Are healthy social media platforms possible?

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There's a reason why #bigtech #social #media platforms are using certain tricks to make "their users" addicted, so those people keep using their apps. But out of personal experience, most of this makes me feel drained; i.e. 10 minutes of scrolling through youtube/instagram-shorts. Literally time wasted.

What I'm trying with #inji is to balance gamification so people keep using the app, without the drained feeling. Like giving people a healthy alternative to "junk-food" social media. That's not for everyone appetite of course. Though the big question is whether it's enough to generaly keep people engaged. I guess we can't know if we don't try.🤔

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I deactivated my FB long ago. Indeed it's toxic. I rather go blogging in crypto platforms haha

I actually just came off Facebook recently as I realised I was just going on there to procrastinate and not focus on things that could move me forward in life and I would end up feeling drained and tired and my eyesight would go blurry!Social media can be useful, these days almost necessary as a creative but we have to be able to use it and not have it use us and that seems to be a fine balance. Especially since all these platforms pay teams of people to make it as addictive as possible. I’m trying to move to the platforms that i’m not as addicted to and actually have productive value. Instagram is fine for me, then Blockchain platforms have value and YouTube et cetera. Platforms like Facebook really give you very little value for the amount of energetic drain they take. I still prefer real life, And it does get a little worrying when you think that everything might turn into a digital virtual reality and we will be living in a digital matrix before long. Some people spend the whole day gaming and don’t even experience life. I really believe we are here to make real connections not just digital ones and experience real life, nature and experiences with others in person…we can live in the virtual reality matrix once we pass over. I actually think maybe that’s why everybody’s become so argumentative and aggressive because they are really lacking actual real live connection with other humans.

This is something I always think about. Games will make you think you're putting effort for a good thing. Frustrated people who think they're not achieving enough will go to a game and get rewards, and they will feel accomplished. But it's a trap, because now that effort is not spent somewhere productive but instead on imaginary coins, new equipment for their virtual character, etc., and when they wake up from the stupor in 1 or 3 or 5 years, they will find out that not only do they have nothing to show for it but the time enjoyed, but the game company could take their stuff at any time if they wished.

Similarly, we have social interaction. Lonely people will watch streamers all day, and give them money and everything they have. This is normal social interaction, but streamers profit off para-social relationships. It's one-sided giving, where they will wake up 2 years later when the streamer retires, and they will have nothing for their effort but enjoyment, a drained bank account and a newly found feeling of loneliness.

If people put their effort in stuff that actually gives back, they would not be entrapped, but modern social media and the entertainment industry profit off of the illusion of reward.

This is why I like Hive. People can have their mountains of likes, their interactions, their followers, but it's not fruitless. The rewards are real and can be exchanged for tangible things.

what's up with inji? How you feel about the launch?

Happy its finally public.

It is what I feel daily. I was considering deleting Facebook off my phone recently but I remember the pages I manage. It feels like a waste.

The last Whistle-Blower of Facebook told the senate that Facebook and Instagram knew about the harm they are doing and they could change it, but they have decided not to change it.
So they are putting profit over mental health if you ask her (not that we didn't knew that already).

Soo, yes? It might be possible to achieve :D

They obviously know what they're doing. Objectively saying: it works, billions of active users, billions of $$$. But is it ethically correct? Do people feel good after using them?

The infinite scrolling short-videos used excessively by TikTok, Instagram & Youtube could be compared to a casino offering a gambler a slot-machine for his next high.

Yes, it works!
But nah, most people don't feel good afterwards xD

Yes true. Thats why I don't have TikTok or Instagram on my phone

I'm not trying to put up the moral finger - not at all. I've just noticed how much of a time-waste they are, how bad I personally feel after using certain functions and I don't want to create something that makes other people feel the same way. I want to uplift people.

Exactly. Even though you don't put up the moral finger, just you saying this already makes inji a bettter option than the social medias!

If we are to shun social media, there are some pages some would have follow giving them some information needed and they won't want it to be a waste

Totally likes the idea of inji…
Is there an app build already that I missed?
Or your point is about the website version…?

Hi @therealwolf, can i get added to the beta. Id love to try #inji

very difficult.

People want their likes and cat videos and nonsense. I expect it is impossible to change.

Not changing people, but offering people - who are ready & open - another way. Like offering the red pill in "The Matrix".

Will we see Iwland bowwys there? If not I'm in

Any person who is interested and wants to talk about crypto, nfts, defi, the metaverse and whatever topic-related inji supports in the future is welcome. 😃

Pardon my ignorance please, but what is Inji?

I think this explains it best:

The Hivepower requirement is not active anymore though.

Ok, thanks

i totally believe they are!! but there are so many hurdles - in my opinions its mostly the play on our ego by big businesses