Full BTC Club? Count Me IN! ~ #beenstackinaway

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When the price of BTC was near the ATH around 60K or so, I felt I would never in my wildest dreams be able to be one of the few people in the world to own a whole bitcoin.

As luck would have it, the price has dropped considerably, and as of today, I can officially say that I am now in that small fringe of people who can claim to own a whole btc.



I've just been DCA'ing since day one. I really can't believe it.

Anyway, I haven't had too much to say lately, but this is a big milestone for me and I'm putting it here on the blockchain so I can revisit, remember, and enjoy this feeling again in the future.

Hope y'all are good loving life. Hive on.

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I was almost a wholecoiner a few years ago, then I sold to go to Hivefest in Thailand thinking it would be a great investment and well, that went well (not). I am now sitting at a fraction of that and I'm slowly trying to get back at it.

I haven't had too much to say lately, but this is a big milestone for me and I'm putting it here on the blockchain so I can revisit, remember, and enjoy this feeling again in the future.

Well, Threads are perfect for short content and you don't need much inspiration - or can get it from other Threads haha. Either way I noticed that at one point you used Threads, perhaps you want to give it another try now that there's a new interface now and Threads have improved a lot: https://alpha.leofinance.io

Thanks for reaching out man. I'm hoping to be more active via comments and posts, but I'm super busy currently and am doing my best just to upvote my preferable content creators. Hopefully I can get more active with threads sooner than later.

Congratulations man!!!! this is a big achievement.

Appreciate it man, took a long time but well worth it imo.

I'm not there. Perhaps I should have had different priorities, but hitting 40K Hive has been my aim, and I hit that last month. I wonder how long that will be valued at over 1 BTC? Will it go up or down in relation to it?

I am content with my Hive stack, although still staking away. I always wanted a whole BTC though, so it's nice to have finally reached that. Not sure how they will correlate, but UP in the long term is my vision :)

That's badass man!!! Congrats!!! Legendary :D

Thank you man, much appreciated.

Wow, nice job! Congrats on the accomplishment. I don't think I will ever get there unless I liquidated a lot of my assets that I don't really want to get rid of right now.

Thanks @bozz. I don't blame ya, lots of things down currently, tough to take it on the chin like that.

For sure!

Congrats in your achievement!! i'm making my way up to get 10k hive power... i've been powering everything up :p

Good for you man, keep at it!

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That's a major achievement! @intothewild

Congratulations on your purchase.
Hodl, Hodl, and Hodl some more.
We have also bought BTC on the downturn and we're still big believers that someday its value will increase many fold.

Congrats on the full BTC! I am far awx from that but working towards it.


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Congratulations, that's incredible 🙌 I'm nowhere near joining that club, but I hope to one day!


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