BlockTrades trade-matching exchange now live: trade BTC, HIVE, STEEM, etc

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I’m very happy to announce we’ve launched our trade-matching exchange now on the BitShares decentralized trading network. We currently support trading the following coins: Hive, HBD, Steem, SBD, BTC, DASH, DOGE, EOS, ETH, LTC, and XMR. To make the service more attractive, we’ve set a super-low starting commission rate: 0.1% commission on all trades.

BitShares is a peer-to-peer decentralized trading network. This means additional transparency versus traditional centralized exchanges, making it harder for people to “cheat the system”.

Unfortunately New York residents not eligible

One note: due to BitLicense requirements, New York residents are not able to use our trade-matching service.

We are also not able to accept customers from the following countries: Belarus, Burma, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Somalia, and Zimbabwe.

Deposit BTC to get TRADE.BTC, Withdraw TRADE.HIVE to get HIVE

BlockTrades assets on the BitShares network all begin with the prefix “TRADE”. For example, TRADE.BTC is our bitcoin token, TRADE.HIVE is our Hive token, etc.

When you deposit BTC to our service, you will be given TRADE.BTC tokens that you can then trade with. Similarly, when you want to withdraw from our exchange, you send us TRADE.HIVE tokens and we will send Hive to your Hive account.

Safely trade BlockTrades-backed TRADE assets and BitShares (BTS) coins

An automatic market exists between any of our tokens, so you can, for example, trade directly between TRADE.STEEM and TRADE.HIVE, assuming there is someone willing to match your trade.

But because BitShares is a decentralized exchange, you can trade for many assets, not just BlockTrades-backed assets. Please be careful when trading for non-TRADE assets: make sure you first determine that the assets are backed by a reliable service. There are many unbacked, worthless assets that also trade on the network.

One non-TRADE asset that you can safely buy is BTS (BitShares). These are the native token on the BitShares network, and they are used to pay fees for various actions on the network, including placing market orders, creating new accounts, voting, etc. To keep your trading costs low, we recommend that you purchase some amount of BTS to pay for making market orders and transferring tokens.

Identity info required to use Trade-matching exchange

Unlike our instant-exchange, we are required to perform KYC for our trade-matching service. So if you have not yet authorized your BlockTrades account and you want to place trade-matching orders, you need to go to the profile page of your BlockTrades account and select “Authorize”, then fill out the form to send us your identity information. For more information about how to get authorized, see:

After you’ve been authorized, you will be able to place trades on our Trade-matching exchange by following the steps below.

Create a Bitshares account to make trades

Our trade-matching exchange is located at: This site is a web wallet (similar to the Hive web wallet, but with features especially for trading cryptocurrency).


Don't forget to make a copy of your password, this is incredibly important!


Example of depositing Hive Dollars to start trading


Press the sign-in button to login to your BlockTrades account:



Press the Deposit button. Since this is the first time you've used BitShares with BlockTrades, you'll be asked to link the two accounts. This linking step lets us whitelist your BitShares account, so that it can buy and sell TRADE assets.


Press Yes to link the accounts, and you'll now be able to deposit Hive Dollars (HBD) to get TRADE.HBD:


You can now deposit your HBD to the blocktrades account with the memo displayed (don't use the one in this example, use your personalized memo).


How do I place a trade from the BitShares wallet?

Go to the Exchange page to see a list of markets where you can place trades:

Translations wanted

If anyone wants to translate this article or portions of it to their native language, please feel free to do so!


Great news. I love the Bitshares Dex! You guys are making magical history!

Very cool and a boost to Bitshares as well. Love it!

When I try to send from Hive to BlackTrades I get a "Transaction broadcast error" on Hive:

And when I try the other method (HiveConnect) I can't have my Active Key revealed even if I write the correct password.

Error trying to sign in to your site

It's fixed now, thanks for reporting it.

Yes it is. Thanks

Yes, apparently there's some issue with an unrelated update we did today. We should have it fixed soon.

Me too, so it isn't just me then. I think the site is just overloaded then. I guess I try again tomorrow. I've beentrying to get some kind of confirm/reply all morning

It's fixed now, thanks again for reporting it.

Awesome it works for me, thanks for quick fix/reply!

I've recently used your Blocktrades service to swap STEEM and HIVE, as recent as just before. I had no issues making a simple account and making the trades to the token account I selected. However, when trying to do a second conversion tonight just now, Blocktrades' site is giving me a consent challenge for access to lots of my information.

  1. Why is this happening now after 3 successful trades?

  2. Can I avoid giving consent for this extensive list of information I've never been prompted with before?

Thank you.

We're tweaking the OAUTH code for the web site as we're adding support for multiple languages.

But in reality, you're not sharing any more data that you ever would. That message is mostly important when you're accessing our site from a third party site. When it's our own site, it's essentially meaningless. And yes, it's annoying that it does it, because it does seem like a scary message.

Thanks for the speedy response.

With the Blocktrades exchange site, I know that price movements happen and there can be gaps, but is it typical to see an advertised projected conversion of .725 ETH be delivered as .678 ETH in less than a minute? It's only a few bucks, but when trying to optimize, that feels like a bit large of a gap when the other times I swapped tokens resulted in much closer numbers (acknowledging that fees are involved).

No, that is pretty unusual. The estimates account for all fees, including transfer fees. If hive was the other coin, it's worth noting that the price has been fluctuating pretty rapidly in the past day or so.

Hi, i wanted to give it a try, but I'm getting 'failed to create account - unknown error' message. Tried different usernames, not working.

Yes, looks like BitShares API node we were using is having problems. We've swapped to a different one, so it should work now.

