Munch Museum in Oslo

in #art2 months ago (edited)

The past week in Oslo I spent most of my time inside a giant conference venue listening to scientists presenting their latest work. I really enjoy these conferences and meeting the people behind the papers.

Luckily, I managed to spend an evening walking through the Munch museum. Edvard Munch is an artist with a very interesting story and more so his artwork. Already in high school I read about Munch and have always wanted to see his work for myself.

Apart from his most famous work the scream:

To protect some Munch’s artwork, only one of the 3 Screams are displayed every hour.

While in really like that piece, there are many others that are just great to have a look at. Here a few of my favorites:





They all have something. Something I like, but cannot always describe!

After spending 2 hours there, me and a colleague walked over to the local biergarten for some drinks in the late nordic sunset!

If you ever get the chance to visit Oslo, don’t skip the Munch museum!


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