My mind is currently exploding while listening to music on my new MacBook Pro

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macbook pro on a stand

I don't buy a lot of stuff. Even though I've been developing almost non stop for 2 years now, I was using a pretty old iMac 27" which I adored, right up until it just decided to completely stop working on Dec 24th. That iMac is from 2019 I think. I used to use a 15" MacBook Pro but that made a ghastly popping sound last July and has been dead ever since.

Two weeks earlier I upgraded to the latest Mac OS Ventura which seemed to go OK. But for some reason when I tried to use the machine on Dec 24 the screen filled up with notifications and the machine was beach balling and crashing constantly.

So I went out and bought a brand new 14" MacBook Pro M1. It was ruinously expensive here in Israel but I just had to get it.

I need a far bigger screen for programming but when I'm sure I can move the iMac or wipe it and hopefully reset it back to a clean OS and see if it works. I've got all the data, a clone of the HD etc, that's not an issue, but sometimes I just need to struggle with it for 10 minutes to find a setting that I need to put on the new one. When I can move the iMac out of the way I'll buy a nice external screen.

Needed a laptop for court in Australia

I needed a laptop because at the end of January I'm flying out to Australia with @apshamilton. In this legal drama I'll be playing the role of Robin to his Batman as we fight the forces of darkness in Australia's Federal Court. If anyone wants to come and (silently) cheer us on from the peanut gallery, Feb 2nd and 3rd, you can find detail in the Court Events and Orders tab on the website for the Federal Court.

In rare cases Australia's Federal Court has allowed people to watch cases live online. No idea if they'd do it for this case but it would hurt to let @apshamilton know if you are interested in watching.

I've been managing to run @v4vapp and @podping from my phone for a day or two here and there but almost 3 weeks away I can't risk not having a computer which can directly access all the systems I'm now running.

The sound

I felt a bit rotten paying out a huge wedge of cash to Apple straight after some software update screwed my old machine. But I knew I was on borrowed time with that iMac: I've been loading insane amounts of code and dev stuff I barely understood (to begin with) and I knew it was becoming unstable. It will probably work again if I wipe and reset it.

But what is making me bother with a Hive post this morning is that I just put on some music while typing. I stuck on a bit of music and played it straight from the 2cm wide speakers on the side of this thing: Sweet Child 'O Mine came out of it and the guitar is 3m to my left. Voices drift in from 2m to my left... the laptop is 1m from me!

I know things about how sound is processed, I understand phase shifting and various tricks with stereo effects. Studying for my PhD I helped a friend of mine with her work on sound perception in 3D. I've known about the techniques and tricks which can be used to move sounds around for a long time, but I've never experienced something quite this dramatic from such small speakers.

Blogging again

And just like that, I felt the urge to write something just for the fun of it. I haven't really done a lot of this kind of writing for a while but I want to do it again.

Value for Value

For the last few months while building @v4vapp I was generously supported by the DHF. Going forward I have a much more modest support which covers direct server costs and a little of my time.

If you apprecieate the work I do on and around Hive, you can express this directly: upvoting posts on Hive is great. Also consider a direct donation (there's a Tip button on Hive or a Lightning Address) on all my posts.

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Have this laptop since it came out, can confirm the speakers are the best out of a laptop which is quite enjoyable.

Welcome back stronger and with more positive energy after gifting yourself a new Mac. It seems that a bad situation can transform in a good one, considering the new purchase and the joy it brings 😀 Good luck with the process in Australia and flourishing projects in 2023!

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GNR gets me going also.
I can’t stand Apple but hear you one hundred percent. Keep the blogging up more often :)
Random question
Am I able to exchange hive for sats? How is that project coming along? I’ve been outta the loop. Thanks so much.

Yes you can get Lightning from Hive very easily with

If you want actual main chain Bitcoin, the Muun or Breez wallets are quite good at converting Lightning to or from main chain BTC. Breez in particular lets you hold the keys. Unless you actually want to pull the Lightning out to BTC, it's probably just as good leaving Lightning on Breez until you have enough to justify a main chain transaction.

If you need more help let me know.

What’s the first step? where do I send the hive for the first step? Is there a for dummies post? :)

nice thing about this is if you have a lightning wallet there is 0 need for a for dummies tutorial. just go to pass the invoice, pick what you want to exchange (hive or hbd) sign the transaction with keychain and that is it.

I have tablet that's still running android 4.4, it's very slow. But now YouTube app not working, I have to use the website !

🦸🏼‍♂️🙌🏻 Looking very much forward to this Batman/Robin thing down under. If they do not live cast it you should write a little post about it. All the best at this point already.

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I felt the urge to write something just for the fun of it.

That's the fun we experience when making post which is a pretty thing to do in the blockchain which is also fun.

Yes, the audio is pretty amazing on the new Macbook Pros.