Yes, thanks. I managed to create my account. But the trading charts are taking forever to load. Nodes still lagging a bit maybe...?

The trading page uses a different node than the one used by the faucet for free account creation. But the first time the site can take a while to load if you end up connected to a slow node. BitShares uses a pool of API nodes provided by BitShares witnesses and others.

Is the normal site working? Login page is not working, keeps returning a 404 error page, as in it's a text line.

Yes, looks like a problem with new update we just did today. Thanks for reporting.

Congrats Guys! This is a huge step for Blocktrades.

Hi, is the instant exchange login working? I keep getting a 404 error page not found string of numbers/letters)

Still can't login, tried creating a new account and it went find, activated it etc and still getting 404 login error. Someone please help or confirm they are getting the same login issue. This is for the base instant exchange.

Great news. Well done blocktrades. 0.1% commission fee is fair for a start.

What do you mean by Balkans? Balkans is not a country. Does Croatia fit in "Balkans" in your understanding of it.

I was hoping for something different then trading on Bitshares, maybe something that could integrate the keychain down the line.
Bitshares is slow, often nodes are down, has low volume, i have to track another wallet and password.

Its just too much of a hassle. Ill stick with your regular service.

It's a good question, I've asked our lawyer to research what countries we have to exclude again and change the wording appropriately.

I agree about the node problem on BitShares, but we'll be launching a few of our own soon to increase stability, and give them preference on our BitShares wallet. Probably take a week or so, though. We'll also look into methods to encourage liquidity.

And, even so, I agree that many people will prefer our regular service. This is mostly about giving people more options.

Looks like no Balkan countries have to be excluded nowadays. I've edited the post accordingly, thanks for pointing this out.

I've been using you for years. Looks like I'll be using this too :)

Congratulation @blocktrades for making this available on Bitshares Dex. It's also design to be well align with legislation. It's a big step for Hive community.

This is great news....could you also add the Smoke token ? Https://

IMO, to many markets. It would be easier to first provide liquidity in 1 market, and later create another...

Why are the customers of the countries u named excluded?

Great work, any referral services?

I could translate it in Greek if you’re interested. Paul @onceuponatime was a huge BTS believer and investor. He was born in Canada but deep down he was a Greek. Lemme know

I think I can translate this into my mother tongue, Igbo language.

Though gonna be a tough one

Will be first of its kind on Hive

Cool! I will have to look into this at some point when I get some time.

Wonderful. Will take the Time to practice 👍🙌💪

This is wonderful news. I look forward to making use of my account once again


Early Bitshares, Angelshares, investor here. Unlucky one, bought after February 28th :).

Will I get Hive coins, and why are you so hostile against investors? These problems seem even bigger here than on Steem. How you are planing to attract investors when they can expect lockdown of their stake based on their votes? Let's put aside attacks form moral warriors.

Thank you.

If you think problems are bigger on Hive than on Steem, it's obvious you simply don't know what's really going on there. I wouldn't blame you though, pretty sure most of the people there don't know either.

The only stake that was "locked down" was the development stake that was being raided. As a technical point though, that happened on Steem, not Hive. It is true that most of the people involved in the lockdown have migrated to Hive since then (along with most of the other real people).

But yes, it was a good idea, in my opinion. Who would want to invest in a chain where the development stake was being sold off for profit by the company supposedly developing the chain? And being used in the meantime to gain central control over the chain?

Note that unlike Steem, where the development stake was under the control of a separate entity with incentives misaligned with the stakeholders, the Hive development stake is controlled by stakeholder voting (and the development stake itself can no longer be used for voting). So there's no reason for such funds to be frozen again.

If you're referring to stake on Steem that wasn't airdropped on Hive, first note that all the excluded stakeholders still have their Steem. They just didn't get Hive. Why? Well people had different reasons for wanting them to be excluded, but maybe here's a reason that a crypto investor can understand: the excluded accounts were voting for centralizing the chain. This was likely going to severely damage the value of the chain (as I think we will continue to see playing out in a downward price spiral for Steem as time goes by).

Another reason an investor might understand: It's also likely that some of those excluded accounts would have dumped Hive in favor of Steem (I've already observed this among some supporters of centralization that didn't meet the exact criteria used for exclusion and therefore received a Hive airdrop). So excluding those accounts from the airdrops protected Hive supporters from such dumping by people who don't favor a decentralized chain.

I don't know anything about your voting. It's even possible that you were excluded due to an error in the script that was used to determine the accounts to exclude (and our team didn't write the script either, we were tied up on other tasks) . See my latest post for more information on how this issue is being addressed.

Sir when binance give withdraw what i got airdrop of hive, 2nd thing when binanace list hive coin, Please list in binance for boost hive value thank you.

This is great! Glad you guys continue to work in order to make the blockchain a better place. Using Bitshares decentralized exchange is genius. A tried-and-tested way to trade your crypto without intermediaries. :)

Can I make a post in Portuguese Brazilian in my page and provide a link for this post here ? I’m Portuguese proficient, it will be a please to spread your word @blocktrades.
I’m a happy user of your platform.

Still problems registering an account on BitShares... Some nodes are misconfigured and the ones that work, don't work long enough to finish creating an account.

We plan to setup some stable BitShares nodes of our own soon, as soon as we finish work this week on our Hive server infrastructure.

No rush... I just wanted to test BitShares because I needed it for something else too... Apparently it's far from ready for general use currently...

You great sir

I appreciate your creativity, @blocktrades
@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗


Good news! I shall try it

it is a great news the hive blockchain is happpy to hear about