Soon You Can Accept or Make Payment with STEEM Anywhere

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How awesome would it be to be able to go to the shop or local cafe and make a purchase with STEEM?  Well it looks like the future of retail is here.  Being part of the @agorise telegram community I have been privileged to learn about an app that will be launching this week...and finally I can share some details

An app that will allow retailers accept payment in any cryptocurrency including STEEM - An app that will pay ambassadors every 3 seconds generating a possible awesome income stream - An app that will be live on Google play this week

  The Problem for Retailers 

  • Handling Cash comes with risks and increasing costs
  • Retailers are tied to expensive charges from payment providers
  • Inefficient clearing and settlement infrastructure 
  • Online payment issues in ecommerce
  • Credit Card and Identity fraud are on the increase
  • Increased Debit and Credit Card chargebacks
  • No way to accept STEEM as a payment


 Accept any Digital Currency at Zero Cost

PalmPay Overview 

  • Point of Sale solution for any business
  • 100% Free 
  • Safe and Secure
  • Accept Any Digital Currency
  • 3 Second transactions
  • Automated
  • Instant Conversion from Digital to Local Digital currency
  • Real time monitoring


 Did you say FREE?

  • Zero Cost
  • Zero Setup Fee
  • Zero Transaction Fee
  • Customer FEE 0.5% Transaction Fee on any Digital Currency
  • FREE Support

 PalmPay - How does it work? 

  • Uses the Bitshare Blockchain
  • Instantly secures any transaction
  • Distributed Ledger
  • Smartcoins pegged 1:1 to local currency
  • A bank that never closes


  • Seamless Integration
  • E-receipts
  • Advanced Export Features
  • Simplified Accounting and Tax Reporting
  • All you need is Wifi and Android device (for free software)
  • More Opportunities as Cryptocurrencies Bring Global Sales
  • 100% FREE Technical support

 PalmPay - How to Get Started 

  • Download the app on Google Play
  • Open a Carbon Wallet
  • Contact a PalmPay Ambassador
  • Start Accepting Risk Free Digital Currencies at your retail outlet Today


To find out more check out

Congratulations @agorise and team

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Whoa, that's awesome.
Finally starting to feel that crypto's are moving into the mainstream, this year is gonna be huge.
Cheers for the good news.

Whoa, this better not be a hoax. How sweet is this. The answer very. Great time to be launching wow the next paypal?

Everything that brings cryptos to the real world is well appreciated

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This is really awesome. Cryptos have to go global to succeed over the fiat currency. Steem will really be the fastest among all the cryptos they will accept.

Hey Paula, have you been down to the crypto café on Aungier Street yet? They need a Point of Sale system for accepting crypto.

was just talking about that, will be on to them tomorrow


This is great news :)

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Why are they negleing Ethereum and goinfg with Ethereum classic? Lower transaction fees?

All good, sorry guys, just a checkup didn't know KenCode is behind :)

Many thanks and great job done!

There is something wrong with your app in the Google Play.
"We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."

its available now

Great news! Great! Eliminating all intermediate steps before using steem? Great!


wow! this is quite exciting ! almost sounds too good to be true..

If you've used bitshares, you know how possible and easy this actually is. Bitshares is ridiculously undervalued. What can be done with it is simply amazing. Apps like this are just the start.

that is also my thought.... I mean, there has to be some kind of catch. It's too simple and I think the big bank boys will also have a look at this.

it needs to be a big market before the government will care

Ah, alright! So, we have some time till then :)

  • Simplified Accounting and Tax Reporting

The lack of this has been one of the most significant obstructions to using over the counter crypto payments in several jurisdictions in my opinion. I don't want to file a taxable foreign exchange transaction each time I'm buying a coffee.
So if this was to be solved in a convenient manner by any payment provider I would already be grateful.

yep this has been an obsticle

This sounds great for all the people who are into cryptos.. but do you really think many businesses would be willing to adopt the system? I know big corporations might, but what about the small businesses who have 0 knowledge of cryptos? I think it will take time and a lot of effort to get more people into the loop and prepare them for this

The same thing was said about the internet. Those that slept went the way of the dinosaurs. In this ever changing world if you run a business you need to be up on technology.

This system is actually amazing because it appears to be a layer 3 tech, layer 2 being the bitshares dex and layer 1 being the actual coins' blockchain. This is how scaling is done.

I totally agree, but it isn't that easy to get into cryptos and such for average people. I think that the ones who can get the most out of this system are big corporation while most smaller businesses will struggle to adapt. Just an opinion from somebody who is trying to educate himself on this stuff :)

I think they younger generations' businesses will adopt it faster than bigger corporations.

Having said that, I am in my mid 40's and I am looking for a solution like this so I'm not having to use 5 different wallets depending on who want's to pay with what. My businesses are very small, 2 person's each. Other than my own anecdote I don't know how to address your concerns other than to say sink or swim.

I said in another I had missed an important part: they convert your coins to your local currency instantly.. now I feel like an idio but hey gotta learn the hard way sometimes ;) thanks for the discussion!

so much negativism

It seems like everything around crypto that does not involve lambos is seen as negative.. i wasn't trying to be... all I am saying is that your average Joe running a business and his average customers do not know enough about cryptos to be using such a service. It is a great idea but we need to invest in making it easier for people to educate themselves on cryptos and all the related benifits/services.

why would they NEED to know anything about crypto to use that card?
do they understand the intricasies of master card and visa...yet they use them
some even use paypal and American you think they understand the nuts and bolts of those?

