Portrait for the beautiful @sweetsssj

in #art4 years ago

Recently I saw a blog of a beautiful girl, she really liked my drawings, and I wanted to draw her. Very nice and beautiful girl. You have a very interesting blog and a beautiful appearance. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. ♥ I love.

The drawing took exactly 4.5 hours, used colored pencils and a black pen .

I hope you will support me. Thank you, I appreciate every your voice.

My photo with a picture

My channel is on YouTube. Portrait of sweetsssj


This is amazing speccialy the colours in her hairs. So much details on this. Keep it on your are drawing great :)

Thank you )

That is pretty awesome!

thank you)

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Yes @sweetsssj is a Beautiful Kind Young Lady. You did an Awesome Job @miss.dara

Really stunning, it's a beautiful painting. @sweetsssj look real. I think have a great skill for drawing my friend @miss.dara

Amazing, i hope you wanna draw my face one day, hehe.

I'll upvote and resteem this wonderful articel

Maybe sometime when I draw and you) Thank you very much)

Yeaah, that sounds great @miss.dara
I really happy to hear that. I hope these words come true .

Thank you very much)

This is amazing! You have so much talent and will go very far in your career :)

Thank you so much )

Great artist!

many thanks)

So nice. you are talented

Thank you very much for your feedback)

Wow my favorite @sweetsssj
You very beautifully painted Queen Steemit!
I love!
Thank you very much for being able to convey her as beautiful as she is!

Thank you very much, very nice

Was amazed by your talent that it was put as a featured post in the first issue of Curator - A type of magazine I'm trailing for curating knowledgeable posts on Steemit. https://steemit.com/curation/@biglipsmama/curator-issue-1
Thank you for sharing your talent
Keep on Steeming!

This painting is beautiful, your very good at art, for the fact that you captured the beauty of my dear @sweetsssj in this your painting without any mistake. What a nice way to show her love and support. good job. I just posted the article now. hope your doing well. You have seen how so many people are ready to show you love and support. we love you.

Thank you ) i love it you )

Your welcome

Are there any more videos, you need to do more they are so awesome and relaxing.

So far, only two videos) I've created a channel on YouTube recently. Thank you

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you have a talent dear keep good work

Hey, beautiful @miss.dara love your work keep going..!! Sending my best wishes to you... :)

Thank you)

What a great artwork @miss.dara. Beautiful drawing . Keep it up. Thanks for adding charm to our beauty Queen @sweetsssj. She is lovely and sweet just like your drawings. Great work. 👍

Thank you very much ))

Wow, everyone loves her. Because she is so amazing woman! ❤️
Loved you drawing!
Upvoted and followed you!
Keep up the good work♥️

Thank you very much I am very pleased)

this is really creative and beautiful

hermosa! como una mariposa

Thank you very much )

Amazing piece, your coloring is impeccable. :)

Thank you very much) very nice)

You're welcome! I draw portraits too by the way. :D

I looked) nicely) subscription)

this is so thoughtful and amazing @sweetsssj should see this

I think she will appreciate, thank you)

wow, i know she is a popular cn girl on steemit

nice post........you are very talanted. ireally liked your post, keep it up.
upvoted you.

Your a beauty, she's a beauty, the artwork is beautiful!

Such a generous and beautiful gesture. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much)

This is a great post! Well done!

Thank you )

Incredible friend very touched and motivated greetings from me @ abupasi.alachy

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Thank you )

amazing art @miss.dara
i like it.please follow back and chek my post

amazing. this is a really great work @miss.dara. wow. this is really beautiful. have @sweetsssj seen it yet? i am very such she will love it very much

Thank you )

This is gorgeous! Your portraits are really great, you've really captured her likeness.

Thank you for that)

Nice Work :D

Thank you very much)

This is nice...u did a very good job gurl...

thank you)

Wow wonderfull art , step to step part of art and colour fulfill the picture ...it's very nice..

I'm pleased that you like it) thanks)

Art at its best, fantastic!

Thank you so much )

Seriously girl.. Insane skill. I am honestly amazed.

Thank you very much, very nice

great job!

Thank you so much

Love it! Great job :)

Your welcome! 😊

Beautiful drawing like @sweetsssj😍

I think it seems like thanks)

So nice. you are talented

Thanks It's nice)

Voted! You are so talented!

Thank you for your voice!)

Very good! Beautiful art!

Thank you so much)

You've got talent! Ever draw yourself?

No, I did not) Thank you very much)

This is absolutely gorgeous, @miss.dara ! I really envy your abilities to really understand lighting, shading, and overall proportions to keep everything looking aesthetically realistic and beautiful! Not to mention the hair is done so well, with how flowing it is~

I wish I could draw realistic pictures as well as you did, but I'm limited to only anime style illustrations! Kudos to you.

