President Nayib, whoa!

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I can't think of any presidents, aside from the "sworn enemies" of America, who would respond like this. But honestly: I freaking love it.


I doubt that people don't know who Nayib Bukele is at this point. He's the "crazy man" who decided to make Bitcoin Legal tender after all. He is also the man behind the idea of Bitcoin City for Christ sake.

But this short post is not about his crypto fondness, at least not exclusively. It's about his desire and efforts to clean house.

Is it working? That is the question I would love to know. I mean, it seems like it is from a distance. The violence in his home country is the kind that we only get to see in movies, and yet he's not afraid one bit of retaliation.

As far as I know, thousands of gang members are being imprisoned without seeing a day in court. They are being barely fed and placed in dark confinements.

Too much? You say...

Maybe, but then again, the situation in his home country was completely out of control. Dozens of innocent people being murdered daily for committing the crime of just being out on the streets is nothing short of dystopian.

It almost seems as if there's an effort to destabilize his country, as if his efforts to make El Salvador a good country to live in, to invest in, to move to, is bothering some people behind the curtains.

US has no moral standing here

We've done the same thing, when our government has deemed it necessary. These gang members are no angels, they are for all intent and purposes terrorists and as such, I don't feel like his hand is getting too heavy.

little angels?

I think it's best to leave president Bukele alone here. He's doing what he must, and then again, even if he's wrong. What's that thing we say about sovereignty all the time? Democracy? and all that jazz?



I think this is great. If they call you out and are 20x more guilty.. call them out! This is a sleeping politician just "doing his job" and he got a serious wake up call. Awesome!

exactly... he's my fav twitter personality these days

I think the same. Is so good the actions for this president.