What is BITS FARM and how to get the sharedrop available for everyone? Tuto : How to get the FREE SEED tokens?

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Hi everyone,

As you all probably know now, I'm a Bitshares old timer. Today, I'll tell you about Bits Farm.

It' one of the newest projects on the Bitshares blockchain. It's a game where you can grow plants as a metaphorical investments and win money. Pretty cool he !


If you want to go straight to the part where I explain how to claim your free tokens, go to the bottom of this article at the section "How to claim the free SEED tokens". It only takes 30 seconds ;)

If not, here is a little explanation of the game.

Players can grow different types plants, access to different benefits. The more you invest, the larger the return, but the risk be higher. Due to the randomness of TX ID, you may get extra income.

It is also tuned toward a higher awareness of the footprint we let on the environment today.

Human beings can always taking resources, but each time they are taking resources, they consume some of the resources. As the total amount of resources is limited, the total amount of our resources is declining. We would like to use this blockchain game to awaken more people to protect the environment and treasure resources.

The game fully works on BitShares !

Bits.farm is a game running on the blockchain block, all data interaction and social, through the bitshares network.


A little more on Bits.farm :

You can use mobile device or computer to mining SEED. Your time is the hashrate.

People from all over the world chat through a chat box and all chat history is stored on the bitshares network.

The official team reserves 20% of tokens (locked for 12 months) and the remaining tokens are all publicly planted. All data will be published in the bit block block chain, fair and transparent. There is no form of ICO / PE.

How to claim the free SEED tokens?

  1. You need a Bitshares wallet to receive your tokens. If you don't have one, you can create one following this link : Bitshares wallet
    Bitshares wallet are free are you can create one in less than a minute without giving any information, not even your mail or name, nothing.

  2. You follow this link and introduce your Bitshares wallet name in the field.
    The name of the account is also the adresse of the account ... yes Bitshares is great.

  3. They'll provide you with a code you need to past in their Telegram group. Simply copy the code, click on the link to their Telegram group, join and past.
    The code looks like this one : /code OTYyNkE=

  4. Pour a nice tea in a mug and chill, your tokens will be sent on your Bitshares account when they launch their game in the next weeks.

More information at https://bits.farm/en/


This is really cool. A game with which you could win some money is what anyone would like to play. Plus its built on the bitshares blockchain is really fantastic for me. I hope bitshares will get told some price boost with this development. I'll go set up my account straight away. Thanks for sharing this.

I'm also waiting for Bitshares to gain some traction. We will soon see it reach 100 Billion dollar market cap.

I remember the time it was 10 million and I predict 1 Billion soon, people tell me it was impossible ... and here we are !

My old prediction : https://steemit.com/bitcny/@estefantt/why-bitshares-is-not-already-worth-1-billion-dollar-

Nice! I'm really excited to see how the quality of these tokenized/blockchain based games will progress with time. As a long time gamer, it's really cool to see the tech adapted in such a way that people can earn a payout by doing something they love. That's the dream, isn't it?

I also look forward the day you will be able to play a fun game with a friend, win a couple of round and then go to eat in a nice restaurant and pay the bill directly with you have earn playing a few hours earlier.

Hi @estefantt
The best part of this post for me is how to get free SEED tokens.

I never heard of it until your post. Thanks and I am done, very clear explanation.

But how these tokens beneficial?
By @r-k-m

I just registered and created my account. I hope I like the game.

Ty dude!
I think iam going to start playing the game,
because I love easy mobile games like this and when
you can earn money gaming, it's always great!

I am so excited!

Think I might even need to pick up a whole second hand near new tablet for this and play 24.7 !

Very interesting post.

Nice article

Welcom back we miss you

i wish someone would explain bitshares to me properly so i can then make a course on it! :)

Bitshares.org, YouTube and Google can explain it to you with lots of details.

Thank you for sharing @estefantt I just joined using your link.

i amazing post. i follow u

Done! Thanks !

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I can't find this on the app store on my computer =[

Because it will be live in March, a little more patience ;)

Aaaaaaaah ok, thanks for replying :D

That looks awesome. But at the moment I have some basic problem with bitshares. Maybe you old timer can help:
I tried to get to my online account (saluton1) for a while but in vain. When I try to log in I get the the message: You do not have a local wallet yet. But until recently I could use it by clicking on :Try Online Exchange. What is wrong? What can I do?

You should ask in here : https://t.me/BitSharesDEX

Thanks @estefantt for the link. Have a nice day!

nice article

Went to that site to sign up and could tell that it started mining crypto on my computer as fan started whirling and making loud noise. It's probably monetizing through Monero

your post is very good.
you do not know me yet. I am a newcomer to steemit. but I know a lot about you.
you are a great person.
i need support from you. thank you

dear @estefantt
you information is very easy and description is more better.

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