What a great way to keep yourself active and kill off the boredom too at times. Your back must be thanking you right now.

It' should be good for the back but still sitting in bed to do work is bad idea.😎

Do have a wonderful day friend @ace108

Thank you

What is Is it another platform like hive?

It's bit more like twitter. Can't have more than 5 images

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I can see you are in a practice section I love martial art, welldone friend @ace108 I wish you quick recovery I also enjoyed the music also do have a wonderful day as you recovered @ace108

Thank you

Indeed this is a good idea and should be helpful.
Get well soon.

Thank you

Actually I'm about ready to unveil a new martial arts account. I really think that martial arts is a hidden dragon here on the blockchain.

This is going to be interesting

Yep I'm trying to get something going like usual....

Oh just wait there is going to be some really fun times ahead.

Especially if you get involved in the engagement leak and interacting with all the people on here.

I think there were some but it is not easy to gain interest in this subject

Actually between UFC and other martial arts there is plenty of interest however it is just dedication and rewarding others which is the problem so I need to build up some more hive power to be able to achieve this

All to the best for your project

Thank you very much and definitely you get what you put into things.

You're welcome

Nice practice activity of your day passing.

Thanks for checking out

Hope you get well soon. The tai chi should help.

Thank you

Seems like you are making the best of a tough situation.

Well, no room for skipping rope but at least can improvise with taichi

I hope you'll get better soon. It's a nasty virus, of course, but everything should end well.

Thank you

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