Will this Bitcoin Movie Blockbuster Cause Mass Adoption..?

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Heyy Hivers,

I just saw this interesting news about a Bitcoin movie that's in the works. Maybe it'll be something similar to the Big Short or the Social Network.

In any case, if it's going to be a big blockbuster of a film as hinted at, it should yield at least some positive results. Hopefully it will also provide the general public with a layman's explanation of BTC and thus, fuel some more public adoption. Even if the movie is total flop, press is press right?

What do you think? Will this Bitcoin Movie cause mass adoption?

Jaybird ~


I don't believe in "mass adoption" (at least not now)... But I can see an interesting trend in that idea.

Yea, I believe it'll be awhile still...Definitely won't hurt tho