses, then they introduce 0.22.888 to freeze aforementioned witnesses' accounts completely on the network?

I saw that blockbrothers, previously #1 witness on Steem chain publicly stated that they will not be supporting 0.22.888 because they are against freezing people's stakes, instantly got unapproved by Steemit Inc. and dropped to #55 spot.

So messed up.

Oh wow, whats Sun up to again?

Apparently some kind of fork to freeze stake on Steem. 7 or more witnesses are already running it apparently, many that didn't exist until extremely recently.

Freeze who’s stake? Esteem won’t let me click Illini on mobile.

It's hard to say for sure, but it sounds like any large stakes that weren't supporting Justin Sun.

Looks like you are one of the accounts to be frozen :/


Each of these guys should report this as a financial crime with their local financial crime and cybercrime law enforcement division.

Yea pulled it up on steempeak on my browser. Well, steem might be going into more shit. At least .2 was public. I assume this is an attempt for more censorship.

their claim of never freezing anyone's stake didn't age very well

Also what does

We'll suggest no more than 20 accounts be included in the list.

Will it be 20 people who are blocked from those actions, what even are the actions? But the points right above it makes it sound like thousands of accounts won’t be able to do those actions.

The post is riddled with technical and factual errors. It's not surprising that it also seems pretty contradictory about who will be frozen.

Another blunder.

We know that much. Its Sun, of course its a blunder.

JSun is a little m*fucker (

I hope this isn’t about time that I dumped in Sun’s sister.
I was just trying to blow some Steem.

Various witnesses on Steem

Its Justin Sun doing it. Lets not accept the narrative he will push.. that it wasnt him and that he is "letting the community decide".

To me it looks like a bunch of morons called "Steem Witnesses" decided to be extortionists today.

Don't take any guff from those swine.

I know in your recent series of posts you covered the legality of a hardfork or softfork blocking transactions from an account and pretty much stated it was not illegal for anyone to run any version of code. I am curious in this case with JSun controlling a single stake that has voted all the participating witnesses to consensus, if that changes the legality by making Steem essentially a security now that could be regulated under US law?

To be honest, I'm not sure. Securities law isn't a simple thing. Just the act of buying up a large supply of a coin definitely doesn't make it a security.

So my first guess is "no, it's not a security" still.

But there are various nuances here, so I'll leave this to the lawyers to waste their time thinking about. I've got more useful things to build :-)

Hey that is a great attitude :) On to bigger and better things. Cheers

Probably he is trying to prevent the huge steem dump from powerdowns that is looming!

Seems quite probable. But stopping a few accounts won't really do much, I suspect. Probably will cause the price to fall harder and faster.

The post did mention they could lower the bar for accounts to be selected. Could very well include more than 20 accounts.

Why not just froze all the withdrawals from the STEEM blockchain to save the price on the exchanges?


I didn't think that @freedom was powering down? I had not checked pumpkin, etc.

Yes I checked later and he wasn’t powering down. Don’t know what justin is trying to achieve with this soft fork other than further tainting his already gone reputation.

@blocktrades, I am sure you are already aware of the concept for accessing frozen funds on Steem as pointed out by @inertia -

And while I am using Bittrex for now, I would love to see Blocktrades resuming Steem to HIVE conversions soon. Thank you for your hard work, patience and resolve.

Even if it works, I don't think an exchange will be able to operate on 1 transfer per day, if that.

If @blocktrades account is frozen on Steem, maybe accounts (created via Blocktrades) should change their recovery addresses?

@blocktrades, Unfortunate to know that and it's disappointing too. When one service stops it opens the doors to explore other world of services.

Oh! Dear! He’s trying something dark but it will backfire!
Better stay in the bunker today!

Take care.

¡Gracias por la información, hermano!

This is so serious 😮😮

Hope we are very safe on HIVE this time again? We don't want the second time downfall

We're safe.

Thanks for the reassurance. I almost lost my faith in the first round of the pandemic fear created on Steem. So let have more stronger pillar than ever before...

Strange thing this is

Merci pour l'information.

so what in a way he tries to freeze the money?

thanks for the info I was wondering why swapping Steem in Hive was no longer possible. hope it works again in the future.

thanks for the info, maybe sun wants to stop the steem holder to move on hive and convert steem to hive. If this will happen maybe the steem will have no value anymore.

Yep I'm holding.

Time will tell how long it will take to wreck steem...

I wonder if this act comes from free will of those witnesses or do they get any kind of paycheck from Mr. Sun?

And I don't even have my first power down week done yet.

JS seems to have no idea of the impending PR disaster it is going to create for him. As my proxy was @theycallmedan during the last battle at steem, I guess my accounts too shall be blocked.

But, this move by JS shall be the last nail in his crypto coffin. How could anybody trust him with their money again after this?

Right step taken. God knows what's going on in their mind and how much more damage they are gonna do. Cheers.

ye sorry your account is going to have transfers blocked in less than 3 hours according to what holger80 figured out... better move ur funds ASAP

Low blow, it hurts for those affected. He literally doesn't care about decentralization.

I picture justin sun getting off to this sort of stuff, actually no I don't want to picture that ... :|

I don´t expect anything good to come out of Steem anymore. Quite the opposite actually, just more blunders and cons. I hope you guys will not lose out much on all the Steem you have accepted so far... Sorry for a bit of OT but I just wanted to ask you... would you be interested in supporting potential participants of this Hive onboarding initiative?

Whom ever is hiding behind these stupid fork accounts needs to come forward with code or as themselves for anyone to have any form of trust moving forwards no matter what outcomes are presented to the community. Trust is gone and needs to be rebuilt otherwise these efforts will only go to waist.

Justin sun freezes user’s accounts wow 😳 is steem now a blockchain!?

That's really bad. Someone is digging a deep grave.

Justin and trump need to be best friends... What a hypocrite.

That's what I have been saying since whole mess started... Justin Sun is literally Asian version of Donald Trump.


For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.

Boy, I got my trade in just in time. What a difficult situation.

Someone should disable Justin Sun.

glad to hear about it which will prefvent people and let people to be aware

Is a very sad thing that is happening on STEEM right now. It will give a bad name to crypto community and DPOS blockchains in general.

Justin Sun is a complete moron.

What will we wait then? This road has been hard and long.

Uooou is good

@blocktrades i am trying hardly to downvote on steem side a post talking badly about HIVE. For a weird reason i am not able to send through my downvote (eventhough it is worthless in terms of vests).
Plus there is another thing weird i have been seeing a lot inside some memos between binance-hot, bittrex, poloniex and steemit account on the steem side. Things like


could those be some sort of account keys ?

Those are very old transactions. The first one is a public key, the second one is a private key. Some one just made a mistake and didn't understand what they were supposed to do.

Wish we knew and just did some nice sabotage... Hahaha

Oh dear. I am sorry to hear this.

What a mess this all is...

While businesses around the world are being smashed by COVID, STEEM witnesses are being converted by the Justin virus... bahh

Hopefully you will be able to come out of this mess.

No worries, my work is safe here on Hive. I leave it to those idiots to destroy their own blockchain.

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