Are these the next Bored Ape style NFT trends?

in #bayc6 months ago (edited)

So if you are anything like me, then you probably don't own any original BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club) NFTs.

It looks like the current floor is around 75 ETH ($250,000)


And even though I have a couple of Splinterlands cards that might be worth that much, it is just not worth that investment for me right now.

However, I did like the idea and the artwork with these new avatar NFTs!

When I saw the Grandpa Ape Country Club they were at around 0.09 ETH floor, but have doubled since then.


So I ventured off for other things...

Now I did actually find some other pretty cool Avatar NFTs like HAPEBEAST, which I tried really hard to get whitelisted for and still have not, and also Bored Bunnies, which both seem to be moving toward a 3D look.



I did find some other ones called Rebel Rabbits that I thought were cool, and I bought a few of those.


But NFTs are so wild and crazy you never know what the next hot thing is going to be!

So let me know what you think or any other projects you like, and thanks for reading my post.🙏

Disclaimer: I am not a financial or investment adviser, and this is not financial or investment advice. NFTs are very risky, and some could be scams. Please do your own research before investing.