I seriously doubt it. I think bitcoin will go down to at least 5K before the bear is over. I posted my predictions almost a year ago and they are still accurate.

I expect the next moon shot to start by summer 2020. We may see new ATH's in the latter half of 2019, but it will be nothing compared to what's coming in the 2020's.

I can't believe that someone actually made negative prediction for crypto before final 'depression'. Everyone was so hyped-up and with their heads in December of 2017.. Nicely done mate 😃

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In Dec 2017 I was pretty sure we were going up way too fast and that a correction was imminent. The reason wasn't just the jump up in price though. It was the fact that the bitcoin network just wasn't ready for prime time (and still isn't). When you have $100 fees for a single transaction, you aren't using it for everyday use, so it was going up on mere FOMO alone with no real use case.

When lightning is ready, I expect a big jump to come, but as long as it's still in beta, it will not reach its full potential.

Yup, nice to see that there are few people that can actually keep it real. All I've read on Steemit was some unreal predictions from some wannabe financial advisors (and the value of cryptos just kept falling). It was pretty frustrating to read all that as a noob. My current expectation is slow growth until another media hype train strikes. I'll follow you for more information in the future.

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Everyone I know has been almost or mostly shaken out of crypto. Hope people come back soon. The market needs it.

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