You do have a point and I had missed the fact that they instantly convert your coins to the local currency which makes it much more attractive in the short term. I am completely new to all of this and trying to learn so thanks for the chat, it helped!

You're welcome. I have something called the 'shift card'...a type of Visa debit card.
it debits my crypto account at the point of sale.
works just fine one would know I'm paying in bitcoin unless I told them..
but it's a visa card..

thanks for stopping by @everittdmickey, I never heard of 'shift card' going to look that up now

even so there will be ambassadors on the ground helping retailers

Waiting to see such a solution in reality and to be acceptable worldwide not only in a few store in one state in one country. Hopefully it'll come, it's about time.

PalmPay ... sounds too good to be true

hey, that's what I said!

Best news i heard this week
Just great!resteemed of course

Interesting... tip!

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all of these new payment gateways that are comming out with crypto is really good for the community in general. the fact that steem will be accepted is really nice imo.

@paulag thanx a million for sharing this amazing information with the steemit community.

This very nice post i appreciate your crytocurrency news thanks for sharing this post best of luck.. resteemit..

Look! This is the STEEM blockchain power in action! Thank you for building STEEMians bright future!

So much this yes!!

Wow, this is FANTASTIC, fabulous, exactly what the doctor ordered...

Thank you for this information. Up Voted and Re-Steemed.

We desperately need this kind of utility to hasten the day when we will be able to abandon government fiat... ;)

Thank you very kindly, @paulag !



Sounds pretty legit. Im not sure how many people will end up buying stuff with their crypto I know for myself I hold on to mine tight! lol

This is what I am interested in steem as a 'basic income' for... to be able to buy stuff with it and not have to go out and earn fiat in order to survive. Having extra to hold is sweet too!

the greatness of the steem creators increasingly global .. all forms of breakthrough will be in the effort by the rulers of steem ... hopefully we are still very left behind you can you help for steem progress .. thank you


It's sound good and we hope that it's not a hoax or phising. We need more innovation app like this in helping anyone making some transactions

Things like this are exactly why I've ranked BTS as one of the top coins in the report I just released. BTS is one of the prime contenders to start absorbing the existing financial system.

Exciting times!

SEE how millenial completly change the world landscape..

Thanks for this cryptocurrency news update providing...i appreciate this post. resteemit

This sounds awesome. Being able to pay with Steem directly instead of going through a series of intermediary steps would really eliminate a "pain point" for many Steemians. The only drawback, as I see it, is that it's only launching on Google Play/Android and not Apple/iOS. However, that might be the final nudge needed to get me to abandon Apple forever...

this is very good, pay digital and no extra cost.

Excellent! This is indeed very good news, I think it is the first tool to use STEEM as money in commercial transactions, this means a more realistic possibility of payment with cryptocurrency than that presented by the BTC, with its absurd fees and an excessive transaction time.

Hope it happens, looks excellent!

Amazing Ariticle, This sounds very awesome

This is awesome news!

Indeed it will be so nice if such app can really be innovated. I see it coming out soon because we are in a 21 century were everything is possible. Nice post

Boy I hope this works. I tried to explain Steem to my landlady, but she'd never heard of BTC. I had to resort to comparing it to international wire transfers, and now she thinks she would have to be a bank to use it =p

This would conquer the world if it works.


indeed, it would be awesome to get retailers onboard

This is just the kind of world that i dream we should live in, in order to control the rate of crimes in our society just because of holding cash. With digital currency the world is going heavenly. Thanks for post

Amazing work here! Kudos to all involved.

This is the type of thing that brings value to all who hold Steem, and even more value to those that need to spend the Steem they earned.

This sounds great. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted!

looks really amazing hope it comes to be true.

Nice, in a few year it may be all over the place if ambassadors do their job properly.

This is great, but surely, a better name than "Palm Pay" I thought for a moment, paying with the app (the image above), was showing app taking entire palm print to authorize payment!

Fuck yeah!!! I love this, thank you @agorise and team. So the only fee is incurred by the buyer at 0.5% of the total transaction value. Is their going to be bitAUD for us Aussies?

if bitshares support it then yes

Hope it does, cheers.

This is fantastic! I would love to have a 1 stop app to use for my business and events.

So this is an example of a Layer 3 tech? Layer 2 being the Bitshares Dex. Getting exciting!!

Awesome find @paulag!

hopefully this will also affect the price of bitshares a bit, they could use a small boost.
I really like this idea... will be keeping an eye on it
If everyone only ever keeps the coins there will never be a market, people need to be able to spend them, then they might slowly be starting to want to spend them

Not long at all before paying for things with cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions will be a normality

I understand the business owners needs to install the wallet and then it can start accepting crypto payments. The website should implement a store's locator, I would like to buy a coffee with my Steem for a test purpose.

Great news @paulag, this definitely needs a resteem.

That is awsome news😎🍾🌟
Cryptocurrencies are taking over😀
Cheaper,faster ,better

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