BDVoter Daily Hive Showcase: #203

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Welcome to BDVoter Daily Showcase, BDVoter was started about concerning BD users who did not get support even after writing well. Besides BDVoter give support to foreign users too. BDVoter is a curation project on Hive Blockchain. BDVoter's mission is to promote uninspired but extraordinary content. Every day we are doing manual curation also besides that we are also supporting some contests. Use #bdcommunity tag & Use our BDCommunity Community and get a chance to be featured on our showcase. We only support original content here. We will exact vengeance with extreme prejudice on plagiarists and spammers. So we want to see you unleash that creativity of yours. When you create you get better at what you do. When you plagiarise it is a wasted effort, and we don't like wastefulness or laziness here. We encourage everyone to visit these blogs and show these great Hivers your support and encouragement. If you enjoyed their work, give them a Follow or maybe even say Hello! and shower some love on their content.


Rain, Slow Down

It is a rather hectic day. I was oblivious to what was happening outside and didn't pay much attention. Well, I shouldn't have been too oblivious.


ঝিরিঝিরি বৃষ্টির দিনে...

সকাল থেকেই ঝিরিঝিরি বৃষ্টি!ঘুম থেকে উঠেই মনে হলো ধোঁয়া উড়ানো গরম এক চা হলে মন্দ হয় না।সাথে নইলে মনকে চাঙা করার জন্য রবি ঠাকুরের

'আজি ঝরো ঝরো মুখর বাদল দিনে


Is it easy to become rich on Hive?

The straight blunt answer would be NO. But I would still like to elaborate more on my answer. Many people reach out to me on Discord asking if I know some magic or shortcut to become rich on Hive. I don't consider myself rich and at the same time, I know the efforts I have put in here to get to this place. There will always be good eyes as well as evil eyes.


Macau - The Asian Las Vegas

Many moons ago, I wrote a piece on the Vancouver model. About how the Chinese mafia get their money out of china. The system is very convincing but that was just for the mafia. There are other types of rich people in China too. They need their own system to funnel money out of China. So they have their own system.

First of all, you might ask why would a Chinese rich man want to move out of China? Answer is, china has a very dangerous government that controls the people more than other governments. The government monitors your money, it makes your mouth stay shut, you can't talk against the government evn if it's true, you would want better education for your children, and you literally can't leave China because of the 50000 yuan per year law. You can't take more than 50000 yuan per year out of china. Practically making it near impossible to shift outside.


𝔹𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕣 ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕪 🤐❗❗❓

I doubt anybody would dispute when I say English Premier League is indeed the best league in the whole universe. Why would anyone? After all, most of the star players play here. The quality on the field is top-notch. The rivalry is as fiery as lava. The supporters are crazy about their club. Entertainment should be termed EPL. Every match is a tale.


আধুনিক জীবন।

সময়ের সাথে সাথে হাজারো পরিবর্তনের মাধ্যমে আজ আমরা বসবাস করছি আধুনিক যুগে৷ আধুনিক যোগ! সেটা আবার কি? বিজ্ঞান, রাজনৈতিক এবং প্রযুক্তিগত পরিবর্তনের ফলে মানুষের জীবনে যেই পরিবর্তনটা এসেছে তাই আধুনিকতা। মানব সৃষ্টির একেবারে শুরু থেকে ২০২২ সাল পর্যন্ত হাজারো পরিবর্তনের মাধ্যমে তৈরি হয়েছে আজকের ওই আধুনিক সভ্যতা, আধুনিক মানুষ।


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