Weird Art: ChickenTits

in #art3 years ago


Sometimes you find a piece of art that makes you rethink everything. Is it a work of genius?


Or perhaps it is because it just makes you ask "WHY?" so hard that your brain can't even process it properly.

Either way, Today I have brought to you an esoteric art piece.

I have shown this to several people

Every time it gets a reaction

Warning: mildly explicit pictures and language.

Also Warning: Pun inducing material.


And for the FULL FRONTAL shot

Where you lookin'? Huh?

I like to imagine that the owner of this piece went into a gallery and said "I'm looking for a nude piece that has both a cock and tits!"

and... to quote Hans Landa

"That's a Bingo!!"


Welp, Bout time I hit the dusty trail before I dig myself any further into this hole.

- Guurg

external link


giphy (1).gif

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Un pollo con pechos vaya genial invento @guurg

A chicken with breasts go great invention @guurg