Fresh Snow With the Pepper Girls!

in #art2 months ago

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! Looks like we're getting a fresh dump of snow today! Coming down thick and heavy.

Doing some morning balls with Da Pepper Girls!!






She was rip roaring with her favorite purple ball again! She's got other other balls like this but. Her first one is her favorite. Starting to get a little ripped and tattered. I think it's more cushioning against her face!

Oh da Girls!




Well there, you have it! Da Pepper's girls needs a good walk today. Unfortunately it's groceries at the big box store next on my list.

Enjoy your day all!


My love for snow 😍😍 and it doesn't happen in my part of the world 😢

😊😉 the girls say


Thankfully the snow stopped around 9:00 a.m. yesterday! And it wasn't too cold. Was a happy girls 😀

Nice! 😊🌈

Nomnom ball XD I need to get my pup something like that and see if it lasts any longer than her puppy toys that she's already ripped to shreds XD

she does love her squeakies though

Looks way too cold there for me x_x but much fun :D

Yep Pepper is almost 3 and Left a trail of ripped to shred toys. You still have a bit of a graveyard of rip to shred toys! But now her favorite toys is that purple ball. Yet it's starting to get some rips in it. Some from play and I wonder if the sun is breaking down the plastic a bit. Name of that ball here in Canada is a "Holy Roller"

Thankfully it wasn't too cold yesterday, It hovered around 0°C, thankfully it's been a mild winter so far. We did have a minus 30°C snap before Christmas. But it hasn't been that cold since 🤞

Snow capped photographs are really attractive and incredible love from my side♥️

Thanks for stopping in! Would like to feel the heat on Nigeria right now!

Wow that is good

Was nice to have some fresh snow yesterday morning for some Pepper Girls play! ❤️❤️

We did end up going for a walk in the afternoon too!

Is Pepper searching for a friend? I know somebody in Croatia who would be a great companion for her.


He can also easily keep up when it comes to destroying toys.

Da Pepper Girls would love new friends! What a beautiful collie dog you have!

I fear pepper might chew the plane apart if we did jump over the pond for a visit!

I would fear if I use the command "drop the airplane"

Checking in for some Sunday jazz now!

His name is Amigo and he claims to be a Scottish Sheepdog. His almost arrogant favourite phrase is: "I am not Lassie!
He only listens to commands when he can smell the rewards in my hand.
After all, someone has to be the boss in the family.
Enjoy the jazz-matinee.

Your dog Da Pepper Girls is beautiful, she must have had a lot of fun apparently, even my Shyla loves playing in the snow, but unfortunately a few days ago right in the snow she hit some glass and cut her leg. Anyway soon we'll be back playing together like you. I love dogs, it's great to see them happy ;)

Awe, hope the Shyla makes a speedy recovery!

I am always worried about glass in the river in the summer.

Love da Dogs❤️❤️!!

She's much better now, thank you. in a week I think we can go back to do some nice excursions. Yes man, I understand you, I don't know how people don't think about the damage they do by leaving certain dangerous objects around. I hope nothing happens to anyone's dog, I love these creatures too much ;).

I wish you a wonderful day.

I live in a place where the last snow was in 2013, snow is too beautiful to see, people seem to get closer, the warmth of friendship. Your pet is beautiful and cheerful, looks extremely well cared for!!! I have two dogs, but they destroy any toy I buy in 5 minutes lol


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Very cute!