#BeerSaturday Week 235 - Holiday Cheer(s)!

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#BeerSaturday is at week 235 which brings us to our 4th Christmas spent chugging pints!


Source: https://www.pinterest.pt/goldensaintbeer/ with a little Zeke design on top.

I became a beer blogger because of the years I have spent brewing for myself, the breweries I work with now on their technology and marketing, and the decades spent imbibing combine for the self-decreed title of the #Blockchain #Beerologist.

For week 235, I am heading cleaning up a few stragglers in the fridge and making room for Christmas present beer!


Pint of the Week!


I leaked the pint of the week in this post https://hive.blog/lifestylelounge/@zekepickleman/you-weekly-zekely-christmas-eve-edition as it was a highlight of the week. The best thing about buddies is the possibility for the offer for a pint, out of the blue, for no reason but to have a pint. When you see 4 LTD Release items on the menu, it is gonna be a great day and then they had the more rare Nitro Tap for another unique, small batch craft beer.


We had choices and it had been a while but our visit to the local https://blackswanbrewing.ca/ was just what the doctor ordered.


After our warm up pints, we were ready for the main course. At a quick glance, these pints are pretty similar. Upon closer scrutiny, they could not be more far apart. The pint on the left is a Road Trip https://blackswanbrewing.ca/show/our-beer which is a light ale that is quite delicious. The one on the right is a smaller 16oz pint of Black Swan Double IPA https://black-swan-brewing.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/double-ipa which is what I would call a doubly heavy ale by comparison.

CHEERS to my buddy Andy, our social pint and yours too!


Refined Fool


In the summer, I reviewed the Refined Fool Brewing Company https://refinedfool.com IPA Fun Box 2nd Edition. Weirdos, lasers, Aunt Bernice, avocados, sheep and pizza mad for good blog.


Well, my birthday passed and @sequentialvibe was kind enough to gift me the 3rd Edition! There was some RipZip, crows, and avocado which appeared in the first 2 but also a couple new ones!
#Gorgeous Session Ale


I polished off the repeat beers with great satisfaction and almost forgot about the new ones as trips to other craft breweries distracted me. I did just get down to sampling this Gorgeous George Gets His Way Session IPA https://www.refinedfool.com/collections/beer/products/gorgeous-giant-gets-way


It was powered by a couple hops I have not yet studied (Loral and Bravo) coupled with a dry old favourite (Eldorado) and being Session IPA, I was not sure what to expect. The straight 5% ABV should have been an indicator. This turned out to be an unremarkable but smooth session ale that was tasty enough to be pleasing but not overwhelming. I can't say I would search this out unless it was summer and time to crush some pints at a regatta.


Settle Down Ted!


This next obscure, optical illusion of a beer is That's When Ted Fought The Mailman Double West Coast IPAhttps://www.refinedfool.com/products/thats-when-ted-fought-the-mailman ! I like IPAs. I have liked West Coast IPAs for years. I like Double IPAs as it is a challenged to pick the remarkable and balanced ones from the sport-hopped messes. Then, there are pivotal moments like when Ted fights the postal worker.


When you bum rush a mess of hops including Centennial, Citra, Columbus, Comet, and Simcoe, you might expect a postal brawl. At 8% ABV, it was definitely a battle in the mouth but not a bloody one. Perhaps Fred took it easy on the mailman or it was a draw because it was a gentlemanly battle in the mouth. I would definitely try this again if it appears on the shelf on its own. Nice work Refined Fool!


Imperial Echoes


Heading back to Barrie, I found a lonely Redline Brewhouse http://www.redlinebrewhouse.com/ pint in the fridge from a few weeks ago when I had the chance to raid their bottle shop in person. Tall dark and handsome, I had to dive in early one evening.


With Stouts like Echoes Imperial Stout http://www.redlinebrewhouse.com/the-beers/echoes/ it is much less about the hops than it is the malts. The ABV is listed as 7.8% on the website and 8.5% on the can I purchased so I expected a wild ride. Turns out, either my Imperial Stout palate is being refined, or this is another of those well-balanced imperial stouts which tasted like winter sipping. I enjoyed it like a fine wine in my stem pint glass and would definitely grab another of these if it makes it to shelves in my region.




Thanks again for this wonderful #hive #beer gift by @spirall on Twitter! Hop in on the marketing push with us and invite the world of beer bloggers to join us on Hive.

235 consecutive weeks of raising a glass with @detlev and our global crew of drinkin' buddies brings us to our 4th #beersaturday Christmas! Talk about consistency and a smattering of beer gut! Hit up https://hive.blog/hive-187719/@detlev/the-xmas-beersaturday-this-is-week-235 for the weekly #beersaturday post, grab a pint, and join in the fun with a beer story of your own.

This week, I am again inviting my new friend @xplosive who is doing a great job curating and engaging. Minimum 3 pictures, any language!

Cheers to our global family of beer-drinkers!!



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I am honoured to curate for:


May your Christmas have been as Beery as mine!


Thanks to @sequentialvibe and the rest for the birthday gift and I also admire your love for beer not everyone that works in a breweries company have or develop passion for it some just take it as a job that all but with all this thing am seeing and even you brewing for yourself you really had a great passion for it. You seem to enjoy you Christmas that you even wish us a berry Christmas,merry Christmas and happy new year in advance.

Love and rewards for one and all on the blockchain!

That shoots be pint of the month though 🙂

I thought only vaginas were allowed to be called fun boxes 🤣

What can I say? I love fun boxes and funbags too!

They can be called anything! Sausage wallet, for example!

I have never seen Refined Fool before - I like their can art though. Clever!

It is different for sure. A little manic and under-baked though with the really long and inane beer names. Surprised they didn't have to go through the standard brand consolidation in order to be accepted into the LCBO.

Are you currently with a bigger group right now? I was at a place called City Brewery until this past September; no crafts per se, but lots of seltzers

I run a digital marketing agency and work with a few local breweries. Refined Fool is an independent one down the road less than an hour I have not actually been to. I should!

City Brewery in Wisconsin? Definitely an old skool mecca of beer in that region.

Yeah it was the old Heileman Brewery way back when...now it's primarily a copacker. Lots of old history there as the campus is over 160 years old or so.

Informative fun on beers, nice collections and selections to showcase!

!tipu curate 2

Everyone needs a fun box!

Great article. I loved it. Cheers !!!

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I liked the cat beer as I am a cat gentleman.

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