Eagle Head with a pen

in #art10 months ago

Hello everyone and happy Monday! For today, I have drawn with a tool that I do not use normally for drawing : the pen. I try to make some drawings in all mediums possible, but the pen has always been one that I rather skip. I am more of a pencil, let's smudge, kinna person. But there is this artist that I have been following for a long time and he makes incredible pen drawing, it is @maxwellmarcusart. At one point, I did tell him that it was something that I was going to try out, and he just reminded me that I haven't done it yet :-)

Might as well do it, so I found a pen (it was surprisingly hard to find one, I have tons of pencils and crayons, yet no pen!). I actually had to go grab one in one of my kids case (it was barely used too...maybe that is not a good sign :-D). After tht, I just took a sheet and just started, seeing where I was going to with this. The first thing that came to my mind was an eagle head, which is pretty good to start with (I can concentrate more on using the pen and less on proportions). Eventually, after a few strokes here and a few strokes there, it was done. I did not want to make a background or anything alike, I was a little afraid to make it worse, so I stopped there. Using a pen is not something that I will do often, but I will still do some more here and there, exploring the pen arts. Thanks Max for asking me to go in a less comfortable zone :-)

Here are some progress pics :




I hope you guys like it. Thanks for the view


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Nice first time trial with pen. I can see a subtle red you added to it.

It's good you didn't make a background at this point. Making a background could juxtaposition the work and shift the focus of the work to something else.

Thanks and you just gave me the right term for the background! (You can make a background blurry to keep the focus on the main presentation...but with a pen, I am far from there yet :-)). Yes, there is a little red in it, actually bae on your designs :-) When you add a little bit of colored ink in your drawings, it gives them some impact (and I like it!).

It’s incredible!!! The sketch came out nicely

:-D Thanks, that is really nice of you!

You’re always welcome friend !!