Learn, train, develop, everything comes with time. I think I'll see a similar job in your blog) Thanks)

Amazing post

Thank you )

Look like amazing, and real beautifull...
I think have great skill to drawing that.
I like this. @sweetsssj @miss.dara @steemit
And please follow me to thanks...

Thank you

Beautiful work!

Thank you)

This painting is very young, vibrant and energetic!

Thank you so much)

Wow thats a nice picture....shes such a sweetie, and a beauty!

awesome work, everything looks so good on it, from the hair to the eyes to the bit of red in the cheeks. very cool! i'll be following for sure

Thank you very much I am very pleased)

Very beautiful portrait,thanks for sharing

Wow! That's beautiful. You have a wonderful and great talent. I wish I could draw like that :-)

Learn) You will succeed) Thank you)

This is a very beautiful painting ... it looks real and the coloring technique is very great .. anything you painted really beautiful and great.I hope one day you want to paint my face..I will vote u..

Yes, maybe I'll draw you) Thanks)

You have a beautiful talent I would like you to follow me very soon I will upload some of my drawings @miss.dara

Okey) Thank you

This is really cool..

thank you)

You are also such a beautiful girl.

Thank you so much)

You have a beautiful gift! Thanks for sharing xo

Thank you very much )

what a nice portrait .... i like it so much

Beautiful art. I have always admired/envied people who can draw/paint. My brother was talented that way, but for me drawing was never a natural skill. That's why I was attracted to photography.

Thank you ) Everyone has his own talent)

Hey! just started writing a travel blog so that people can follow me and my 2 identical triplet brothers on our adventures around the world. I think my blog is pretty fun and interesting, the problem is...how do i get people on steemit to follow my blog? You clearly succeeded, do you have any tips for newbies like me?

I do not know, I myself am a beginner (

nice work

thank you )

@miss.dara very nice drawing of @sweetsssj and yes I agree she is an amazing blogger. I love her content.

thank you )

que linda eres @sweetsssj y FELICITO a esa artista @miss.dara | What a beautiful woman you are @sweetsssj and MERRY that artist @ miss.dara


wow ) thank you)

Wow The Painting Is awesome..... Very nice post..... I am new here on STEEMIT.... Please visit my blog & Upvote my post if you like..... Thank You....☻ @supriya1993

Truly amazing😊

Wow nice ....it looks like painting .....thanks for sharing

Wow! I love your work! I also do paintings. I am using different media... I think Colored pencil is the hardest to use. That makes you really good!

WoW !! Such a beautiful portrait of a beautiful girl, by a beautiful girl ! I Love You Very Much And Everyone In This World @miss.dara !!


Amazing drawing! I wish I could do that!

Anyway, please follow me back so that we can become friend :)

Wow! Beautiful and even you are :)

Wow, that is phenomenal! I love how she comes alive in the drawing where you add the color to her eyes, it's truly magical =)

Very well done!

That is an amazing portrait of @sweetssj, your a very talented artist!

Very beautiful!!♡♡
Absolutely talented!, a lot of detail i love it♡

Amazing talent! Very beautiful drawing. You are definitely gifted and blessed. Thanks for sharing. :)

Very nice art 😊😊

I mean no offense when I say you are more attractive than your model {smile}...fantastic job and deserves 100% upvote and a follow !!!

plz do the same thing on my best posts

@miss.dara your portraits are amazing, you really capture the finer details so well! Gonna follow for more.

Hello @sweetsssj like these I would like to be your follower I see that heres a great writer please you want to visit my blog
hola @sweetsssj como estas me gustaria ser tu seguidor veo que heres una gran escritora por favor quieres visitar mi blog

Amazing, keep it up @miss.dara

Amazing portrait @miss.dara

Wow..Its such an amazing work ..so much attention to details..very beautiful

Its so amazing. Upvoted.

Great work @miss.dara. I think it's perfect. You've got an incredible talent. Do you do it as a free lance too? It's more than professional and I suggest you do it also a career, not just a habit. Very beautiful.

that's a really nice drawing !!

Gorgeous rendering and as another commented, the colors and appearance of shine in the hair is amazing. 4.5 hrs? Wow! You are very talented and this is a lovely work.

very detailed! I love it!! @sweetsssj follower here.. love her blog

Hi Dara, it was amazing post you have here. I love the way you did. Regard from me, @bahagia-arbi from Aceh, Indonesia. Follow me back, plz. I wanna be your friend. 😉

So cool! That girl is so pretty and your drawing is amazing!

I see two beautiful ladies in the one picture, you did a lovely job of capturing sweetsssj's attributes and features, I wish I could draw with such grace and realism.

You kept your YouTube comment disabled? I'm your newest and biggest fan; you have my trillion tons of fan support.

Wow. Great talent,I wish I can draw like that. Thumbs up!

@sweetsssj is beautiful in real but more beautiful in your portrait !
Great work dear @miss.dara !